NUMEROLOGY PREDICTIONS: Love, Fame, and Fortune in 2018

Numerology Predictions 2018What are Thom Dre’s Numerology Predictions for 2018 in love, fame, and fortune?

It’s that time of year again Astrochicks readers when our thoughts turn from 2017 to 2018, and the shiny new year that is just around the corner for us. It can, however, cause us to wonder what lies ahead in 2018. The year 2017 seemed as if it threw one scandal after another at us, so we may be thinking about what kind of bombshells are going to come our way now that the year is nearly through. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the numerology of 2018 to see if it can provide answers to how the year will play out and what we can expect. Hold onto your hat…here we go straight into 2018!

Numerology Predictions for 2018: Love, Fame, and Fortune

2018 is what is known as a 2/11 Universal Year. To make this calculation we need to reduce the numbers down from 2018 to make 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11. This then gives us the Master Number 11 which in turn reduces down again as 1 + 1 = 2.

So…what does it all mean? Well, the keyword for this Numerology year will be ‘emotional.’ 2017 was a 1 Universal Year which was the start of a new cycle, and this is why it felt so turbulent for many of us. Now we get a little bit of a breather in some ways as the energy slows down slightly as we settle down into the cycle. A 2 Universal Year is one where emotion reigns supreme which can be both good and bad in Numerology.

On the one hand, it is a great year if you are trying to follow your passion in life as you naturally feel more energized and it is easier to translate the message to other people about your designs, book, clothing line, or another artistic endeavor. On the other hand, however, people are more emotional. This means our Numerology Predictions for 2018 is that everyone is following their heart more during a 2 Universal Year than they did during a 1 Universal Year, and the consequences of this depend very much on where their heart is going to take them.

On a global basis, we are going to see more things like protests and demonstrations, as people feel emotionally connected to causes like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter. This is the way that a lot of the emotion could erupt in this new year and people will be more empathetic and sympathetic to others, which is why we will also see more people sharing stories of abuses of power in the media as well.

The negative flipside to this, however, is that people at the top such as politicians will act according to their emotions as well as this will cause issues like conspiracies, greed, and embezzlement of public funds. It will also affect the man at the top of the pile, so who knows what kinds of tweets we are going to see from President Donald Trump in 2018. A 45th president is hardly a man who manages his emotions well at the best of times, and our Numerology Predictions in 2018 it’s set to get even worse, so expect a lot of flip-flopping on policies and erratic decision making. Let’s sincerely hope he doesn’t just pop off at somewhere like North Korea where there could be some severe consequences to his emotional outbursts!

Our Numerology Predictions in 2018 we believe will be a year of change and intense energy to some extent, and on a global scale, we could see famine, natural disasters, and war continues to play out around the globe. Other humanitarian disasters that tug at our heartstrings could get worse, such as immigration issues as well as other human rights violations that are all caused by men and women in power. On the flipside, however, when these happen, we will also see good people rallying around and trying to rectify the situation, such as the protests we saw at airports all across the United States in response to the proposed Muslim Ban. This will be the positive side of 2018, and although our faith in humanity will be sorely tested, it will also be restored in equal measure by many kind people all over the world who will rise and hold those in office accountable for everything they are doing. We will need this in 2018!

The major good news for this year, however, will be that #LoveWins in the end. All the emotions of the year may bubble over at times, but the kindness of others and the love between people on our planet will be one of the overriding themes of 2018. With that in mind, there is less reason to worry and more reason to feel grateful and #blessed that we live in a time when people still have love in their hearts and care about their fellow man. It is always a great time to be alive even if it feels like everything is going wrong!

All in all, it indeed won’t be a boring year, but it will be one where we get to see both the best and worst side of everything going on in the world right now. So buckle up and get ready to march in the streets when the going gets tough!

Your Numerology Personal Year in 2018:

To know exactly what you can expect from 2018 however you need to work out your Personal Year Number. This is anything from number 1 to number 9 and works as a cycle, so that if 2017 was a 5 Personal Year for you, for example, then 2018 will be a 6 Personal Year. It will keep going until you get to a 9 Personal Year and will then start again at a 1 Personal Year.

