ROB PATTINSON and FKA Twigs Breakup: Astrology-Psychic Predictions for the Star Crossed Lovers

Have the stars collided for Rob Pattinson and his lady love, Twigs aka Tahliah Debrett Barnett? Well, our favorite movie star recently revealed on “The Howard Stern Show” that he and FKA twigs are still “kind of” engaged, stating that he prefers to keep their romance out of the spotlight.

Astrologically speaking, Rob Pattinson born under the zodiac sign of Taurus is slow to commit, but once he’s truly in love, he’s all in. He loves being in a relationship, and he makes a lovely, and attentive mate. Handsome and funny, Astrochicks just loves Rob’s down to earth style.

Rob Pattinson’s Moon in Cancer makes him deeply emotional and sensitive. He’s naturally intuitive, and he can read other peoples emotions quickly. When he told Howard Stern that he was still “kind-of” engaged to Twigs, well, it was probably true. A long distance romance is hard enough, and when you add fame with loads of cash, well your relationship is bound to get twisted sooner or later.

What about FKA Twigs? She celebrates her birthday on January 16th, and she’s a driven Capricorn girl. A singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and director, no one’s going to block her road to success, and that includes the man she loves.

Astrologically, the last year would have been emotionally rough on Twigs due to Saturn conjunct her Moon in Sag. This aspect would have made her feel emotionally pressured and probably put a wedge between Rob Pattinson and her.

What does the future hold for the star-crossed lovers? Well, Rob recently celebrated his birthday with FKA Twigs in Los Angeles at Akasha restaurant. However, if you look at the body language of the couple, Rob seems to be way more into her than Twigs is into him. In fact, she appears to be much more interested in her cell phone. You can check out the photos here. Poor Rob!

Our Astrology-Psychic prediction for Rob Pattinson and FKA Twigs looks challenging. Saturn in Sagittarius opposes his Venus in Gemini. This aspect usually signals a breakup or a relationship that changes. I think it’s safe to say that marriage is on the back burner and we’re not so sure this relationship will last unless both Rob & Twigs are willing to put in the work.

On a positive note, in a new pensive GQ interview, Rob Pattinson tackles topics ranging from love, therapy, his film roles, to dodging the paparazzi.

Spoken like a true Taurus, Rob Pattinson reveals in the interview, “When I find someone who I have an instinct about, I find it quite easy to completely give myself to that person.” So, yes FKA Twigs still has Rob’s heart under lock and key. However, we think her heart belongs to her social media feed. 🙂

Not to worry, Rob Pattinson in 2018 will continue to grow as an actor and accept more roles that challenge him creatively. When it comes to marriage, we think that emotionally he’s ready to take the plunge in 2018 when Jupiter in Scorpio trine his Moon. However, we don’t think FKA Twigs is ready yet. Stay tuned.

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  1. Twigs needs to mix it up if she wants to achieve musical success. Astrologically, her time to shine again will be in late 2019. She should take the next two years to develop her sound, and should try collaborate with someone along the lines of a Calvin Harris or DJ with her music. I think she would have more success with a partner. In 2018, Pluto in Capricorn will continue to hit her Sun in Capricorn pushing for a major change in her life, perhaps she should consider acting.

  2. Hello. It’s nice to know that Rob’s career is still on the rise. What do you see for twigs’? Cause she hasn’t done much this past year…

  3. What do you think of Rob’s ex Kristen Stewart & her model love Stella Maxwell? It’s the longest relationship Kristen has had since her break-up with Rob. I’ve never seen Kristen so open, proud & affectionate in any of her past relationships. Do you think they have a good chance to make things work & go the distance?

  4. Hi Jacy ! Could you do the chart of Hannah who commented 7 times about Twigs and Rob relationship? I’m kidding of course ! She seems way too much invested in their relationship. She needs to focus on herself. And thank you Jacy for your comments.

