January will end with a bang with a Leo Supermoon shining down upon us. The new year started off as an epic rollercoaster ride and will end with a Lunar Eclipse. Astrochicks weighs in with our Zodiac Sign Predictions for the Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Leo.

The start of the month began with some emotional drama fueled by President Trump’s temper tantrums, Hawaii’s ballistic missile false alarm, mudslides in Santa Barbara, and the end of the month is also going to go out with a bang rather than a whimper. Yup, 2018 is intense and the energy is ready to set a fire in February.

The Lunar Eclipse Takes the Global Stage:

The Moon is always associated with female energy and an eclipse is usually about energy peaking or an end coming our way. On a global scale, we will see more attention focused on women as January comes to a close and this could be linked to movements like #MeToo which has seen brave women start to tell their stories of abuse at the hands of men.

We could also see more debates around women’s rights kick off at this time including issues such as equal pay which is already swirling around as a number of high profile women have started to demand that they (rightly) deserve to get paid as much as their male counterparts. On this note look for more stories like Michelle Williams getting paid 1,000 times LESS than Mark Walberg for reshooting scenes for Ridley Scott’s new film All The Money In The World after Kevin Spacey was fired following claims of sexual harassment going back decades.  Make no mistake – this Lunar Eclipse is all about the dawning of the new age of the women!

Of course, President Trump will continue to anger the world on a global scale with his racist comments. From calling Africa and Haiti #shithole countries to threatening to end #DACA. Will Oprah come to the rescue and run for President in 2020? We made a few astrology predictions, and Astrochicks believes she has an excellent shot at the Democratic nomination. At least, she will give the country hope and bring people together to help elect the right people to office in 2018.

The Leo Supermoon Personally:

On a personal note, this Lunar Eclipse will make us more focused on our emotions. We will be consumed with looking at our personal relationships in more detail, particularly if these have to do with female figures in our lives and families such as mothers, daughters, and grandmothers. This could be a healing time for many people who have had issues with a female family member and this could be the moment when you both agree to put the past behind you for good and focus on a healthy shared future.

Full Moon in Leo:

This Lunar Eclipse is also a Supermoon, so it’s like a Full Moon on steroids. This is taking place in Leo, the sign of the Lion, which we also associate strongly with families and the chain of succession. Absolutely look out for some news about the Royal Family in the United Kingdom at this time, as something could be revealed about female members of the family, but because this is a lunar eclipse we won’t know all the details and it may be some time before the full picture emerges. This could be some kind of scandal but it could also be something like a new baby or another surprising announcement that no one saw coming! Also, don’t forget that Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle is also a Leo, so we may see some news come out related to the upcoming royal wedding. It could all get very interesting!

When it comes to our personal lives, it could be that we have some issues with our families that we need to sort out. With the Leo Supermoon in the mix this could be about hidden family secrets (as a Lunar Eclipse also covers up information) so get ready for some skeletons to come tumbling of the closest. This could also relate to issues that are common in families like inheritance, so if this has been a source of conflict for a while now then it could get even more intense around this time. The best advice when it comes to dealing with a Lunar Eclipse? Remember to breathe and take it slowly. A Leo Supermoon will overheat our emotions, so think before you speak and go ruin a big family dinner with some messy opinions that no one asked you for!

Another thing to watch out for is that Lunar Eclipses are often about endings and sometimes this could mean that a female figure is eclipsed from your life. If you are in a personal relationship that isn’t going well it’s time to read the writing on the wall. Are you in or are out? If your relationship is not a healthy one, then it could mean that the Lunar Eclipse brings it to an abrupt end, but don’t be afraid. Lunar Eclipses have a way of working out for the best, so if a relationship or a job comes to an end then just know that it is paving the way for something much better and making room for someone or a new career opportunity in the future.

Lunar Eclipses also work in cycles and this one is linked to a series of eclipses that started on August 7, 2017. The Lunar Eclipse in January is the last one of this astrological cycle and with that in mind, it is the end of a series of events. A good tip is to look back at the time in your life and see what was happening then. If you had a relationship issue for example then this may come to a head now, perhaps in a rather explosive and Leo dramatic type way! If you quit your job and have been struggling to find work, then this could be the time when you finally get a lucky break. It’s all about what path you have been walking along over the last six months!

Astrochicks, Leo Supermoon’s prediction is that the Lunar Eclipse on January 31 could be a very positive moment for many of us. And even if it brings some dramatic endings, this is just a way of the universe forcing us to do a little emotional and mental spring cleaning to get us ready for a shiny new month when February rolls around. Until then, enjoy the rest of one of the most action-packed and intense months of the year! Don’t forget to check your Zodiac Sign Horoscope Predictions for 2018. Enjoy!