Not all of us are born with instant access to our psychic abilities. Although all of us are capable of achieving such feat, not all of us can realize or recognize that in exists within us. People that are more sensitive and more in touch with the natural energy surrounding and are keen on realizing their psychic abilities are usually the one that can do it. However, most of the time, psychics will only discover later in their lives that they are gifted with the ability to tap into the subconscious mind and are not aware of such abilities early in their lives. This phenomenon is known as the awakening. It is the phase where a psychic begins to experience some manifestation of his or her abilities. Though the symptoms will be different from individuals to individuals, the experience can be described by one word – confusion.

Your psychic ability can be triggered by a dramatic event in someone’s life. It may be a life-changing event like a birth of a child, life and death experience, or death in the family. Some people claim that their psychic abilities were awakened when they experienced death temporarily, but were brought back to life. While others, have theirs awakened after recovering from a deadly disease, or a fatal accident.

This awakening phase could be the most confusing stage in the life of a psychic. As they begin to experience the phenomenon that cannot be explained by logic. They might mistake the manifestation of their psychic abilities as an abnormality. They might even question their sanity as they start to have visions and premonitions. It is confusing at first when their senses, intuition, and their gut feel become stronger and stronger.

However, once they have recognized that these occurrences are the manifestation of their psychic ability, the confusion will fade away. As they come to accept that they have awakened their psychic abilities, everything will begin to become clearer. The next phase after the awakening is perfecting or fine-tuning their abilities. They must learn how to use it correctly. Just like any other skills, spiritual and psychic abilities can be improved through training. There are ways on how do you exactly improve your psychic ability and master the use of it? Here are some few tips on how to fine-tune your ability.

  1. Have Faith in Yourself

Have faith in yourself! As the saying goes, “you can achieve what you believe”. Filter out the negativity in your life and never doubt your abilities. Self-doubt and negativity can hinder psychic abilities. Though your progress is slow, always believe that in time you will be able to take full grasp your potential. Find time to relax and mediate to throw away negativities that are surrounding you. It is important that you find inner peace for you to tap to your spirituality and fully awaken your ability.

  1. Connect with a Fellow Psychic

This option may not be available to for everyone, as there might be no established psychics in their community or town. However, if there is a psychic in your area, and he or she is willing to mentor newbies like you, you must connect with him. An established psychic have undergone all the struggles that a person with newly awaken psychic ability is or will be experiencing. They can impart to you their experiences and share with you the steps that they have taken to master their abilities. They can show you the way and give you tips to strengthen your abilities. Having a mentor is very important.

If there are no psychic in your area, you may make an alternative approach. You can use the internet to consult well-known mediums or the most popular psychic celebrities who maintain their websites. You may try to email them and establish a correspondence, or you may read their blogs and articles where they discuss their methods in mastering their abilities. Reading about the journey that other psychics have gone through can give you valuable insights on how to handle you own spiritual venture. Though they are not mentoring you actively, their stories can be the guiding hand that leads your destination.

  1. Begin by Doing Simple Tasks

As with any career in the real world, you will have to begin somewhere and take your first small step. Before the best-known celebrity psychics were able to perform predictions, they must have started from scratch first. The first step is to try to use your psychic ability in a small task that you can do on your own or with help from a friend. Tasks like finding a misplaced object in your room. You can ask a friend to hide a thing that has your energy like your wristwatch, and then try to see if you can connect with your energy that is in your wristwatch and finds where it is hidden. Do not give, though it might take you some time to find the hidden object.

You can also practice your sixth or intuition and gut feel by doing simple activities. Improve your sense just by doing simple activities like playing cards and other games that involve making guesses. This will help you get a hang on using your intuition.

As with any abilities, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to perfecting psychic abilities. What one can do is keep on learning and absorbing psychic knowledge through methods that are available to him or that is convenient for him.

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Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.