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Astrochicks' Psychic and Astrology Predictions

BACHELOR Chris Soules Birthday, Dating Rumors and New Girlfriend!

chris soules birthdayWhat is the latest update on Bachelor Chris Soules?  Has our sexy Iowan farmer ready to find love again or is he still enjoying the single life? Last month in an exclusive interview, Bachelor Chris Soules opened up about his painful breakup up with Whitney Bischoff and why they called off their engagement. Are the dating rumors true that he’s found a new girlfriend?

This week Bachelor Chris Soules will celebrate his birthday on Friday, November 6th. Born under the zodiac sign of sexy Scorpio, Chris is a definite fan favorite. His Moon in Gemini makes him have a quirky sense of humor combined with his dolphin laugh, makes Bachelor Chris a super fun guy. In love, he can be very passionate but jealous which is fueled by his Venus in Scorpio. Yes, he can be possessive but he’s definitely worth it.

In the past, Bachelor Chris Soules battled rumors he was dating Witney Carson and even gossip mags speculated whether she was the cause of his breakup with former fiance, Whitney Bischoff. Obviously, the rumors were not true and Carson recently announced her engagement to her high school sweetheart, Carson Mcallister, this past week. Yes, they definitely had chemistry on “Dancing With the Stars” but she’s much younger than him and he looked at her like a little sister.

What does the future hold for Bachelor Chris Soules? What are Jacy Nova’s love astrology predictions for our favorite farmer? The last year has been exciting for him on a career level but sad on an emotional level. Our hot Iowan boy is ready to find love and get married but he will continue to struggle to find his Cinderella.

Scorpio men in love can be intense but are also very loyal. We think he will take 2016 to discover what type of girl he really wants. With his handsome good looks, charming personality and down to earth style, I think by 2017 he will be ready for a country wedding. For now, Bachelor Chris Soules is still single and ready to mingle. Wishing him a very Happy Birthday!


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HALLE BERRY Divorce: Why She Left Olivier Martinez!

halle berryWhy is Halle Berry so unlucky in love? The beautiful and celebrated actress announced this week she had filed for divorce from her third husband, Olivier Martinez, after only two years of marriage. What does Jacy Nova’s astrology love predictions reveal for our Leo actress?

Named FHM‍‍ ‘ ‍s “100 Sexiest Women in the World”, Halle Berry was born under the dramatic zodiac sign of Leo. Sexy goddess girl, she loves being the center of attention and lights up a room when she enters. Sadly, when it comes to love, she’s struggled to find her lifetime soulmate.

Her astrology chart reveals that Halle Berry’s Moon, Venus and Mars in Cancer makes her incredibly moody and emotional. When she loves hard, and we believe that she may become too demanding in a relationship.  It’s either her way or the highway.

Halle Berry’s husband, Olivier Martinez is born under the zodiac sign of controlling Capricorn. The polar opposite of his wife, we believe the marriage was a constant power struggle that may have drowned in the emotional drama of our Leo girl. A Capricorn is just too damn practical for our starlet.

Astrologically speaking, we think that Halle Berry will have a successful acting year in 2016, and will continue to focus on her career. After all, she’s got a lot of child support to pay. Girl, you need to quit hooking up with all these broke pretty dudes.

Our astrology prediction is that Halle Berry will remain single for a period of time to reflect on her past love relationships. She needs to spiritually reconnect with herself and let her emotional wounds heal. By the year 2017, Halle Berry will be ready to find love again. Wishing her the best.


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BLAKE SHELTON and GWEN Stefani: Dating Rumors and Astrology Love Predictions!

NUP_164303_4060.jpgAre recently divorced singers Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani dating? As romance rumors continue to swirl, the two Voice judges were spotted at a Halloween party looking very cozy. What does Blake and Gwen’s love astrology predictions reveal?

Blake Shelton was born under the zodiac sun sign of flirty Gemini. The gossip mags have labeled him as a player, and we don’t mean guitar when it comes to romance. The recently divorced country crooner is best known for his sexy good looks and hilarious sense of humor. He definitely celebrates women and loves to have a good time.

