What is ABC and Mike Fleiss thinking? Today, the Bachelor franchise pulled the rug out from underneath millions of fans and Peter Kraus if you read his Instagram post below, and named Arie Luyendyk Jr. the new Bachelor. What does the future hold for the Bachelor franchise? Will the fans disappointment result in low ratings? Astrochicks weighs in with our astrological and psychic Bachelor predictions for 2018.

Sigh, we won’t even bother to hide our disappointment that Luke Pell a Libra or Peter Kraus a Pisces wasn’t picked to be the next Bachelor. However, we were SHOCKED when ABC announced they crowned Arie Luyendky Jr. a Virgo to be the new Bachelor. Even Reality Steve, King of all Spoilers announced on Twitter with a snarky comment, ” Your Next Bachelor Everyone! Did they comb the high schools for potential applicants?” Like a true Gemini with his funny comments. LOL!

Of course, the person most shocked and still climbing out from under the Bachelor bus that ran over him is Peter Kraus a sweet and sensitive Pisces. He posted on Instagram, (best read with Whitney Houston singing I Will Always Love You!)

#tbt to the most incredible journey of this life time that has now officially come to an end today. As I sit here writing this, I struggle to hold back the tears as I am overcome with emotion one last time. First and foremost.. @therachlindsay, there are so very many things that I’ve wished I could say to you since the day we parted ways in Spain, but for everyone’s sake, I’ll keep it short… You gave me a chance, and all that I can say is thank you,” he began the heartfelt post. “I have a heart filled with love for you now and always and wish you nothing but the best in your life and love ahead.”

“ABC, you saw something in me, but something held me back. You treated me with such love and kindness and showed me glimpses of life I never once dreamed that I could have. I will be forever humbled and grateful and will always look back at these last six months with an ear to ear smile, knowing that this has truly been an extraordinary life indeed,” he continued.

Kraus, 31, added: “Upon leaving the @bacheloretteabc I was asked, ‘what did you learn, about yourself during this process?’ And at the time I naively said ‘nothing that I can think of.’ Now… Looking back… I realize I learned one of the single greatest teachings of my life.”

“When you let uncertainty or fear to guide your decisions, you risk missing out on what could potentially be the most excellent opportunity of a life time,” he wrote, and concluded, “So live dangerously, live without the fear of the unknown, and continue to live and love with a heart that is truly open to anything. #thankyou #lovealways.

Hmm, we just want to give Peter Kraus a big hug and put on a Hazmat suit before we watch the new Bachelor season of Arie Luyendyk Jr.  Geez, this guy is a stone cold player and a Virgo to boot. Expect some SUPER KINKY sh#t this season and Bachelor is going to go soft porn. UGH!

Astrologically speaking, we think Bachelor Arie’s season is going to be a mixed bag with ABC parading the “Bachelor alumni” dying to be a part of Arie’s season as he races through each girls life.  Anyway, I think this will be a sleazy and dramatic season for Bachelor but it definitely won’t be one of the most popular seasons.

Sorry Arie, we want to like you but most Virgo men have serious emotional and sexual hangups. We will research his astrological profile and post our cosmic opinion this weekend. Stay tuned!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.