The New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd is a time to consider whether the path you are on is the one you want to continue following moving forward.

2020 is a year of great changes on the global level, cultural level, and personal level. Each one of us has the opportunity and agency to make decision about what kind of world we want to see and what our place within it is.

Many things have already come to light and shifted the global sphere in the few short weeks we’ve spent in the year— impeachments have come and gone, royal families have been disbanded, and the threat of a World War looms over social media trends.

This is a time of great change— chaos to some, and opportunity to others. As institutions fall and are reorganized, space is made for the possibility of the new. When one house is brought down, a new one goes up in its place.

It’s a wonderful time to be truly alive, and to resonate with the spirit of transformation. You are not exempt from the energy of change that now inhabits this world— no doubt, great changes have already taken place in your personal world. How will you respond? What changes are you willing to accept? And what truths have surfaced that challenge your old ways?

New Moon in Pisces

Pisces is the archetype of the dreamer, the mystic and the spiritual realm of transcendence. In this space, the vision of a world without suffering, without pain, in perfect communion with the divine exists. Some of us can get trapped there from time to time, enthralled with a vision of what could be instead of what is.

But the trick is to use this vision as a seed for our commitment to transformation.

While the dream of a better tomorrow can make this current world seem like a shadow—dark, disappointing, and empty, the opposite is also true. If you accept the responsibility to brining that dream into fruition in your own reality, then you can take the small steps that bring about bigger changes in this realm.

The key is to dream BIG — and then accept your responsibility to making that dream a reality. Take some time before the New Moon on February 23rd to refine the dream you hold for your life and your place within the human community. What can you start doing, right now, that will bring about the changes you wish to see?

If you wish for compassion, practice compassion in your everyday life. If you wish for forgiveness, practicing forgiving those that have caused you pain in the past. If you wish for the restoration of the environment, commit to learning more about how to reduce your own impact.

While every single change you make may seem small in comparison to the larger problems at hand, every single action brings you one step closer to realizing that change. Like the temperature change required to bring water to boil, every single degree of difference counts. Until one day, altogether, we boil over, bringing forth the new— together.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces during this New Moon, which can spell difficulty, demise, and frustration, but this does not need to be so. In every energetic shift, there is both a difficulty and a blessing.

In Pisces, the Mercury Retrograde gives you the opportunity to reflect on how far your own dreams and desires have brought you. Every single chapter of your life has been driven by a dream you’ve had for change.

When you were a young child, you had simple dreams— such as abundant sweet treats, endless time spent in play, and the newest toys or video games. As a young adult you may have wished for personal freedom, the chance to adventure, and the agency to dictate your own life. As an adult you may dream for greater professional fulfillment, structure, and stability.

To each phase its own dream, and in each phase your own energetic effort that brought about the outcome.

Now is the time to look back at each dream and reflect on the power of your own divine intuition and vision. You have brought yourself so far, fueled by the desires of your heart. How much further do you wish to go? What chapter do you wish to initiate next?

This is a moment when it is possible to identify the power of intuitive vision in guiding action in this world. Develop a new wish for your life— a new vision to guide you through this next chapter of development. You are fully capable of arising to any level of manifestation you wish— as long as the a strong vision is matched with strong commitment to the work needed for the task.

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