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SELENA GOMEZ Drug Rehab, Justin Bieber Bad Influence on Pop Star?

Did Selena Gomez’s ex boyfriend Justin Bieber, lead her down a path of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll? The former Disney star recently entered rehab for alcohol, Ambien and pot addiction. Only problem, she left early to hit Sundance.

TMZ previously reported … Selena checked into The Meadows last month to rid herself of booze and drugs … and Justin Bieber.  She bailed 2 weeks into the 45-day program to go to Sundance and think she’s cured. Sounds like an addict!

selena gomez justin bieberNow, Selena Gomez is being SUPER irresponsible and posting pics of herself on Instagram, cocktailing with friends. Which means; Gomez is not serious about sobriety but is it Justin Bieber’s fault?

Astrologically speaking, Selena Gomez is a highly emotional girl, born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Most likely, Bieber’s breakup pushed her to the edge, and she started partying too much. Whether it was the pressure of fame or heartbreak, Selena Gomez has some serious issues she needs to address.

Justin Bieber a Pisces, probably thinks drugs and alcohol help him be more creative. A sensitive guy, I’m sure he’s sad that Selena Gomez is struggling, and together, they make a lethal cocktail combination.

Fortunately, the stars are aligned for Selena Gomez to get her life back on track. Astrochicks astrology prediction is she will return to rehab, after her family gives her an ultimatum. For Biebs, he will be driving in the fast lane for a little while longer.

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MILEY CYRUS New Boyfriend, Wild Make Out At Bangerz Party!

miley cyrus newsMiley Cyrus has been officially crowned the biggest popstar on the planet. Like a Wrecking Ball, she pushed Lady Gaga and Katy Perry out of the top spot on iTunes. She celebrated Miley style, with a Bangerz record release party and got twerktastic with the crowd.

According to various sources, Miley Cyrus a Sagittarius girl, was making out with not only guys but girls at the party, as well. She went crazy on song “Love, Money, Party” while grinding on Mike Will Made It and kissing his neck, US Weekly reports. No, Miley’s not dating Mike Will Made It but definitely doesn’t mind macking on him.

Astrologically speaking, Miley Cyrus may pretend she’s over Liam Hemsworth, but she’s really not. Like a spoiled child acting out, she’s trying to prove to Liam she doesn’t care. Instead, Miley continues to make a fool of herself with her cringe worthy antics. Her father Billy Ray claims she couldn’t be happier, but it’s a lie. Astrochicks thinks she’s trying way too hard.

Like true Hollywood style, Miley Cyrus is rumored to have a new boyfriend already. He’s Theo Wenner from Rolling Stone, who’s reportedly helping her mend her broken heart.  He’s a temporary place holder in her life, while she enjoys being a superstar.

Not to worry, Miley Cyrus will continue to experiment with boys and girls. Astrochicks astrology prediction is she will find love again in the next two years, for now, she will focus on her music career and enjoy being single. Stay tuned.


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LADY GAGA, Shines Aura in New Music Video, Machete Kills Movie Review!

lady gaga no makeupLady Gaga makes her popstar debut in the movie, Machete Kills. Not only is she’s smokin hot in the pic, Lady Gaga’s new song Aura, shines her fiery Aries energy in the slick new video.

The movie reviews may be mixed for Machete Kills, but it’s sure to be a cult classic. In the new film, Danny Trejo returns as the former Mexican Police detective turned spy Machete, he’s recruited by President portrayed by the notorious  Charlie Sheen. He must stop Mendez from launching a deadly missile headed for DC. It’s total mayhem!

In Machete Kills, Lady Gaga, channels her inner Marilyn Monroe and makes a manic splash. If she ever decides to give up being a popstar, she definitely has a career as an actress. Lady Gaga’s crazy good in it. You can check out the video here.

Entertainment Weekly says, “Rodriguez’s only real sin as a filmmaker is that he wants to give you way too much of a crazy ultraviolent good time.”

JoBlo says, “Good, silly fun. Works better than the first one.”

Empire Online says, “Violent, silly, embarrassing, clumsy, confusing, juvenile, occasionally offensive, occasionally a little bit fun.”

Astrologically speaking, Lady Gaga an Aries, will continue to ride the fame train in 2014. Our astrology prediction is she will marry and settle down by 2016. Whether or not she marries current boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, is still undecided. She’s rumored to be jealous over his friendship with Cameron Diaz. Hmm, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Stay tuned.

