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col-star-gazer-800px-Ecl-annThe New Moon will shimmer in mysterious Scorpio this month on November 11th. Jacy Nova’s, astrology predictions reveal an intense cosmic energy that will push you to claim your personal power and OWN IT. Underneath the energetic lunar pull, your hidden desires and unknown secrets will surface urging you to read between the lines. What is fact and what is fiction? Your conscience is asking, how do you really feel? Whether it’s passion or sorrow, your emotions will be felt on a deeply personal level, providing an intimate look at what your heart wants and needs.

The Scorpio New Moon can bring life-changing developments: it’s an energetic doorway that leads to a spiritual and emotional reboot. It’s a cosmic push to remove any negative energy or individuals that block your path in life. The New Moon offers an opportunity to change your outlook to a more positive perspective and think about what the new year could bring. It’s a chance to draw back our power from bad energy investments, to make deeper commitments, to drop dead weight, and to get right with our soul.

Remember, Scorpio rules the 8th house and is affected by it’s ruling planets, Mars and Pluto. Together with the emotional Moon energy, being pushed by passionate Mars and Pluto the planet of transformation, you can expect an intense and thrilling ride this November.

This month, sex and money will be compelling aphrodisiacs that could lead to superficial yearnings. Don’t let yourself be distracted or thrown off course from your true path in 2016. Seeds sown under a Scorpio New Moon will require you to separate your needs from desire before planting your ideas for next year.

The astrological signs most positively affected by this powerful energy are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. The most challenged zodiac signs will be Taurus, Aquarius and Leo. Most likely, November will be a dramatic time that propels you forward to make emotional changes on a personal and professional level. Remember, when one door closes, another opens. Don’t be afraid to make changes.

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The Republican candidates are ready to rumble on October 28th, when Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marc Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and other presidential hopefuls take center stage at the GOP Debate. Will the stars collide when Donald Trump a clever Gemini goes head to head with Ben Carson a humble Virgo? Can Jeb Bush an eccentric Aquarius continue his presidential campaign after staff layoffs and payroll cuts? What are the Astrology predictions for our presidential frontrunners Trump and Carson? Who will win the GOP Debate and future 2016 election in this epic showdown?GOP DEBATE

Just like a real WWE star, Donald Trump in a flurry of political talk show appearances this weekend says he’s ready to slam Ben Carson. Defending his recent slip in the presidential campaign polls, Trump is poised to attack his competition and flex his business muscles to cruise to the lead again. In his opinion, he’s the leading man competing for the starring role of his life, President of the United States.

Trump with his Sun in quick-witted Gemini and dramatic Leo rising, has become best known for his arrogant style, but we think Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina both Virgos, will have a few tricks up their sleeve. Carly likes to do her homework, no doubt, she’s ready to go toe-to-toe with Trump. Will she shine a light on Trump’s weaknesses and blow his ego out of the water to score a few points in the campaign polls?

Astrologically speaking; Venus, Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in obsessive Virgo on October 28th. Making both Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson feeling overly optimistic and lucky. Unfortunately, it will be squared by Saturn in honest loving Sagittarius, which says they better check their facts, otherwise, they could get hammered in the debate for not being prepared and stretching the truth.

On Oct 28th, Moon in Taurus will make the candidates appear more stubborn than usual. Leading the pack, of course, will be “The Donald”. Trump, who’s been accused of being a prancing peacock and narcissist, will continue to look more like a Marvel comic book character than presidential, with his hairspray combover and boisterous personality. Either way, Astrochicks predicts he will continue to entertain us with his crazy one-liners and will claim he won the debate.

We expect the Republican GOP Debate to be a three-ring circus, with the Presidential hopefuls behaving badly and giving plenty of press worthy material for the media. Leaving Jeb Bush confused, after all, he’s the most qualified to be President in his mind. He doesn’t understand the reality show economics of why he continues to sink in the campaign polls and Trump & Carson continue to rise.

After the New Year, Astrochicks believes the voting public will sober up and realize they need to elect a President in 2016, who has the chops to run a country. Our astrology prediction remains that both Donald Trump and Ben Carson will drop out of the election, early next year. Slowly but surely, Jeb Bush will continue to rise in the campaign polls, continuing his lukewarm presidential bid, which we believe could lead to his Republican nomination.

On the Democratic side, we love Hillary Clinton a tenacious Scorpio but think Bernie Sanders a hard-working Virgo, will win the hearts of the public.  Our Astrology prediction is Sanders will get the Democratic nod. Who will be elected our new President in 2016? Stay tuned.

