Rose McGowanNever underestimate the power of a woman. Hollywood continues to be rocked by sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein by a vast number of actresses who have joined the #MeToo Twitter movement. Weinstein has gone from being branded ‘Producer’ to ‘Predator’ and leading the charges against him is actress Rose McGowan. The former “Charmed” actress who has been speaking out for years against Hollywood’s dirty little secret and its disgusting casting couch mentality has made the Harvey Weinstein scandal front page news.

Here at Astrochicks, we are a proud member of the #RoseArmy, and we support all the women & mean speaking out against vile predators in Hollywood like Weinstein (and there are much more!), and we hope they get the justice they deserve.

To get a fuller picture of what is happening in Tinseltown right now, we looked at the stars horoscope predictions to tell us more about remarkable activist Rose McGowan and the astrology of her abuser Harvey Weinstein, and the accusations against him.

Rose McGowan Natal Astrology Chart:

Rose McGowan was born on September 5, 1973, under the zodiac sign of wise Virgo. The earth Sun Sign means that she is smart, organized, and hardworking. Like a true Virgo, McGowan had meticulously documented her interactions with Harvey Weinstein over the years and intuitively knew sooner or later the stars would collide for the Hollywood Producer and she was ready.

As a Virgo woman, Rose McGowan always maintained her integrity and spoke her truth. She knew sooner or later, Hollywood and the cesspool that Weinstein represents would be exposed. McGowan stood her ground, and when the New York Times article broke, she stepped forward to be a voice and a beacon of light for other victims of sexual harassment to expose predators across all industries.

Another critical astrological factor in Rose McGowan’s birth chart is that she has her Jupiter in Aquarius and it reveals someone who is a natural born activist. She was born to lead a significant movement of some kind as Aquarius is the sign of humanitarian causes and Jupiter is all about taking people to the task or seeking justice for others. Now we know that Rose McGowan’s mission in life is to continue to shine a light on sexual abuse that is running rife in Hollywood and she embodies Aquarius in Jupiter on social media perfectly with her fantastic hashtags on Twitter #RoseArmy and #BeAThorn.

It’s also no surprise that this movement with her Jupiter was triggered when the astrological planet moved into Scorpio, which is all about sex and secrets. And there’s more, Rose McGowan’s Rising Sign is Scorpio and Jupiter is transiting her first house over the next twelve months bringing her good luck and fortune. Put everything together, and you have the perfect storm for McGowan to become a powerhouse and start one of the most influential women’s movements that we have seen in recent history. Nothing can stop the #RoseArmy.

Harvey Weinstein Natal Astrology Chart:

As the charges of rape and sexual assault grow against Harvey Weinstein, we also hear whispers that this sick predator and his antics in Hollywood were legendary for his disgusting treatment of women. What does his Astrology chart reveal?

Well, Harvey Weinstein was born on March 19, 1952, which makes him a Pisces which is a little odd. This sign is known for being sensitive, soft and compassionate, and that doesn’t sound much like the man we now know to be one of the biggest bullies in the film industry. Take a closer look at Weinstein’s birth chart, however, and it becomes a little clearer.

Weinstein has Mars in Scorpio which is in hard alignment with his Pluto in Leo. Why does that matter? Immediately Pluto in Leo tells us all about his power trips around Hollywood as Leo is the Sign of the Lion and is focused on status and being the center of attention. This is one astrological sign that loves a power trip, and Pluto is all about domination and hidden agendas. Mars is the sign of masculinity and ego and Scorpio is the sign of sexuality and obsession. What do you get when the two face off against each other as they do in Weinstein’s astrological chart? A sexual predator obsessed with using his power to get what he wants.

Also linked to Harvey Weinstein’s Mars and Pluto is the North Node of his Astrology chart that was triggered when the scandal broke. The North Node is all about past lives and karmic retribution. Let this be a lesson to Weinstein, karma has a way of catching up with you and your past actions will come back to bite you in the ass just when you are least expecting it. When the North Node triggered Mars and Pluto in his Natal Chart, it was finally time for Weinstein to face up to his actions! Astrochicks predicts an arrest warrant looms for Harvey Weinstein in 2018.

Jupiter in Scorpio:

At the time the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke in Hollywood, the planet Jupiter had just moved out of Libra and into Scorpio. Jupiter is one of the big power players of the heavens, and he demands justice. Scorpio is about sex and hidden agendas, so when Jupiter shone his light on this sign, it immediately lit up cases of sexual abuse and misused power plays. The dark Scorpio energy in the skies is now being confronted by truth-teller Jupiter, and there is nowhere to hide anymore for the powerful men in Hollywood or anywhere else!

Jupiter will stay in Scorpio for the next thirteen months, and we are going to see more allegations coming out related to sexual assault, just like the latest news that Netflix’s House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey assaulted actor Anthony Rapp which he claims he didn’t remember and issued a half-ass apology for anyway. More is coming, and this is not the end by any means!

We are also going to see that sexual violence is going to become the subject of a significant movement over the coming year as Jupiter will demand justice and women and men are going to come together using powerful symbols like the #MeToo hashtag to share their experiences and call for change. We can expect more organized activism to bloom all over the world in the next thirteen months and it will all be related to sex and power, or the misuse of power by world leaders, famous figures in Hollywood, technology, and top politicians.

This is far from over, and in fact it this is just the beginning and Jupiter in Scorpio season is going to clean house in a big way! To learn more about Rose McGowan’s mission to expose sexual harassment join the #RoseArmy and #BeAThorn! Follow her on Twitter here.