Positive EnergyThe holidays are just around the corner. The New Year is recognized everywhere as a time to evaluate ourselves, set goals and look for energy cleansing tips to gain new motivation for the upcoming year ahead. This desire to reset in 2020 comes naturally to us as we move into a new age and a new cycle.

At Astrochicks, we have gathered the “Top 5 Energy Cleansing Tips to invite more Happiness in 2020” to clear negative energy from your home and bring new opportunities into your life in the new year.

Why the New Year is a Good Time to Clear Negative Energy 

We are now moving into an 22/4 Universal Year. This is an important spiritual year where you can grow and build the foundation for your relationships, find your inner sense of self, gain clarity about your past, improve your career and discover new passions. However, as amazing as all of that sounds, 2020 will also be a challenging year that requires a great deal of patience, honesty, and courage.

It’s important to consider what held you back during the year of 2019 and how you can remove any emotional blocks in time to celebrate 2020. Did you stumble through tough relationship issues? Did you pick up a new hobby only to let it fall by the wayside? Did your career take a hit? When faced with the challenges of life, we have the option to mourn them or embrace them. Mourning them means holding onto their memory. Embracing them means we have learned our lesson and are ready to move forward.

It’s time to embrace the roadblocks of 2019, accept their lessons and let go so you are prepared for the beauty and challenge of the year ahead. Here are some essential energy cleansing tips to help you clear your home and self for 2020.

#1 Energy Cleansing Tip: Set an Intention

Before doing any cleansing or cleaning, you need to set your intention. Take some quiet time to reflect on 2019 and identify what you felt caused you the most pain, frustration or disappointment. These issues can be represented both physically in your home as well as spiritually within yourself. Outline what you want to remove from your life. Find an outlet for this outpouring such as writing, dancing, yoga, hiking or something similar. Take notes on the most important things you want to focus on and why.

#2 Energy Cleansing Tip: Renew Your Home

Spring is not the only time to clear out your home. In fact, winter is an even more powerful time to clear out some of the clutter, dust, and dirt. This serves to both improve the air quality of your home but also to get the energy flowing. Rearrange your furniture to suit the Chi flow that you prefer. If love is a challenge for you, then focus on clearing the energy your bedroom. Likewise, if your career has been an issue then work on improving your office. Read up on Feng Shui tips that align with your intention for the year and apply them as best as you can. Light sage or ring a bell in rooms that need to be cleared of negative feelings or energy.

#3 Energy Cleansing Tip: Nourish Your Body

The body is your most sacred space, but we often forget to care for it the way we should. As a vessel, we sometimes fill it with stress and unhealthy foods. Take some time to sit with your body and identify where you may hold tension or have chronic pain. How can you improve this? You need to be honest with yourself about habits that may be harming you. Make a promise to your body that you will care for it and begin to treat it like a sacred space. Just like bad habits, good habits take time to form. Take nourishing your body one step at a time. Commit to a healthy diet change. Plan an exercise routine such as yoga that supports the joints and encourages deep breathing. Take steps to cut out negative habits such as smoking from your life. Love yourself and honor yourself. Treat the New Year as a time to actualize a new you.

#4 Energy Cleansing Tip: Bring Back the Joy

Now that you have renewed your home and body, it is time to bring joy into your sacred spaces. Choose an incense or essential oil that matches your intention. For example, use Sandalwood to clear stress and awaken the third eye or Jasmine to promote acceptance and love in your life. Burn the incense in your home or wear a diffuser bracelet around your wrist to keep the aroma with you. Likewise, you can purchase crystals and stones that clear negative energy. Buy aromatic teas that either energize or calm you. Create or buy art that inspires you. Fill your home or adorn your body with items that remind you of your intention and goals.

#5 Energy Cleansing Tip 5: Energize Your Mind

We often use failure as an excuse to give up. Starting back up again is hard after a slip-up, but it’s getting back up on your feet that matters most. The mind can be your biggest enemy. You need to clear your mind of negative words such as “I can’t” or “I’ll fail.” This energy comes from within. If you believe that you can’t do, then you have given up before you have begun. Form a mantra that you can follow each time you hear these negative words come up. Mantras don’t have to be complicated. They can be as simple as “I am a new person” or “I am strong.” These will become your truth, but first, you have to clear the old way of thinking. Meditate on how you may have not believed in yourself during 2019 and create a mantra that you can use in the coming year. By clearing your mind of negative energy then you allow it to prosper.

Final Energy Cleansing for the New Year 2020

These tips help you focus on purging the old in preparation for the new. Hopefully, these tips will help you to find peace and joy in the coming year.

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