The sign of Virgo represents the archetype of service to a higher power. In classical Greek mythology, Virgo is associated with women who dedicated themselves to the service of the Gods and their temples. They were virgins, not because they were celibate, but because they belonged to no one but themselves.

Bernie Sanders

This was a strong and powerful undertaking for any woman in Ancient Greece, a traditionally patriarchal society. Women were expected to stay home and care for the hearth, and were not allowed to participate in the public sphere. Married at a young age, women became wives, sisters, mothers, and matriarchs of the home— but never their own person.

Virgins, however, chose another way of life.

By declaring themselves in service to the Gods, they were able to live outside the roles proscribed to people of their assigned gender. These were the priestesses and guardians of the temple— a woman “unto herself”belonging to no other.

But Bernie Sanders is no woman. So what does this feminist mythology of Virgo have to do with him?

Higher Ideals

Bernie represents the the aspect of Virgo that is centered on the commitment to ideals and actions that serve the greater good. Just as the priestesses in the temple guarded and renewed the spirit of the gods or goddesses they served, Bernie serves the higher ideals of democratic consciousness.

Every society and culture on Earth operates with certain ideas and stories that tell the people who participate in that society what the values of that society are. In the United States, we have the ideas of democracy, freedom, and the right to pursue individual freedom or success.

Bernie is committed to challenging the ideas of the United States in order to better serve the people in it. The right to pursue individual freedom or success is challenged by pervasive economic inequality, unequal access to healthcare, and lack of living wages.

By committing to the ideal of democratic socialism, Bernie uplifts the democratic consciousness of the United States, and raises the bar in his own political party.

Democratic candidates in 2020 have adopted many of the ideas shared by Sanders in his presidential candidacy run back in 2016— including universal healthcare, tuition free college, and the Green New Deal.

“By the way, those ideas that we talked about here in Iowa that seemed so radical at the time, remember that, well today, virtually all of those ideas are supported by strong majorities of the American people,” Sanders said to a roaring crowd.

Fierce Individuality

The key to understanding the Virgo archetype is its basis in individuality and self-governance. Virgo is the sign of the Greek woman who refused to participate in the cycle of roles available to her: daughter, sister, wife, mother. She wanted a life that is her own.

Bernie Sanders, of course, is a force unto his own.

Sanders plays the politician according to his own rules and his own agenda, set forth by his dedication to his ideals and what he believes is right. Bernie will not call you on your birthday just so you write nice things about him, but he will fight for your rights to healthcare and a living wage.

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“I’m not good at pleasantries. If you have your birthday, I’m not going to call you up to congratulate you, so you’ll love me and you’ll write nice things about me. That’s not what I do…I try to stay focused on the important issues facing working families in this country, and I fight for them,” said Sanders recently in an interview with the New York Times.

“Nobody likes him,” Hillary Clinton infamously declared in a documentary that has yet to be released, deepening the divide in the democratic party.

“He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him.. He got nothing done,” she continued.

Sanders, ever committed to his role as transformer of the Democratic party, was unfazed by the criticism.

“Secretary Clinton is entitled to her point of view,” Sanders said on ABC News.

Reflecting the ideals of the Virgo mythology, Sanders refuses to participate in the roles proscribed to the “good” politician— being nice, accommodating, and image conscious. He is singularly focused on his own ideas of what is right instead.

“My job today is to put together a team that can defeat the most dangerous president in the history of the United States of America.”

Dedication to Service

Virgos are known for, if nothing else, their dedication to service and commitment to helping others. The weekend volunteer on the soup kitchen lines? Probably a Virgo. Have to move last minute and need a helping hand? Call your Virgo friend. Need someone to look over your paper and catch any spelling mistakes? A trusty Virgo will take the time to make sure you sound right.

This aspect of Virgo dates back to the original mythologies associated with this sign— the time of harvest and preservation of resources for the winter ahead. In September, people of the Northern hemisphere made sure that they had enough to see them through the coming cold ahead. Storing grains in communal granary, food was shared in times of famine or stress.

People born during this time were and are associated with preservation, service to the community, and responsibility to the common good. By working together, ancient people were able to maintain villages and communities over centuries of changing resources, climates, and food sources.

In 2020, this aspect of food storage and sharing has been lost— but the ideals behind these actions stay the same. Unions, worker rights, livable wages, and universal healthcare are all ways of preserving the health and vitality of the community at large— and all are hallmarks of the Sanders campaign.

“Let me take this opportunity to briefly respond to what President Trump said and equally important, to what he did not say, and what we must do together to create an economy and a government that works for all of us— not just the one percent,” Sanders said in his response to the third State of the Union Address by President Trump.

“We must bring our people together— black and white, Latino, Native American, Asian American, gay and straight.. and create a government based on the principles of justice. This is an unprecedented time. Let us go forward together.” (Written by: Celia Sagastume,

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