A Numerology Personal Year Number is the best way to get a look at your personal year ahead and to check out what kinds of challenges and successes you are likely to face at this time. To calculate your Personal Year Number you need to take your birth date and month and then add the numbers to the year.

January 5 – January is the 1st month of the year, so the number is 1. The day is 5.

So 1 + 5

Then you also need to add together the numbers for 2018 which are 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2

Then you add them all together:
1 + 5 + 2 = 8

So if you were born on January 5, then 2018 is an 8 Personal Year.

Numerology 1 Personal Year:

If you are starting a 1 Personal Year on January 1, then this is the start of a new cycle. In previous years you will have let go of a lot of baggage, and now you get a new beginning of sorts to go into 2018 with a positive new attitude and your head held high! One of the issues with a Numerology, 1 Personal Year is that you can be very focused on your future and this can make you pull back from other people as you don’t have time for the social side of life. Now, however, as this is a year that is focused on love and emotion, you need to get in touch with your romantic side of your personality to get the best out of 2018. Instead of isolating yourself now you need to get out a little more and meet new friends, as this will help make the new year more meaningful but will still allow you to maintain your independence. This is the natural end of a cycle of great change, and this is the final step where you need to manifest your goals and your dreams that you have been working on in previous years. With that in mind, make sure that you retain as much of your focus as possible and don’t allow yourself to be drawn into the emotional side of 2018 which comes about as this is a 2 Universal Year. It could make you change your mind on a whim, but if you have been working hard on a long-term goal over several years, you would be foolish to let go of it now suddenly. So make sure you persevere!

Numerology 2 or Master Number 11 Personal Year:

If you have a 2 Personal Year, then this continues to be a turbulent time for you off the back of a 1 Personal Year. There is more emotion in the air now as this is coupled with 2018 also being a Numerology, 2 Universal Year. This means that you get a double dose of emotion and this could make you react quickly to situations. Be careful about flying off the handle with people this year and also take care in romantic situations. Due to all the loving vibes flying around now you could lose your sense of judgment, and it may make you look at people through rose tinted glasses. This throws off your judgment in a big way in 2018 when you meet anyone new, and they may well go on to be a great life partner for you, but you would do well not to rush anything. If this person is a keeper, then they will be there for the long run, so there is no need to run down the aisle or move in together after the first date! This also applies to other personal relationships in your life, so make sure that you see things as they are at the office or in your social circles, and be careful of toxic relationships that could be deceptive. Ask yourself how much people are contributing to your life and whether you can truly trust them.

Numerology 3 Personal Year:

Anyone who has a 3 Personal Year will feel more creative than usual, so this works in your favor if you work in a field like publishing or the arts. It also works well with the Numerology of 2018 as a 2 Universal Number is all about empathy and emotion which you can also channel into your work. You could also be thinking about making some changes into your life now, and the energy of 2018 is mostly behind you, helping these to manifest. One thing you need to guard against is a feeling of restless energy as this is naturally heightened during a 3 Personal Year and clashes with the energy of a 2 Universal Year which also brings some of the drama and emotion to the table as well. All in all, this is a time when you need to work on keeping a cool head and focusing on making practical decisions for your future. It could be far more challenging than it would usually be, but you can’t simply follow your gut instinct now, which is what you would usually be inclined to do, as this could lead you off course and you may regret any decisions you make this year when you look back. It doesn’t mean that you should be stuck with analysis paralysis, but you do need to try and look at the bigger picture without tuning in to all the drama which will doubtless be going on around you.

Numerology 4 Personal Year or Master Number 22:

Anyone who has a 4 Personal Year will feel that there is a serious side to their lives now. You will find that there is a weight to your life which is all about responsibility and building your future. This pushes up against the energy of 2018 which is less about the practicalities of life and more about the emotional side, so you could feel as if you are being tugged in two directions. On the one hand, you have a to-do list to get through and a million different projects to get done, but on the other hand, you will find that you feel as if your head is in the clouds at times and may make progress feel slow. This could frustrate you if you let it so the key this year is to work on your to-do list but also leave time for delays and obstacles in your way. Also, don’t let your emotions get to you and find healthy ways to relieve your stress.

