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ADAM LEVINE Twitter Feud, Lady Gaga Pops a Tweet, Who’s Right?

adam levineAre Adam Levine and Lady Gaga feuding? The pop princess recently had a nasty tangle with Perez Hilton, now she appears to be involved in a Twitter battle with Adam Levine. Are her tweets just PR stunts to generate sales for her new single and ratings for the Voice? Read on….

Adam Levine, born under astrology sign of Pisces is a sensitive soul. On one side, creative and romantic, the other side a little bit of a drama queen.  On Twitter, he posted a pretentious tweet….“Ugh . . . recycling old art for a younger generation doesn’t make you an artist,” Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, tweeted. “It makes you an art teacher.” Hmm, was that a Twitter swipe against Lady Gaga.

“I unabashedly love writing and performing pop music for both myself AND everyone around me. That’s It,” he added. “It doesn’t need any extra sauce.” Is Adam Levine serious? His lyrics and hit songs are straight out of a manufactured pop machine. Astrochicks loves his music but I would call it commercial “art”.

Lady Gaga an Aries, who’s a straight shooter and funny as hell, tweeted,  “Uh oh guys the art police is here,” the “Applause” singer wrote. LOL! Not exactly a feud, but hopefully Adam Levine isn’t annoyed by Lady Gaga’s poking fun at him.

For Astrochicks personally, we would consider Lady Gaga more of an artist. She’s not afraid to dig deep, experiment with her music and add some drama to the mix. We love watching what she’s going to do next.

Adam Levine, he’s a hot musician, who’s also a judge on a reality show. Not exactly Rolling Stones or  U2. Still, very talented and lovable. Although, I don’t see him becoming a huge icon like Lady Gaga. Not that he’s gunning for that. Especially, since he’s a “true artist”, according to his definition. Either way, they’re both talented.


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