The pop princess and fashion icon Gwen Stefani is born under the sign of luscious Libra. The recent birthday girl is a real romantic at heart. After her heartbreaking divorce, she’s known to be a one man woman, who hates to be alone. An adored fashionista, she’s not only beautiful but can be quite charming herself. Has she found a new boyfriend or is Blake Shelton just a fling?

Astrologically speaking, Blake Shelton a Gemini and Gwen Stefani a Libra make a perfect romantic fit. Both air zodiac signs, this dating love match, would be based on laughter and loving communication. They could quickly become best friends, who later become lovers.

Jacy Nova celebrity astrologer for Astrochicks reveals, Gwen Stefani’s Moon in Cancer and Venus in Virgo would probably clash with Blake’s fun loving Gemini ways. She’s not only dramatic and moody, but could become very controlling in a relationship. Don’t cramp Blake’s style, baby.

Our astrology prediction is  that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are probably NOT dating seriously but just having fun. Neither are ready to have a serious boyfriend or girlfriend yet. For now, they will enjoy being friends with benefits.


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BACHELOR Ben Higgins: Spoilers and Astrology Love Predictions!

Bachelor BenBachelor fans are stoked that the new season starring Ben Higgins is just around the corner. What lies ahead for Bachelor Ben’s quest for love? Will he find true love or go home broken hearted? What do Reality Steve’s bachelor spoilers and Jacy Nova’s astrology love predictions reveal?

ABC’s show the Bachelor will celebrate it’s 19th season this year. As usual, Chris Harrison promises it will be the MOST DRAMATIC season ever but will the Bachelor be fun to watch or will fans be disappointed with “Boring Ben”?

Born under the zodiac sign of Aries, Bachelor Ben Higgins, celebrates his birthday on March 23rd. A fire sign, his Sun sign in Aries burns bright with confidence and is fueled by passion. Not to worry, this season we can expect to see plenty of tonsil hockey action. Aries men are natural flirts and are experts in the art of seduction.

His Moon in Gemini makes him emotionally quirky, Bachelor Ben will blow hot and cold this season. His unusual style will definitely create drama in the house leaving the girls weepy and insecure.

His Venus in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn makes Bachelor Ben a practical guy. Yes, he can be romantic and sweet, however, he’s slow to fall in love. The good news is  once he’s chosen a partner, he’s definitely the loyal type.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Ben Higgins can expect a HUGE boost in his career this season. His tall, dark and handsome good looks will make him a fan favorite. When it comes to love,  Jacy Nova’s astrology prediction is Bachelor Ben will find love but we don’t hear wedding bells ringing.  Yes, he will get engaged but will pull a Chris Soules and break up within six months. Either way, we think it will be a fun season. Stay tuned.



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EMPIRE Characters Zodiac Sign: Are you More Like Lucious or Cookie?

Empire CharacterWhat is the zodiac sign of your favorite Empire character? Are you more like Lucious or Cookie? Astrology says that  your zodiac sign reflects certain cosmic traits define our personality. What do the stars reveal for Lucious Lyon and his family?

The CEO of Empire Records, Lucious Lyon is played by Terence Howard. The family patriarch he has always ruled his music label and family life unchallenged. Lucious is all about “what he wants in the moment.”

Growing up, he believed that a black kid with the name “Dwight Walker” wouldn’t survive living on the streets, so he took on the name Lucious Lyon. A former drug dealer, he believes that one day his name will become known as an immortal god.

Ruthless to the core,  Astrochicks thinks that Lucious exhibits the zodiac qualities of a sexy Scorpio. Complicated, passionate, intense, dramatic and at times, downright scary.

Astrologically speaking, Scorpio is reputed to be the most powerful and controlling sign of the zodiac. Haunted by his troubled childhood, Lucious, tries hard to hide his deep-seated insecurities. The master of reverse psychology, just like a Scorpio, you should never underestimate his ability to find “shit” out.