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BRUNO MARS Tour, New Year’s Eve Tickets at Cosmopolitan Hotel!

bruno marsThe hottest ticket on New Year’s has arrived and you could spend it with Bruno Mars. Yes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  You and your friends can ring in 2014 with this Libra lover boy, here’s all the details.

It’s undeniable, that the Cosmopolitan Hotel is one of the sexiest hot spots on the strip. This New Year, they will have Bruno Mars appear at their new entertainment venue, The Chelsea, on December 29th and 31st. Two night of pure heaven!

Both Bruno Mars shows (tickets start at $150) begin at 9 p.m., and on New Year’s Eve he will countdown to midnight, how fun is that. Bruno Mars returns to The Chelsea February 15 and 16, May 23 and 24, and August 22 and 23. Tickets are on sale now here.

Bruno posted on Twitter, “Packing for 2 months in Europe with the bruh bruh @BrunoMars. This tour is gonna be off the damn door hinges!” We agree! Astrochicks would LOVE to see his Vegas show but we will be in Park City this New Years. You definitely don’t want to miss this show, ENJOY!

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KATY PERRY Update, John Mayer the Player, Scorpio and Libra Love Match!

katy perry john mayerKaty Perry may have found love with John Mayer but is she really over Russell Brand? In a new interview, our Scorpio popstar reveals a very dark period after her divorce, where Perry actually considered suicide. Wow, talk about getting real, Katy takes a deep dive in a new interview.

When it comes to love, Scorpios are consumed with passion and want to possess their lovers. No doubt, Katy Perry’s intensity and party girl ways, might have proved too much for Russell Brand, who’s a fickle Gemini.

In a new interview with Billboard, Katy Perry reveals Russel Brand told her he wanted a divorce via text. Gee, how classy. She also revealed, “Let’s just say I haven’t heard from him since he texted me saying he was divorcing me December 31, 2011.” We don’t blame her – how painful.

Of course, Scorpio girls like to play with fire and Katy’s moved on to a new bad boy, Mayer the Player. The Libra charmer claims he’s reformed and Katy Perry is his soulmate. Are Libra men and Scorpio girls a good love match?

Scorpios want to own your soul in a love relationship, while Libras are more interested in companionship and maintaining harmony at all costs. Astrochicks thinks that Katy is probably very emotional, where Mayer would be more cool and disconnected in relationships. They hate confrontation and can become passive aggressive in love.

Libra men have an innate ability to attract any chick they want and even Scorpio girls as pretty as Katy Perry, cannot escape Mayer’s clutches.  She gets to see his more sincere and playful side. She can read between the lines and it would be very hard for Mayer to lie to her, she’s too smart.

Yes, Astrochicks thinks that Mayer has met his match with Katy Perry. Hopefully, he will continue to let his guard down and allow Katy to love him with all her heart and soul. It will be a bumpy ride but one worth taking. Stay tuned.

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ADAM LEVINE Twitter Feud, Lady Gaga Pops a Tweet, Who’s Right?

adam levineAre Adam Levine and Lady Gaga feuding? The pop princess recently had a nasty tangle with Perez Hilton, now she appears to be involved in a Twitter battle with Adam Levine. Are her tweets just PR stunts to generate sales for her new single and ratings for the Voice? Read on….

Adam Levine, born under astrology sign of Pisces is a sensitive soul. On one side, creative and romantic, the other side a little bit of a drama queen.  On Twitter, he posted a pretentious tweet….“Ugh . . . recycling old art for a younger generation doesn’t make you an artist,” Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, tweeted. “It makes you an art teacher.” Hmm, was that a Twitter swipe against Lady Gaga.

“I unabashedly love writing and performing pop music for both myself AND everyone around me. That’s It,” he added. “It doesn’t need any extra sauce.” Is Adam Levine serious? His lyrics and hit songs are straight out of a manufactured pop machine. Astrochicks loves his music but I would call it commercial “art”.

Lady Gaga an Aries, who’s a straight shooter and funny as hell, tweeted,  “Uh oh guys the art police is here,” the “Applause” singer wrote. LOL! Not exactly a feud, but hopefully Adam Levine isn’t annoyed by Lady Gaga’s poking fun at him.

For Astrochicks personally, we would consider Lady Gaga more of an artist. She’s not afraid to dig deep, experiment with her music and add some drama to the mix. We love watching what she’s going to do next.

Adam Levine, he’s a hot musician, who’s also a judge on a reality show. Not exactly Rolling Stones or  U2. Still, very talented and lovable. Although, I don’t see him becoming a huge icon like Lady Gaga. Not that he’s gunning for that. Especially, since he’s a “true artist”, according to his definition. Either way, they’re both talented.


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