Numerology 5 Personal Year:

If you have a 5 Personal Year in 2018 then this is one where you get a chance to expand your horizons. You will be coming off the back of a 4 Personal Year in 2017 and this will mean that you had to work hard in 2017 and now you get to sit back (to some extent) and watch the fruits of your labors start to bloom! You usually feel a little less stressed in a 5 Personal Year than other times and this couples well with the 2 Universal Year numerology of 2018. You will have more energy this year which means that you will find the emotional side of 2018 a little easier to deal with. If you have to fight the good fight now, whether it be humanitarian causes or lower level issues in your community, then you will be able to do so with enthusiasm and drive. This gives you the opportunity to be a change maker in your circle if you want to be that is! Also, the Numerology 5 Personal Year will bring exciting change, travel, and new friends.

Numerology 6 Personal Year or Master Number 33:

If you have a 6 Personal Year then you will be hit with a certain level of serious energy which is asking you to take care of your personal business. This actually pairs quite well with the floaty and emotional side of 2018 as you will have a good head on your shoulders now which stops you from losing it completely which can be a side effect of a 2 Universal Year. A 6 Personal Year is also strongly linked to family and close friends and the loving vibes of a 2 Universal Year also mean that this is a time when you could get closer to the people you truly love. As you have the emotional side of things coupled with the serious nature of the year, you may find that this is a time when you want to get serious about your relationships and you may want to get engaged, married, or move in with your partner. As long as you make sure you think it all through and are not just guided by emotional then go for it!

Numerology 7 Personal Year:

If you have a 7 Personal Year then you will be focused on the more important things in life. This is not focused on money or material gains, but rather on nourishing your spirit and your sense of self. With that in mind, you could be focused on trying to find a sense of balance in your life as well as focused on taking care of your body and your mind. This could be slightly troubled by a 2 Universal Year which we will see in 2018 however as there is a lot of weighty energy flying around and you will need to learn to be flexible. You are in a good position to handle this however as you have the mental strength and clarity to deal with being thrown off course. It will still be in a little more difficult than in another year however, and you will need to work harder than usual to find your own center now. Once you do, however, you will have mastered life skills and mindfulness techniques that you can use for years to come.

Numerology 8 Personal Year:

If you have an 8 Personal Year then you are kicking off a cycle of change that will last for three years until you complete your 1 Personal Year. Now you get the chance to start to put these changes in place, but it can be a bit tricky when you are going through a 2 Personal Year. The issue now is that you are competing with the emotional side of 2018 and it can mean that you take a few false turns on your way to happiness and enlightenment. The problem is that you tend to make decisions with your heart now rather than your head and many of these can come off as reckless and badly thought through. With that in mind, look on 2018 as a work in progress or a starter year where you start to put some things in place which may or may not go the distance. Just be cautious about putting things in writing now as you may find that you have to change course several times.

Numerology 9 Personal Year:

If you have a 9 Personal Year then this is the final number in the numerology cycle, and next year, in 2019 you will start back at a 1 Personal Year. In 2018, therefore, you will be looking at completing plans and projects and will be focused on things that may be coming to an end. This is really about clearing out all the clutter in your life and you need to look at what can go and what needs to stay. As 2018 is a 2 Universal Year, however, it has a heavy emotion attached to it and it also focuses on love and empathy. As a result, this can cloud your judgment and you may hang on to things in your life which no longer serve you well, such as a toxic relationship, simply because you are hanging on to the emotional side of this. On the other side of the coin, you could act emotionally and call time on relationships simply because you are carried away by the emotion of the day, so you also need to think things through. Overall you really need to look at the bigger picture when you have a year like this and imagine how you want things to look several years into the future. Write down your goals so that you know exactly where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

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