In the dramatic weekly saga of Empire, the reappearance of Cookie Lyon, his ex-wife, has complicated life for Luscious. After 17 years in prison, the Queen has returned home in hopes of taking back what’s hers: half of the company and giving her sons’ a mother’s love that was previously denied.  Not only is Cookie an astute boss bitch, but a talented music producer. Cookie likes to keep it 100, she remains true to her core values and looks good doing it.

What astrology sign do we think Cookie is? We believe a Virgo just like Taraji P. Henson herself and Beyonce. She is a complex mix of intelligence, beauty, creativity, common sense, who is determined and committed. Cookie is one fierce mamasita, who wants a first class ticket to success for Lyon Dynasty.

If double-crossed, watch your back, Virgo chicks can multi-task easily, and don’t worry, tearing you down will be added with a smile.  Virgos love hard, so feelings die slowly, but once they are dead, there is no resurrection. Did you get that Lucious?

The oldest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon, Andre, is business oriented but lacks confidence and charisma. A graduate of Wharton Business School, Andree previously oversaw the financial aspects of Empire Records. After a failed coup, Andre recently wormed his way back into father’s good graces.

Astrologically speaking, we believe that Andre is an earth sign like his mother, Cookie. We think he fits the classic Capricorn male traits, who are all about the money. He’s conventional with a strong work ethic, and he doesn’t mind working behind the scenes. Andre has his father’s sadistic tendencies without the proper Scorpio delivery.

The middle son, Jamal, arguably is the most talented child of Lucious and Cookie Lyon. Neglected by his father for being gay, he struggles with the desire for his families approval and father’s love. He feels the deepest kinship with his mother Cookie, who protected Jamal as a child from his father’s violent outbursts and homophobic tendencies.

Sweet and sensitive, we think the zodiac sign Cancer aligns with Jamal. He’s protective over the ones he loves, moody and sensitive; he tries to balance the life of his career and family while attempting to stay true to himself.

The baby of the family, Hakeem, channels the star power of his father Lucious but lacks the work ethic of his mother, Cookie. He’s the most ego-driven and fame hungry of all their children. Hakeem’s attitude and swagger most resemble the zodiac sign of an Aries male. He wants to be large and in charge but his childish and immature behaviour could get him in trouble.

Overall, the reason Empire is the biggest show on television is because of it’s rich storylines and rags to riches tale of a hip-hop dynasty.

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ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS: Scorpio New Moon Fuels Drama and Passion!

col-star-gazer-800px-Ecl-annThe New Moon will shimmer in mysterious Scorpio this month on November 11th. Jacy Nova’s, astrology predictions reveal an intense cosmic energy that will push you to claim your personal power and OWN IT. Underneath the energetic lunar pull, your hidden desires and unknown secrets will surface urging you to read between the lines. What is fact and what is fiction? Your conscience is asking, how do you really feel? Whether it’s passion or sorrow, your emotions will be felt on a deeply personal level, providing an intimate look at what your heart wants and needs.

The Scorpio New Moon can bring life-changing developments: it’s an energetic doorway that leads to a spiritual and emotional reboot. It’s a cosmic push to remove any negative energy or individuals that block your path in life. The New Moon offers an opportunity to change your outlook to a more positive perspective and think about what the new year could bring. It’s a chance to draw back our power from bad energy investments, to make deeper commitments, to drop dead weight, and to get right with our soul.

Remember, Scorpio rules the 8th house and is affected by it’s ruling planets, Mars and Pluto. Together with the emotional Moon energy, being pushed by passionate Mars and Pluto the planet of transformation, you can expect an intense and thrilling ride this November.

This month, sex and money will be compelling aphrodisiacs that could lead to superficial yearnings. Don’t let yourself be distracted or thrown off course from your true path in 2016. Seeds sown under a Scorpio New Moon will require you to separate your needs from desire before planting your ideas for next year.

The astrological signs most positively affected by this powerful energy are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. The most challenged zodiac signs will be Taurus, Aquarius and Leo. Most likely, November will be a dramatic time that propels you forward to make emotional changes on a personal and professional level. Remember, when one door closes, another opens. Don’t be afraid to make changes.

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