The stars will collide this week when President Trump creates more chaos when he tries to end the DACA program for 800,000 dreamers.

As the Mueller investigation inches closer and closer to indicting members of President Trump’s family, yes we mean Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr., he will desperately try to divert attention and will lash out by continuing to threaten North Korea, Congress, and anyone standing in his way to “Make America Great Again.” What does the future hold for the remainder of 2017? Astrochicks weighs in with their Astrology-Psychic predictions.

If you haven’t lost your mind astrologically yet with all the drama over the last few weeks, the good news is Mercury will go direct on September 5th in confident Leo.  In fact, now you will have the opportunity to apply the wisdom you have gained during the retrograde period and apply it towards making better decisions in the future.

With Mercury in Leo, the details may not be quite as important now.  You will be more convincing and persuasive with friends and family and will exude more confidence in your ideas and what you are trying to complete the remainder of 2017. Which brings our astrological predictions to President Trump.

President Trump is a Gemini with a Leo Rising and he’s got his political bucket list and he’s trying to scratch off everything before 2017 ends. Not truly understanding due process, President Trump seems to think he will get brownie points in the Mueller-Russia investigation if he keeps his “campaign promises” to his political base. Hmm, I don’t think so. Mueller is a proud Leo and probably enjoys seeing President Trump panic.

Astrologically speaking, we can expect President Trump to rattle his racist cage by doubling down on trying to get rid of DACA and building the wall along Mexico in September. We astrologically predict that Congress will step in to try to stop this runaway train before the Republicans lose the election in 2018 and put restrictions on President Trump and try to pass a new DACA law for 2018. Other astrology predictions include massive federal lawsuits to stop him from ending DACA to Mexico stepping in to welcome the dreamers back, along with other countries like Canada and possibly even countries like Germany.

Luckily, Venus in Leo will show the love on a grassroots level and push Americans to follow their heart to support DACA and the dreamers. We can expect more immigration protests and people across the country uniting to demand Congress take action to protect DACA. The Latino base will become politically stronger and Astrochicks predicts some political upsets in Nevada and Arizona where the former Republican candidates will lose seats to more progressive Democrats in 2018.

If you missed our Astrology-Psychic predictions for the Solar Eclipse in August and President Trump’s White House cabinet, we predicted it would bring rash decisions, false information, and potential health problems through 2017. This one also comes with a side helping of anger and those affected will be argumentative, violent, and seem overly stressed. Sound like anyone we know? Yup…here at Astrochicks, we predicted at the beginning of the year that August was a month to watch out for, and now we are back with a closer look at all those in the White House and how this Eclipse will affect them directly here. Several of our predictions have already come true and we can expect a few more over the next several months.

Our President Trump Astrology Predictions is that the circus that his White House cabinet has created will continue to play out in 2017. We can expect more resignations in September along with more indictments for Mueller. If we are lucky, President Trump will resign from office in 2018 or be forcibly removed. What about North Korea? China will step in and threaten President Trump with military action if he doesn’t back off. Stay tuned


Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.