full moon in virgo

ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS: Full Moon in Virgo Brings Changes in Love and Work

The Full Moon on February 22nd will illuminate in 3 degrees Virgo. The Full Moon will shine a light on your personal relationships, personal challenges and other areas of your life that need improvement. It’s time to complete projects that you’ve started, have those conversations you’ve been avoiding and deal with love relationship problems that you may have ignored. The energy created by the Full Moon in Virgo will feel…


How to Improve Your Psychic Ability and Make Predictions

Not all of us are born with instant access to our psychic abilities. Although all of us are capable of achieving such feat, not all of us can realize or recognize that in exists within us. People that are more sensitive and more in touch with the natural energy surrounding and are keen on realizing their psychic abilities are usually the one that can do it. However, most of the…

Election 2016 Predictions

ASTROLOGY Predictions Election 2016: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s Big Surprise

What do the stars reveal for your February Horoscope and the 2016 Presidential Election? The sun will blast through Aquarius and politics will be the topic of EVERY water cooler conversation. What are Jacy Nova’s Astrology predictions for the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary? Will Bernie Sanders a Virgo beat Hillary Clinton a Scorpio in the Democratic primary and will Donald Trump a Gemini continue to dominate the Republican…


MERCURY RETROGRADE in Aquarius: Pandora’s Box and Election 2016 Predictions!

The New Year in 2016 will say hello to Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius on January 5th, and the planet will station direct on January 25th in Capricorn. What do the stars reveal for this intense astrological period? Jacy Nova, our psychic-astrologer for Astrochicks, weighs in on this intense planetary period holds for you and the Election 2016 when Pandora’s Box is opened. Astrologically, the planet Mercury rules the mind and communication….

Harry Styles

HARRY STYLES Rumors: New Girlfriend is Kendall Jenner, Love Astrology Predictions!

Guess what came wrapped under Harry Styles Christmas tree this year? A new girlfriend! Yes, the romance is heating up between Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner this New Year. The couple was recently spotted on a romantic getaway in St. Barts lounging on a multi-million dollar yacht. Is it true love or will Harry Style break Kendall Jenner’s heart? What is Jacy Nova’s love astrology psychic predictions for the sexy new…

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