Who will be chosen as the next Bachelor this season Luke Pell or Peter Kraus? A fan favorite,
Luke Pell a charming Libra has mended his broken heart, and he’s expressed interest in being crowned the new hunk.

As fans may remember, last year Luke Pell had his bags packed when he was reportedly tapped to become the next Bachelor before ABC flipped the script and chose Nick Viall another Libra instead. Well, we all know how that relationship turned out! Nick and Vanessa announced their split this week. OUCH! What does the future hold for Luke Pell and Peter Kraus? Astrochicks weighs in on the Bachelor Nation countdown, and we make our Astrology-Psychic predictions for our favorite reality show.

Luke Pell was born on October 22, 1984, on the zodiac sign cusp of Libra in Burnet, Texas. The handsome Bachelor contender has a lethal combination of air & fire that would create a very steamy and dramatic season in 2018. Not only is he super sexy and smart, but the country crooner also served his country in the military for nine years as a platoon leader in Afghanistan. What wouldn’t want a man to honor, serve, and protect her?

What makes Luke Pell so charming and irresistible to women? Libra men are known for their good looks, but they can also be quite romantic, and they know how to treat a lady. If you are looking for a knight in shining armor, he’s your kind of man.

Luke Pell’s Moon in Virgo makes him a grounded, thoughtful and an emotionally secure guy. His birth chart reveals he needs a down to earth girl, who’s smart and knows how to have fun. A bit obsessive, I’m sure Luke would be worried about choosing the right girl and of course concerned about hurting a girl’s feelings.

Luke Pell’s Venus in Sagittarius shows he’s attracted to a feisty woman who has a wild streak and knows how to keep a relationship exciting.   His Venus conjunct Uranus reveals that he’s prone to some pretty steamy love affairs that can end as quickly as they start. Well, the Bachelor is perfect for him.

More importantly, Luke Pell is a family man, and he shares a special bond with his parents. In fact, he’s one of Chris Harrison’s favorite cast members during JoJo’s Bachelorette season. Chris called him the “whole package” and “perfect on paper,” so Luke Pell is one sexy Bachelor to follow.

The other contender is Peter Kraus, the hunky Fitness Model and Personal Trainer from Wisconsin. He’s straight out of Super Hunk casting and is an adorable guy. Born under the zodiac sun sign of Pisces, he’s romantic, sensitive, and compassionate, and is looking for that fairytale love. Peter Kraus candidly revealed in previous interviews; he’s only interested in getting engaged and married once, so don’t expect him to rush in to love because he would much rather walk.

Also, when you add Peter’s Moon in Pisces, wow, it’s probably challenging for him to make any emotional decision. This astrological aspect shows a man who’s afraid of getting hurt and may have a habit of sabotaging relationships. Hmmm, sound familiar?

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter in Scorpio will trine Peter Kraus’s Sun & Moon in Pisces. The next year he will feel more generous and romantic during this period, and very hopeful for the future. If Peter Kraus gets chosen as the next Bachelor, we predict he will find love and propose. His best zodiac romantic match would be a Taurus, Aries, or Cancer.

The stars will shine brightly for Luke Pell, and he’s a strong contender to be chosen as the next Bachelor. Since Nick Viall’s season was a bust, perhaps, Mike Fleiss shouldn’t have second guessed himself, and he will feel Luke Pell deserves a second chance. However, Pluto in Capricorn will go directly on Sept 28th, and it will be conjunct Luke Pell’s Mars in Capricorn pushing him to be motivated when it comes to love and his career. If Luke Pell gets chosen as the next Bachelor, you can expect it to be an action packed season with plenty of tears and heartache.

Our Bachelor Astrology & Psychic prediction is that both Luke Pell a Libra and Peter Kraus a Pisces is ready for love, marriage, and family. So, whoever is chosen as the next Bachelor, it will be the most dramatic season ever! Stay tuned!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.