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The Moon holds a mystical place in everyone’s heart. You can’t deny that supernatural energy that exudes when you look up in the sky at night.  What energy does the Super Full Moon in Taurus on October 27th have in store for us? What does Jacy Nova’s astrology predictions reveal? Taurus Moon

“It must be a full moon,” is a comment heard by family and friends whenever crazy and unexpected things happen to us at work or in our personal life.

The spiritual effects of a New Moon or Full Moon are undeniable and even if you don’t believe in Astrology, you can feel an energetic cosmic presence shining down on you.

A Full Moon happens only once per month and represents our emotions, desires and feelings, no matter how big or small. It opens our mind, spirit and heart and illuminates the parts of our life we’ve kept hidden and brings them to light. Together, the Moon becomes a catalyst for our thoughts and actions, hopefully, that will bring a change of consciousness for the better depending on what house the Full Moon will reside in each month. Seeds that you planted six months ago (on the New Moon) can come to fruition or completion at this time.

Even though the energy associated with the Full Moon feels new and emotionally raw, the truth is, the desire for change has been simmering in your mind for quite awhile, but you haven’t had the cosmic push until now to make any positive changes.

If you follow Astrology and understand your personal horoscope chart, you can study which house the Full Moon will fall transit in this month to gain awareness and insight on what areas of your life need focus.

This month on October 27, 2015, we will experience a Super Full Moon in Taurus with a bang. A necessary transformation will unfold and increase self-empowerment for earth signs. When these elements are revealed and demonstrated to your Higher-Self, we can harness our personal power to invite more love and wealth in our life. The signs most affected by this positive astrological energy this month will be Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio.

If you’re not an earth sign, not to worry, you take a magic carpet ride as well on the lunar express. You can harness the power of the Super Full Moon in Taurus to begin building plans for your future. The wheel of fortune is turning in your favor. This lunar energy will help guide you on a more peaceful path of prosperity and love. All you have to do on Oct 27th is connect with spirit, open your heart to new possibilities. Everything is possible when you believe and the stars are aligned. Check out our podcast for more astrology predictions.

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Ben Carson’s 2016 presidential run for the White House has begun. What does his Astrology profile reveal and what are top celebrity Astrologer, Jacy Nova’s campaign predictions? Can Carson be trumped by the competition or will he nab the Republican nomination? What do the stars reveal? BenCarson

Ben Carson was born in Detroit on Sept 18, 1951, under the down to earth zodiac sign of Virgo. His Sun sign fueled by Moon in fiery Aries and Mars in Leo. Combined with Venus in Virgo conjunct his obsessive Sun, Ben Carson can be a charming, but emotionally temperamental and competitive guy. Don’t let his quiet television demeanor fool you, this Virgo doctor is definitely a campaign threat to Donald Trump or Jeb Bush. When Carson goes after a goal, he assumes the odds of winning the 2016 Election are stacked in his favor.

Raised by his single mother, Ben’s parents’ divorced when he was only eight years old. In his book Gifted Hands, Carson relates that, in his youth, he had a violent temper. Like many hard-working Virgos, he overcame his limitations and found spiritual healing in God’s word and has stated in interviews he has never had an issue with his temper again.

Displaying the classic Virgo traits of being super smart, Ben Carson graduated from Yale, where he earned his degree in psychology. He received his medical degree from the University of Michigan and completed his residency in neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

A dedicated Virgo man, he met his wife Candy in 1971 when they were students at Yale. Ben Carson, a sweet romantic at heart, said in a new interview he knew he was destined to marry his wife. He was right, and the happy couple recently celebrated their 40 year wedding anniversary.

Over the next two months, Saturn in Sagittarius will push Ben Carson’s continue rise in the presidential election polls. In Astrology, Saturn is the planet of hard work, and Carson is not afraid to get his hands dirty. The cosmic halo effect will last through the holiday season, but can it guarantee Cason a Republican victory? What is our Astrology prediction? Probably, not.

Next year, Saturn in Sagittarius will square Ben Carson’s Sun and Venus in practical Virgo. We believe that the pressure of the presidential election may become too much for his family, and he may quietly bow out. Although, we don’t think that means he will be out of the race for long. We predict that either Donald Trump or Jeb Bush will score the Republican nomination and will ask Ben Carson to ride shotgun as their Vice President. Together, can Trump and Carson be the winning ticket?

Astrologically speaking, the Presidential election is still up for grabs, and we predict that 2016 will be a political campaign to remember. Neptune in Pisces reveals a hidden agenda in the works that is a conspiracy theorist wet dream that could result in Obama staying past his second term. Stay tuned, Astrochicks believe the stars are about to collide.

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