Every human craves intimacy. Everyone wants that one guy or girl to call their own until the end of time, but we all know how hard dating can be. What if I told you that the Law of Attraction could solve many relationship problems. Many people use this energy to manifest just about everything else, so why not use it to find a mate?! Here is some cosmic love advice to find your soulmate and dating & relationship tips on how to work with the universe to manifest the partner of your dreams:

What Do You Want in a Partner

Start the process by setting an intention. Find some time to contemplate what you desire in a partner quietly. Think of the support you’d like from them, as well as what you want from the relationship. After you have made this list, let the idea of this partner you’d like to find, go. Once you’ve identified what you desire in a loving relationship, it’s time for both you and the universal energies to put in work to manifest it. Remember when you obsess over something, it pushes that result further from you. Trust that everything is going to work out for your highest good. Have faith that your desires have been received and heard. Remember that you deserve a loving relationship and everything else that you have asked the universe to deliver.

Have An Open Mind

Love may not manifest exactly in the way we expect it to. Remain open to the possibilities. Your soulmate connection may not begin with the fireworks and butterflies that you may have always imagined. Your soulmate may be hiding in disguise as a current friend. By holding on to certain preconceived ideas about your soulmate connection, you can restrict yourself from experiencing this love connection. Be sure to work on letting the issues of prior breakups or unrequited love remain in the past as well. Leave any problems with exes and resentment towards them behind. You must rid yourself of the old to manifest the new and invite a new partner into your life.

Listen To Your Intuition

Well, this is a big one. Essentially you can’t do anything intuitively without using your intuition. When you meet a soulmate, you will know. There will be a deeply-seated knowing without actually knowing for sure. Don’t ignore those mystical moments. Also, look out for everyday signs and synchronicities. Do you happen to see 11:11 every time you think about this person? That’s your intuition sending you a calling card. Stay aware of déjà vu as well. If you meet someone and it feels like you may have known them before, chances are they’re your soulmate. Pay attention to the signs. When you know, you’ll know.

Become More Emotionally Aware

Stay aware of the vibes you get from a potential partner. Do you feel comfortable in their presence? Are they genuine or does everything come off feeling forced? Do they leave you feeling energized or depleted? Connections that aren’t bringing you anything but joy and comfort are not soulmate connections. Pay attention to the subtleties of your interactions with a suspected soulmate. Also, to listen to your intuition, you must be aware of the vibes you’re getting.

Want a little extra help from the stars? These astrological time periods are perfect for attracting a partner:

• Venus and Mars transiting your natal Zodiac Sun Sign
• Venus and Mars trining your natal Zodiac Sun Sign
• Venus and Mars transiting your Seventh House of partnerships
• Positive progressed Moon and Venus astrological aspects
• Jupiter and Saturn making an aspect to the ruler of your Fifth House sex and relationships
• Venus Return Years (Every eight years)

Best of luck on your journey to find love. Trust that everything works out for your highest good and so it shall be.

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