The drama continues, as Rasheeda Buckner-Frost and her husband Kirk Frost, the colorful stars of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, have hit the blogs and social media yet again thanks to Kirk’s cheating and new baby-momma scandal.

That’s right, despite being married to Rasheeda for 17 years it seems that Kirk started stepping out on his wife and into the arms of Jasmine Washington a stripper, even allegedly fathering a child with his new side-piece. Oh dear. Now our heartbroken girl Rasheeda is understandably considering divorce, and just about everything in the lives of these Love & Hip Hop Atlanta favorites is hitting the fan!

Was it written in the stars that Kirk Frost wouldn’t be able to keep it in his pants? And where does the couple go from here? Astrochicks took a look at both of their Astrology charts to make a psychic prediction if Rasheeda & Kirk will work it out or if they are headed towards divorce court.

Gemini Sun Sign:

It’s really interesting to see that both Kirk and Rasheed Frost share the same birthday, having been born on May 25. This means that they both have the same Zodiac Sign even though other parts of their charts differ as Kirk was born in 1969 and Rasheeda was born in 1982. So what can we say about two Gemini rappers living under the same roof?

Well, Gemini is famously the zodiac sign of the Twins. If we have two together, all of a sudden it’s more like quadruplets! It’s going to be a bit crowded in this love relationship, and Rasheeda and Kirk are two strong and sometimes difficult personalities that are both shouting for air time. It means that there is probably never a dull moment in the Love & Hip Hop household, but it also means that it can all get a bit loud. Someone has to take a seat sometimes and actually listen.

Gemini is the sign of communication so talking a mile a minute is common. There are probably no awkward silences when Kirk and Rasheeda get together, but communication can become a problem if they forget to listen to each other. No one wants to feel like they are shouting into the wind!

Gemini is also an Air sign and people born under this sign have an enormous amount of restless energy. They like to have fun, but they also have their head in the clouds. Both Kirk and Rasheeda are hugely sociable thanks to their Gemini Sun sign, but this means that they can lose sight of each other between all the parties and the social events. If anyone can understand the multi-faceted personality of a Gemini however, it’s another Gemini, so this explains how they have stuck it out with each other for 17 years in this roller coaster ride of marriage.

Finally, Gemini is a sign that is no stranger to infidelity. Sound familiar Kirk?

Venus in Aries:

Kirk and Rasheeda Frost also both have Venus in fiery Aries. Venus is the Planet of Love and rules how we see relationships. Aries is a passionate and restless sign that hates being tied down, so getting someone with this placement to commit is pretty tough. It also explains Kirk’s infidelity, although as Rasheeda has the same placement, we need to look at other parts of their astrological charts to see the differences between them. This will also explain why Kirk decided to bring a whole load of baby momma drama into his home.

Neptune in Scorpio:

Found it! One of the big differences in the two charts is that Kirk has Neptune in shady Scorpio and Rasheeda doesn’t. Scorpio is associated with sex and Neptune (God of the Sea) is always about hidden depths and secrets. This astrologically explains why Kirk cheated on his girl Rasheeda and the way he was able to cover up his secret for so long with that nasty stripper.

Rasheeda has Neptune in Sagittarius, which couldn’t be more different as this is a Fire sign that is also about the collective consciousness. Sagittarius rules groups and global issues, so where Rasheeda is interested in taking care of everyone around her, Kirk is only interested in himself.

What does the future hold?

So what does the future hold for this Love & Hip Hop Gemini pair? Rumor has it that Rasheeda is looking at filing for divorce, having had enough of Kirk’s disrespectful ways and she’s ready to move on. That said, Kirk and Rasheeda have two beautiful babies named Ky and Karter, so Rasheeda needs to do the right thing by all her family, and we predict she will.

Moon in Cancer:

Rasheeda Frost has her Moon in Cancer. The Moon is a planet that rules our emotions and our inner lives. Cancer is the most nurturing of all the zodiac signs, and it is strongly linked to maternal love. This shows us that Rasheeda is a sensitive soul on the inside but also that she’s a strong woman who loves her family above everything else. In this situation, it will be hard for her to trust her husband Kirk again, and she may retreat into her shell like a Crab, but Astrochicks predicts that Rasheeda is going to put family first and let Kirk back into her life. Life is all about second chances, right?

This is echoed in Kirk Frost’s Astrology chart. He has his Moon in Virgo, an Earth sign that links to devotion and stability. Even though Kirk messed up badly, the Virgo element to his chart shows that he ultimately believes in family and marriage, which is why he went the distance with Rasheeda. From looking at both their charts, it seems like they will both want to work on their marriage and stay together.

We believe in second chances here at Astrochicks, and we wish both Rasheeda & Kirk good luck for the future and we hope they choose love!