  5. I checked his chart and he has Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Libra, and Uranus in Capricorn. Astrologically, I think he’s handsome, he enjoys being the center of attention and can be very charming. On the flip side, his Moon and Mars in Libra squares his Venus in Cancer and opposes Capricorn. I think he has LOTS of lovers, and his relationships start and end quickly. I think he’s fun and exciting to be around but I don’t see any long term love or friendship with Twigs.

  6. Thank you. Any update? I’d just like to know if they are compatible and if it’ll last or it’ll be short-lived.

  7. Break-ups are bad, period, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not even my enemies. Rob & Kristen would still be together today if it wasn’t for her very public cheating back in 2012. As a fan, I truly want him too happy, both in his personal and professional life. He and twigs have been together since 2014 & as someone pointed out below, despite all the racist sh*t, hatred, negativity, busy careers, distance, different backgrounds, etc., have somehow made it work. A strong, unique, talented and creative force, she comes across as supportive and a positive influence on him. Together or not, and the jury is still out on this one, I don’t want Rob to undergo another heartache and feel lonely and anxious:( But again, his personal life is none of my business and I can only hope for the best! On a positive note, look at his career now? And as you rightly pointed out: It will only get better from here on:)

  8. And for the record, I don’t like Kristen or Robsten. And maybe twigs didn’t cheat cause they were already over. But she sure moved on fast.

  9. Oh dear, it seems Robsteners, i.e., people who think Rob & Kristen are meant to be together five years after their much-publicized break-up, have kinda taken over this comments section. Jacy, I’m glad that you’re taking time out of your rather busy schedule to do an analysis of Rob’s personal life again & solve the mystery. People here really want twigs to be a cheater, just like Kristen, & I really don’t know why. Lying, cooking up stories, spreading lies, hate & negativity, stalking her as well as her friends Twitter & Instagram feed. What’s next? The fact remains that we don’t know the exact nature of Rob & twigs’ relationship, whether they’re together or broken, we have no exact proof of twigs’ cheating too, except those pictures in Ibiza in August. But where’s the PDA, kissing, smooching, cuddling, making out, canoodling in those pictures which couples usually engage in? Yes, agreed that the French model Brieuc is mostly London-based like twigs & follows her & a few of her friends on IG. But twigs doesn’t follow him. And for all we know, she & Brieuc could be mere friends, introduced by common friends. Why are people here jumping to conclusions without checking/knowing all the facts?

  10. I don’t know if they are living together. But he posted a pic from her house and she’s introducing him to all her friends cause they started following each other on instagram so they’re definitely dating.

  11. Thanks for your comment. Relationships are complicated, and when you add stardom to the mix – it can definitely be difficult. Our prediction was he’s ready to get married because of Jupiter opposing his Sun in his 7th house of marriage & relationships. This doesn’t have to be a physical marriage but he could be living with someone in a committed partnership or perhaps starting a business like a film production company, restaurant venture, house, etc. I think Rob suffers from the “nice guy” syndrome. Over the years, I have always said he would be better if he picked a girl who was behind the scenes. He needs someone who will support his career. In Hollywood, there have been several successful marriages with actors like Rob Lowe who’s wife is a make-up artist and they have been together 25 years, etc. Overall, I’m confident that 2018 will be a great year for Rob and his heart is open to love.

  12. Jacy, while I really appreciate your honesty and positivity as far as Robert and twigs’ relationship goes, it breaks my heart to say that they’re clearly kaput! The reasons could be one or all of the below combined: Distance for long periods of time, constant need for (individual) space or freedom, Rob’s career taking off all of a sudden, and, dare I say the dreaded word, cheating! It’s only a matter of time before tabloids, gossip as well as entertainment or celebrity outlets pick it up. This also means we won’t be witnessing a Rob wedding anytime soon, let alone 2018, as you have predicted. Celeb relationships are tough, as we all know and Rob himself has admitted. I don’t see him getting back together with twigs at all, but he could very well reignite his romance with Kristen Stewart. They have quite a history together, after all.

  13. Rob will have Jupiter transit his 7th house of relationships. When I see this transit it usually brings marriage in a business or love partnership. So, for Rob it could mean marriage, he could start a new business partnership, or could move in with a long-term love. He’s definitely ready for marriage but is Twigs?

