By the way, he carried himself, you really thought that Bon Scott was immortal.”

“He always said he was going to be a millionaire. I just wish he’d been alive to see it and enjoy it. Almost every Christmas, Ron came home to visit. The last time we saw him was Christmas’79, two months before he died. Ron told me he was working on the Back in Black album and that that was going to be it, that he was going to be a millionaire. He’d be over the moon if he saw what was going on with AC/DC today.”

The words of Isa Scott, 87, the mother of a legendary free-spirited wild man of rock Bon Scott, arguably the greatest frontman and rock n roller of all time; the cheeky Scottish-born Australian street poet who loved and lived life to the max… yet sadly died alone in a tinpot Renault 5 on a freezing cold February night in east London.

Bon Scott was just 33 and after a late-night recording session followed by an evening of heavy drinking, possibly combined with the ingestion of heroin, left him in a familiar state – passed out. This time, unfortunately, his death by misadventure was close by; he was moments away from unconsciously choking on his own vomit and heading straight towards the afterlife.

He died on February 19th, 1980, just five months before his now iconic band AC/DC released their greatest album, Back in Black; an LP that is currently the 2nd best-selling album in music history and cemented the band in the pantheon of rock immortals, as well as make them all extremely wealthy; except for Bon.

The fame, wealth and success Bon Scott had been seeking for his lyrical poetry and thirteen hard years on the road had slipped through his fingers.

But like many gifted rock stars that somehow transcend everything, even themselves, Bon Scott was soulfully aware the clock was ticking. He was convinced he would not make it past the age of 40. He beat his own psychic prediction by seven years and just a few months after confessing his fears to his friend Vince Lovegrove that he had to make it soon or he would quit the music business.

Join us on the “Highway to Hell” as we explore the short but explosive life of one of rocks legendary singers and blue-collar poet, Bon Scott.  We dig in to uncover the shocking details of his mysterious death, examine the mystical facts, and reveal how it was all written in the cosmos for the AC/DC lead singer.

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