Love AdviceNo one ever said breakups were supposed to be easy. Whether you called off a relationship that wasn’t working for you, were cheated on, or had your heart broken, breaking up just sucks. Break-ups are painful, but they can be a great time to focus on yourself. Before you can do that, you need to energy cleanse your home – and heart – of your ex. Grab a cup of tea and let’s get going on some love advice about home and heart energy cleansing!

#1 Write it all down
Get all your frustrations and sadness down on paper. Pour your heart out! Write down two letters. One should be a letter to your ex. Explain all the ways they’ve hurt you or let you down. Be vicious! Write a second letter to yourself. Outline all the reasons you deserve love and write a description of your perfect partner. (By the way, sometimes, your ideal partner for this period of your life is not an intimate one. A best friend or even focusing on yourself can be more what you need.)

#2 Remove the memories
You’re going to think about your ex sometimes. It’s inevitable. That doesn’t mean you need constant reminders everywhere. Get rid of photos of them from your camera and house. Take down mementos from your life with them. Give the mementos away or throw them in the trash – whatever your heart needs. Treat this as a ritual. Burn a candle to cleanse the energy of your home and search for the items that need to be let go of. As you box them up, think of this as just another part of your past that you’re setting aside. If you can let go of physical reminders of them, then you can let go of the spiritual ones. Which brings us to the next step.

#3 Spiritually energy cleanse your home
The smell, sound, and energy of your ex-are echoing in your home. Focus on removing this energy through some tried and true cleansing practices. Burn sage, frankincense or copal in every room of your house with a significant focus on your bedroom. These are powerful spiritual cleansers and will leave your home feeling energetically clear. If you can’t burn incense or candles in your home, instead leave small bowls of salt in every corner of your bedroom. After several days, toss the salt. This will remove all negative energy and help the house feel fresh.

#4 Feng Shui your bedroom
Now that you’ve cleared the air in your bedroom or home, you can focus on improving the flow of your rooms with Feng Shui. Do some necessary “spring cleaning,” even if it’s the middle of winter. Buy some plants, brightly colored art, and new mirrors to open up spaces of the room. Rearranging your bedroom can attract new love. Purchase decorations for the bedroom in pairs. This sends out energy that you want a partner. If you want to get extreme, throw out your old mattress. The energy of your ex on it can affect your sleep and sexuality. Not wanting to go that far? Sage the mattress to cleanse it.

#5 Refocus your energy – pick up a new hobby
Some relationships stick around like a bad taste in your mouth. Perhaps you have memories of your ex all over town. Or maybe you guys share a similar group of friends. This makes moving on more difficult. It can feel like that wound on your heart just keeps opening up. That’s why you need to pick up a hobby that helps you focus and make new, exciting memories. Have you always wanted to travel? Want to try out that new hot yoga class? What about all those art supplies that are collecting dust? Get going on something that brings you joy and helps you focus on something other than your ex.

#6 Treat yourself
Buy candles of your favorite scent. Get a new wardrobe. Buy an ionizer to add positive ions to the air. Focus on you! Get a massage. Plan a girls-only night out. Do something you love and make yourself feel special. You deserve it.

Your relationship was a learning experience. It helped you discover what you want and do not want from a partner. View it as the lesson that it is and move forward. You’ve purged your home of your ex’s energy, and now it’s time to work on you. Allow yourself to hurt but then give yourself permission to move on. Love is a beautiful thing, even if it hurts sometimes. Cleanse and learn and you’ll come out better for it!

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