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REAL HOUSEWIVES BEVERLY HILLS, Taylor Getting Fired, Replaced by Rod Stewart’s Wife?

kyle richards taylor armstrongThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rumors are swirling. Will there be a huge cast shake up next season? It’s no big secret that Taylor Armstrong and Adrienne Maloof have NOT been invited back next year.  I guess that’s a nice way of saying you’re fired. According to various sources, they are not the only two girls getting kicked out of the 90210 zip code. Here’s the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills news, rumors, predictions and update.

For Brandi Glanville, what a difference a year makes. First season, she started out as a “friend” of the Real Housewives. Second season, she stole Camille Grammer’s crown and became a full time housewive. Now with her best selling book, Brandi’s clearly became the fan favorite after she joined forces with Lisa Vanderpump, who’s definitely the Queen of Beverly Hills right now. Sorry Kyle!

According to multiple sources and various blind gossip rumors, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, may kick Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards to the curb as well. For Astrochicks, we would hate to see Kim a hardworking Virgo girl go. Especially now, when she’s working so hard on her sobriety.  Does Kyle Richards a protective Capricorn girl have enough clout to protect her big sister?

For Yolanda Foster, she really doesn’t need the money and she takes her job as a Real Housewive of Beverly Hills seriously. After all, she’s married to David Foster and wants to protect her marriage. There’s no real drama going on in her life. She brings some well needed class to the show but kind of boring.

If Yoland leaves, who will replace her? Astrochicks hears that Rod Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster, would love to join the show. We think she would make a perfect Real Housewive of Beverly Hills. Born under the sign of Pisces, she’s the polar opposite of Lisa but has a nice cosmic connection with Brandi a Scorpio. Which means they might bring in Faye to add drama?

Personally, we are sad to see Adrienne our Virgo girl go. She got a bad rap this season but she’s no match for Brandi. Scorpio girls can be mean and she was out for blood.

For Taylor Armstrong, she needs to hit rehab and forget about being a Real Housewive of Beverly Hills. Maybe she will move to Colorado to be with her boyfriend. Stay tuned.

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ADRIENNE MALOOF Dating Sean Stewart, New Boyfriend or Just a Fling, UPDATE?

adrienne maloofReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof is a busy girl these days. She’s not only dating Rod Stewart’s son Sean, she’s also been quietly dating LA Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. Our Virgo girl is definitely enjoying her new single status. Will she find love or are they just casual flings? Here’s the latest update on Real Housewives rumors, romance, and astrology predictions.

According to Gather and Radar Online, “Adrienne and Antonio went on several, discreet dates beginning late November,” a source tells Radar Online. “This was, of course, before things with Adrienne and Sean got hot and heavy and they became serious.” Antonio is a far cry from Sean who is known as a bit of a party boy and nearly half his age, but newly single Adrienne is clearly open to finding love anywhere — and why not? However, her friends seem to be less than thrilled with her new relationship and had been pulling for Antonio.

Astrologically speaking, Adrienne Maloof a Virgo appears to be more interested in Sean Stewart a Virgo as well. They’re both down to earth, smart, and a bit obsessive compulsive. Sean a sober soldier, definitely has had his share of heartache living in his dad’s shadow. It can’t be easy being Rod Stewart’s son. He’s worked hard to rise above it and put his life back on track.

For Adrienne Maloof, she’s in her 50’s now and wants to find love. Why not have a fling with a young guy before settling for some 60 year old dude? Astrochicks would choose Sean Stewart over Antonio Villaraigosa too. Either way, Astrochicks predicts neither romance will last. We think our Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is looking for a relevant storyline next season and she’s found it! Either way, we would love to see Sean Stewart on next season. Stay tuned.

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