What is the zodiac sign of your favorite Empire character? Are you more like Lucious or Cookie Lyon? The study of Astrology reveals what cosmic traits define our personality based on our Zodiac Sign. What do the stars reveal for Lucious and Cookie Lyon and their music family on Empire?

The CEO of Empire Records, Lucious Lyon is played by Terence Howard a Pisces. The family patriarch he has always ruled his music label and family life unchallenged until now. Lucious is all about “what he wants at the moment.”

Growing up, Lucious believed that an African-American kid who was born with the name of “Dwight Walker” could never survive the streets, so he renamed himself, Lucious Lyon. A former drug dealer, he believes that one day his name will become known as an immortal god and until that time he will act like he’s one.

Ruthless to the core,  Astrochicks thinks that Lucious Lyon’s exhibits the Zodiac Sign qualities of a sexy Scorpio. He’s complicated, passionate, intense, dramatic and at times, damn scary.

Astrologically speaking, Scorpio is reputed to be the most powerful and controlling sign of all Zodiac Signs. Haunted by his troubled childhood, Lucious Lyon tries hard to hide his deep-seated insecurities by being manipulative and controlling. The master of reverse psychology, just like a Scorpio, you should never underestimate his ability to find “shit” out. He’s incredibly psychic and intuitive, and he can read your mind.

In the dramatic weekly saga of Empire, the reappearance of Cookie Lyon, his ex-wife, has complicated life for Luscious. After 17 years in prison, the Queen has returned home in hopes of taking back what’s hers: half of the company and taking care of her baby boys. Not only is Cookie an astute boss bitch, but a talented music producer. Cookie likes to keep it 100, she remains true to her core values and looks good doing it.

What Zodiac Sign do we think Cookie is? We believe a Virgo. Yes, I know you are probably saying “what the hell?” Hold the phone, in real life, Taraji P. Henson is a Virgo herself and she’s in good company with another Virgo Goddess, Beyonce.

Cookie Lyon is a complex mix of intelligence, beauty, creativity, common sense, who’s tenacious, and very committed. She’s the ultimate “ride or die” kinda girl.  Spoken like a true Virgo, one of Cookie Lyon’s famous quotes is “You are either going to respect me or wish you never met me.”

If double-crossed, watch your back, Virgo chicks can multi-task efficiently, and don’t worry, tearing you down will be done with a smile and a thank you.  Virgos love hard, so feelings die slowly, but once they are dead, there is no resurrection. Did you hear that Lucious?

The oldest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon, Andre, is a business-oriented dude but lacks confidence and charisma. A graduate of Wharton Business School, Andree previously oversaw the financial aspects of Empire Records. After a failed coup, Andre recently wormed his way back into father’s good graces and is backing to running one of the labels.

Astrologically speaking, we believe that Andre is an earth sign like his mother, Cookie. We think he fits the classic Capricorn male traits, and are known to be one of the most hardworking Zodiac Signs, and likes to be in control. He’s conventional with a strong work ethic, and he doesn’t mind working behind the scenes. Andre has his father’s sadistic tendencies without the Scorpio sting. Scorpios are stealth and Capricorns can be just plain messy.

The middle son, Jamal, who’s arguably one of the most talented children of Lucious and Cookie Lyon. Neglected by his father for being gay, he struggles with the desire for his families approval and father’s love. He feels the deepest kinship with his mother Cookie, who protected Jamal as a child from his father’s violent outbursts and homophobic tendencies.

Sweet and sensitive, we think the Zodiac Sign, Cancer aligns with Jamal most. He’s protective over the ones he loves, is moody and sensitive; but he tries hard to balance the life of his career and family while attempting to stay true to himself.

The baby of the family, Hakeem, channels the star power of his father Lucious but lacks the work ethic of his mother, Cookie. He’s the most ego-driven and fame hungry of all their children. Hakeem’s attitude and swagger most resemble the Zodiac Sign of an Aries male. He wants to be large and in charge, but his childish and immature behavior always gets him in trouble.

In the new season of Empire, fans will finally get a chance to see Lucious and Cookie’s love story come full circle. Will Cookie’s love help heal Lucious regain his memory? Stay tuned.

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Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.