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JOHNNY DEPP Update: Amber Heard’s Divorce, Mother’s Death and Astrology Predictions

It’s official, Johnny Depp’s marriage is officially over. His estranged wife Amber Heard filed for divorce after a violent altercation with her husband just days after his beloved mother’s death. Depp was rumored to be drunk but is that the REAL story behind this Hollywood couple? Did he lash out at his wife because of being emotionally distraught over his mom’s death? What does the future hold for Johnny Depp? Check out…

New Moon

New Moon in Gemini: Horoscope Predictions for Love, Prosperity and Creativity

The New Moon is a perfect time to set intentions and meditate on manifesting more love, creativity, and prosperity into your life. There are several ways that you can use the New Moon energy to your advantage from something as simple as lighting a candle to an elaborate ritual. On Saturday June 4th the New Moon will shine in 14 degrees in fun-loving Gemini conjunct Venus. Can you feel the good…


Horoscope Weekly Forecast: Mars in Scorpio Brings Drama, Passion and Secrets Revealed

This Memorial Day weekend should be action packed with loads of drama and passion as Mars travels back into Scorpio. What does your weekly horoscope forecast reveal? Check out Jacy Nova’s astrology predictions for this crazy holiday and the first week of June. Aries The coming week could bring a need to make a decision, and this surrounds what or possibly who needs releasing from your world if you’re to make…

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Is Moving In with a Partner Before Getting Married a Good Idea

Is Moving In with a Partner Before Getting Married a Good Idea? If a relationship is developing in the right direction, sooner or later the partners start thinking about living together at someone’s place. While in the past men and women were stigmatized for living as a couple out of wedlock, today many partners decide to move in together and the society is more tolerant to their decision. However, there…

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First Date: Mobile Dating Tips and Love Advice for Dummies

Most people underestimate the importance of the first meeting with a new woman. They suggest it is just another inceptive step in a long road of developing relationship. Well, it might disappoint many of you, but the first and the second date are the most important events. Your success during the opening meeting determines if you are going to have something with this girl or not. Before diving into the…

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What You Should Never Do After the First Date

Your first date went without a hitch and you are so excited about that. Or it was a total disaster and now you think you’ll be alone forever. In both cases, you should calm down and keep cool. No matter how your date was, the way you act after it is extremely important. Dating experts from Rus Brides Stars strongly recommend you to avoid doing the following things after your…

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