  14. Dose kristen not like girls? She will once again like a man?Why would she may have with robert complex?
    They feel there will be no contact,hope robert happy enough

  15. Oh dear, first Kristen humiliates him with that director Rupert Sanders, and now twigs with that French model Brieuc! Jacy, Rob has had a stellar year & you say things will only get better from here on. An extremely proud Rob fan here:)Now only if he could find someone who truly loves him. As a fan, I sure wouldn’t want him to rush into anything, so when do you see him meeting his Miss Right & finally taking the marital plunge?

  16. I think Rob & Twigs are still together but Rob appears to be very busy with his career. I just don’t see either one as the cheating type. Twigs has mentioned in interviews that she finds it uncomfortable with all the media attention and that may be why she’s blocking people on Instagram. I think the best we can all do is wish them well, and the New Year should be incredibly positive for Rob in his career.

  17. As a Rob fan, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great analysis on his private life. Jacy, I started following twigs when she got together with Rob, but lately things seem different between the two & everyone, not just his fans, seems to notice it. Rob is very busy & the two haven’t seen each other for 3 months & counting. My main concern is whether twigs, out of loneliness, indulged in cheating. Lately, she has been blocking anyone on IG who’s tagging her with that French model she was spotted with in Ibiza a month ago. Those pix may seem innocent, but who knows?! I don’t know whether she’s doing what she’s s doing, i.e., blocking folks on IG, out of guilt or she’s genuinely upset about being linked with that model for no reason. It could be a case of once bitten, twice shy for Rob (remember Kristen cheating on him so very publicly?) Do you see Rob & twigs getting back together if they have parted ways right now due to distance, cheating, whatever?

  18. I think they really love each other. I imagine it’s hard to find a partner who accepts the fact you will be gone long periods of time, and Twigs basically has to share Rob with millions of adoring fans. There’s a great interview with him in this month’s GQ that you should check out.

  19. Hi Jacy, neither Taurus (Rob) nor Capricorns (twigs) are the cheating kinds so I really don’t understand why some folks here think twigs’ cheating (based on a few pix/sightings) led to the split, if Rob & twigs have indeed parted ways! Also, a Taurus male & a Capricorn female aren’t very compatible or the best (soul mate) partnership, if my understanding is correct, though both are Earth signs. So how come they lasted this long?

  20. I can’t imagine how painful and embarrassing the breakup was with Kristen. Not only did she cheat on him in a public way but then to have her move on with a woman, I think he may wonder if she ever really loved him. They did make a fantastic movie together and had some great chemistry. I like the fact that Twigs seems more grounded, and is not such a fame monger. I’m not saying Kristen was but their relationship attracted crazy attention. All we can do is hope for the best for him. He’s a Taurus, and I have always found Taurus men to be absolutely lovely.

  21. Wow, Rob really is a lucky guy to have so many concerned fans here in this comments section & rightly so. Jacy, are you as surprised as fans like me are that he and twigs lasted this long? Was he really in love with her all this while or was it just a PR exercise to boost her career? He took his time after parting ways with Kristen to fall in love again. He has said he hates being lonely & believes in true love, thanks to his parents who have stuck it out for so long. Also, I don’t quite believe cheating rumors about twigs.

  22. We don’t know that for sure. Perhaps, Twigs & Rob were on a break or they have an open relationship, etc. Over the years, I have always said I felt the best person for him would be a non-famous person. Yes, they could work in the industry, etc. but not be high profile like he is. I think the relationship between Twigs & Rob will shake out in 2018. We should send them well wishes and hope that Rob marries the person best suited for him.

  23. Jacy, sorry to say this but it seems that twigs clearly cheated on Rob even though you say & think otherwise. The Daily Mail pix of her with that model Brieuc in Ibiza in August are proof of that. He’s clearly not gay & he’s definitely more than a mere male friend. Rob has been sadly cheated once before (Kristen) & now (twigs). Do you have any advise for him as far as future GFs go? Should he take a break from the dating scene for a while & just focus on his career now?

