What do the stars have in store for Harry & Meghan? The world has been watching Prince Harry, and Meghan, disengaged from the Royal Family and decided to forge their own lives, away from the prying eyes of the media, media which has, for the most part, been rather unforgiving towards the happy couple.

Rumors abound – was it Meghan’s seemingly controlling, Leo nature that pushed Prince Harry away from his family bonds, or was it simply Prince Harry’s reserved Virgo character that needed break from the spotlight, and wanted to avoid the same disaster that happened to his mother, Princess Diana? It’s hard to say, but by all reports, the couple seem to be doing well, despite the understandable grief that was inevitable at the separation. They’ve definitely stepped far, far away from the limelight, leaving many of us frustrated and wandering what happened, and what will happen! We need closure, and the Stars can certainly help with that! Let’s first have a look and see if they’re really all that compatible, and will be able to see this change through in the long run.

Their Sun-Sign Compatibility – Their Innate Character

Meghan is of course, a sparkling, vivacious, commanding Leo – a sign that is, strangely enough, born to be in the spotlight. Given Meghan’s acting career, she sure doesn’t seem shy of a camera, and she has always appeared perfectly poised for the media. So why did she agree or instigate a move? Well, she had a baby, that’s why! Leo women – and men – are fiercely protective of their families, and will put them first, above anything else – even fame, and even being a Princess! Harry, a reserved Virgo, is miles different from Meghan’s extraverted Leo energy – Virgo’s are usually somewhat shy, reserved, private and absolutely hate the spotlight. In this, they could agree – Harry’s Virgo nature is not built for constant media attention, and Meghan’s fierce Leo-Mama protectiveness will agree to anything to protect her “pride”. They’re not traditionally compatible – when signs lie next to each other they can struggle to see eye to eye, and the sign ahead – in this case, Virgo – usually has something to “teach” the sign behind – which is Leo. Virgo Harry will show Meghan how to put her pride aside and focus on what really matters – building security, typically earthy Virgo-style.

Their Moon-Sign Compatibility – Their Emotional & Domestic Styles

Initially, Harry & Meghan’s Moon signs also don’t instantly match – he’s a Taurus Moon, and she’s a Libra Moon, which is air and earth – usually very uncomfortable! However, a little-known astrological secret, is that both of these signs are ruled by the love planet Venus, and so, their emotional needs for romance, affection and harmony are mutually agreeable, and they’ll do absolutely anything to keep the love alive. They share a need for harmony and comfort, and they’ll be ever so loving towards each other throughout their relationship – we can all see that beautiful affection they share! Domestically, they crave a calm, peaceful environment – we can now understand why they wanted to break away and build their own love nest!

Their Venus-Sign compatibility – How they Love  

Their Venus signs seem to certainly measure up, and although they’re not compatible with each other, necessarily (he’s a Libra Venus, she’s Virgo Venus), Harry’s Venus is the same sign as Meghan’s Moon, which spells the sweetest of loves, and her Venus in Virgo is the same sign as Harry’s Sun – once again proving how compatible they are! All these connections throw a shining light on their deep affection, and although Meghan may be a little more reserved with her Virgo Venus – even quite exacting and fussy – Harry’s extremely balanced, eager to please Venus will make as many, if not more sacrifices for her and their marriage. Both the signs of Virgo and Libra will go to any lengths to preserve the relationship and will lay down their lives for each other. Sweet!

What does the Future hold for Harry & Meghan?   

The world waits with baited breath to see what will happen to this much-loved couple. Interestingly, Meghan’s Rising sign in Cancer matches Harry’s ideal Relationship sign, and the recent Eclipses in Cancer (and Capricorn, also situated on important angles of relationship for this couple) has heralded the breakaway – after all, Cancer is the sign of family, and Eclipses do bring enormous transitions, endings and powerful beginnings! It’s unsurprising then, that they shocked the world with their decision as they left the structures and traditions of Capricorn, and chose family instead which is what Cancer represents. These Eclipses will now die down, and they’ll settle into a rhythm, with most of the drama fading away by the middle of the year – this 3-year Eclipse story has defined  their relationship and moved them towards a better choice for themselves and their family.

Personally, Harry is going to be undergoing a very confusing year in which his vocation, status and career, so to speak, undergo an overhaul and he’ll be feeling pretty lost and confused, unsure where to put his energy. He’s going to step into a position of authority come 2021, but it’ll be hard-won. His relationship with Meghan looks quite stable, though over the coming years they may go through more than a few domestic changes and they may not stay in Canada forever, or he might end up traveling quite a bit.

Meghan looks as if she wants to set up shop for a long, long time in Canada, and at least throughout this year, things look promising on the domestic front, and they two of them should enjoy a relatively stable period. She does have the testing planet, Saturn, traveling through her marriage area for the next two years, so there will definitely be external tests and challenges to their commitment, specifically financial challenges (they have been instructed to repay the Queen for extensive renovations done to their UK home, as well as been taken off the royal payroll). This may put some extra pressure on them, but based on their birth chart compatibility, it seems as if they’ll do just fine!

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Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.