Have the stars collided and possibly even crashed and burned for the first-time author and former band manager, Lani Sarem who wrote the book Handbook for Mortals? What’s the big cosmic fuss? Astrochicks weighs in on her Astrology profile and the mystical look behind the controversial new writer, Lani Sarem, and her book.

Lani Sarem was born on November 11th according to her Twitter profile, under the Sun Sign of Scorpio. A Scorpio woman is not afraid to travel to the dark side and is considered one of the most mysterious but sexiest signs of the zodiac. No doubt, Scorpios have a magnetic charm, and they represent both dark and light, as deep as the sea, and depending on their mood, as calm or as volatile.

If our inside scoop on her birth year is right, Lani Sarem has Moon in friendly Libra and Venus in Scorpio conjunct her Sun. She has a unique style, and people are naturally attracted to her. Her Mars in Capricorn squares her Moon which shows a woman who needs harmony and balance in her life. Otherwise, she has quite the temper, and she could end relationships quickly before they even started.

Lani Sarem’s astrology chart reveals Moon conjunct Saturn in Libra, and it would put emotional pressure to be a people pleaser, but at the same time hates to be controlled. She would have a passive aggressive side that is triggered when cornered. However, this aspect also makes her responsible and hard working.

It’s unfortunate; the first-time writer’s publisher was accused of buying Handbook for Mortals number one spot on to the New York Times Bestseller list. Although, Lani Sarem’s publisher denies it and says they bought bulk shipments of the book for an upcoming Comic Con events scheduled. The snafu has caused a HUGE social media storm, and it has released an army of trolls to write nasty reviews about the book on Amazon and GoodReads, even though THEY HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK! Yikes!

Not to worry, Lani Sarem will rise like a phoenix when Jupiter in Scorpio arrives in October 2017 to save the day. She’s a tough Scorpio girl, and she’s not going to let people bring her down. Astrochicks predicts that the book, Handbook for Mortals, will be sold and adapted for either Movie or Television later this year. Perhaps, they will change the name of the book series?

Personally, we think the Handbook for Mortals has an interesting storyline. Of course, because it’s about fortune tellers and chaos magick. The book is about Zade Holder who’s always been a free-spirited young woman, from a long dynasty of tarot-card readers, fortune tellers, and practitioners of magick. Growing up in a small town she never quite fit in. Zade leaves her home in Tennessee to break free from her overprotective mother Dela, the resident spellcaster, and fortune teller.

Zade travels to Las Vegas and uses her supernatural powers to become part of a premiere magic show led by the infamous magician Charles Spellman. Zade fits right in with his troupe of artists and misfits. After all, when everyone is slightly eccentric, appearing ”normal” is much less significant.

The story follows Zade through the trials–and romance–of finding her place in the world and readers will identify with their struggles to fit in, reflected in the fantastic, yet the mundane world of Zade’s life.

If we were to give Lani Sarem an Astrology-Psychic reading, we would advise her as follows. We would encourage her to learn from this experience and to be selective of who she allows into her life over the next two years. She should not make any important business decisions until after Oct 10, 2017, when the astrological aspects are more auspicious.

Lani will enter her Jupiter return in October and that’s considered to be a lucky and prosperous time, but first, to receive all the gifts that the cosmos have to offer her from the Universe, she needs to create a more viable pathway to success. This pathway can sometimes involve the breaking down of old structures, beliefs, ideas and thought patterns. It can also involve the breaking down of relationships, dreams, goals, and values. Translation, change your marketing team and get a new game plan.

Astrochicks predicts Lani Sarem will get her wish and she will sell the Movie & TV rights for her book, but she needs to be careful which partner she chooses. We would recommend either Netflix or Amazon Studios who have enough marketing muscle to shut down all the haters and develop the property into an exciting television series which we would love to watch.

We highly recommend that you read the book for yourself here and ignore the negative comments from people who have NOT read the book. Social media can bring out the best and worst of others, in this case, we think it’s the worst, and it looks like a fun book to read, but we believe that you should decide for yourself.

DISCLAIMER: We have never met Lani Sarem or anyone at Geek Nation. As Astrologers, we were naturally curious what astrological aspects her chart revealed and caused all the fuss.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.