Astrochicks is a daily celebrity gossip blog with a cosmic twist. We provide cosmic perspective on the latest pop culture and urban entertainment news. Whether readers are searching for gossip on their favorite celebrity, reality TV show, politics, music, or travel. We gotcha covered!

Editorial Staff

  • Jacy Nova, Editor in Chief – jacy@astrochicks.com
  • Thom Dre, Music & Lifestyle Reporter – nik@astrochicks.com
  • Aisyah Llewellyn, Lifestyle & Political Reporter – aisyah@astrochicks.com
  • Patty Kamson, TV & Lifestyle Reporter – patty@astrochicks.com
  • Melissa Moore, Freelance Travel Reporter – melissa@astrochicks.com
  • Paul Robinson, Producer Radio Show – paul@astrochicks.com

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