full moon virgo

There is no denying that a global crisis over the coronavirus has now reached a fever pitch. It cannot be ignored that Virgo, the sign of order, intention, and ritual, is the perfect energetic compliment to the concerns of this day. We are all being asked to wash our hands thoroughly, keep spaces clean and organized, and disinfect surfaces. The Full Moon in Virgo, arriving today, definitely helps support this process of preparation and cooperation. Asking us what do you value and respect in life?


Virgo is the archetype of ritual practice. In order to serve the energetic ideals you have set as your guides, you practice a ritual of respect and reciprocity. By following the guidelines of whatever spiritual purpose you serve, you ensure your own integrity and alignment with your higher purpose.

Now is a time to think about what ideals you wish to serve during this time of fear. There is a perceived danger lurking around every corner of the unknown. Every new person you come into contact with, every stranger reaching shore from abroad, could be the carrier of that danger.

But pandemics have been lived through before.

History tells us that the fear of disease and contamination is one of the sources of fear of others. From the same seed that breads your fear of catching a virus came the fear of contact with people who are not like your own. Psychological research has linked the fear of infection to anti-immigrant bias and African-American bias, which is troubling for our time. Does preparation involve separation from people who don’t look like you?

The key to moving through this time with alignment towards the values of empathy and compassion is to identify the risk factors for the disease in the environment instead of in any one people.

National and international public health organizations around the globe have advised that washing your hands regularly, cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and spaces, and covering your hand when you cough. The focus here is on keeping the environment, including the surfaces you touch, clean and germ free.

There is no one people or group of people that are more at risk for carrying the virus over others. Feeding into the fear of people from certain places will only increase your implicit racial bias. In order to prepare effectively, focus on what you can do to keep your personal space clean and germ free.

The practice of compassion means empathizing with those who have been affected over fearing contamination. While your fear of illness may be great, you are not as unduly affected as those who have contracted the disease. Keep in mind those that are going through more precarious situations than your own, and practice gratitude for your healthy circumstance.

Dedicate this time and your energy towards clearing yourself of fear through rituals that keep you clean. Remember the energetic practice you chose to focus on. It is during the most difficult of times that it becomes imperative to keep your commitment to compassion.


Pandemics have been lived through before.

The closest example we have to the fear we face during this time is the influenza epidemic of 1918, which claimed 675,000 lives in the United States. The Corona virus has claimed 14. We live in a much different time from the last known worldwide epidemic, and the tools available to us now are vastly superior.

What is needed now is cooperation. Mutual aid and support amongst nations battling with the disease, the sharing of information and innovation in combatting this viral infection, and the compassion to administer a cure globally, without fee or encumbrance.

Pandemics do not need to be treated in isolation, as they once were in the past. The internet facilitates the sharing of information across space without physical contact. The innovation uncovered in one region of the Earth can help save another. Global cooperation is the key to solving the riddle of this newest epidemic as quickly as possible.

We need to recognize that this is a new age— one that is marked by the interconnectedness of the world. We have been given the power to communicate any information we wish across all known barriers to communication— geography, time, and language.

What we can do, on the personal level, is lean into the value of cooperation and mutual support over fear and anxiety of contamination. This Full Moon in Virgo brings with it the responsibility to act in integrity with our core values and highest ideals for human expression. Within the dyad of Pisces-Virgo lies the spiritual ideals we choose to bring into this world, and the actions we take to actualize them.

In order to signal mutual cooperation, support, and preparation, remember to espouse these values within your own interpersonal connections and community first. Each individual on this Earth has the power to contribute one energetic pulse towards the global whole. Choose wisely.

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