  24. Sorry for the delay in writing it’s a holiday weekend in the USA. I don’t think Rob is secretly dating anyone else. I really feel like he’s taking his time to choose some really juicy movie roles that show his diversity in acting. Also, I think you could see him produce or direct his own film over the next two years. He’s a much more serious guy now and looking towards the future. Twigs makes a nice match for him and hopefully, they can make it work.

  25. Sorry for the delay in writing. I would agree they could be on a temp break while they tend to their careers. Relationships can be difficult enough without living in a fish bowl. I don’t think he has parted ways with Twigs for good but I definitely feel an energy shift in their relationship that seems less romantic and more like a deep friendship. However, every relationship has its peaks and valleys and having a solid foundation of friendship can lead to a beautiful marriage.

  26. Great analysis of Rob’s personal life, which is a sort of a mystery for many of his fans like me. You say he is ready to settle down in 2018. Don’t you think it is way too early & may not be a good idea on his part after all, considering he & twigs may be going through a rough patch? Unless they’re already kaput & he’s dating someone else secretly for months!

  27. A die-hard Rob fan, I have only recently developed an interest in astrology & came across your site. I was just going through your predictions on other celebs & it seems that you’re pretty spot on:) Astrologically speaking, Rob & twigs, both Brits, seem perfect for each other, in fact they could very well be soulmates. Both are earth signs, he’s a Taurus, she’s a Capricorn. But they couldn’t be any different from the look of things. As others have stated here, this (2017) has been the best year ever as far as Rob’s career is concerned, so may be his personal life has taken a backseat. Do you, like many others, including me, get the sense that they may be on a temporary break or perhaps have already parted ways for good, but are just keeping things under wraps? Or do you think they’re still very much together at this point, but facing issues, like any other couple, & trying to make things work?

  28. I don’t see her as the cheating type and I’m sure she probably has lots of male friends. Maybe the model is gay or in a relationship with someone else. I think distance and time is the stumbling block, it’s good that Twigs is independent otherwise it could be difficult to be in a relationship with a movie star.

  29. Fascinating read, really. One of the posters here talked about cheating on the part of either Rob or twigs or both. You seem to think that’s not the case. Fair enough, but I’d just like to point out that the break-up rumors intensified only after twigs was spotted on a friendly (or intimate) stroll with a French male model in Ibiza in August. They have been apart many tames before, for short as well as long periods of time. Do you still think it’s the distance or twigs commitment issues, rather than her so-called cheating, that’s the stumbling block here?

  30. Hello, from down under! 🙂 I think he’s really ready in the next year and I think again in 3 years. I usually look at where Jupiter is transiting for marriage indications and what positive aspects it has in a person’s chart. For Rob, it’s 2018, 2021, 2024, and 2027. Of course, you don’t need a marriage certificate to have a deep commitment with someone. In Scandinavia, people rarely get married anymore but have children and live together. I lived in Sweden for 6 years and it’s very common. I’m crossing my fingers that Twigs and Rob work through the bumps in their relationship and stay together.

  31. Good day to you all the way from Australia, Jacy:) As a Rob fan, I’d like to know a bit more about his personal life because he hardly talks about it or plays coy these days. So I am glad you decided to delve into it:) I have a simple question: When do you see Rob finally settling down, i.e., getting married, & will it be with twigs or someone else?

  32. Thanks for your question. I do think couples can manage long separations if they really love each other. Any actor, artist, tour managers, or even military personnel have to endure. I think Rob is ready to settle down but I don’t see that Twigs is yet. That doesn’t mean they have to break up. If Rob is willing to wait, I think 2019 would be a much better time for her. At the end of day, time can make the difference positive or negative in any love relationship.

  33. I would like to ask you, we know Rob and Twigs haven’t meet eachother physically (even if they may phone eachother) since early June or (maybe July, he went back one day in London but we aren’t sure they met during that day). anyway since let’s say early July they have been on two different countries, him in USA and Germany and her in UK and Spain. We already know for a fact they won’t see eachtother in early september because of apparences. It’s going to be 3 months they’re apart. Do you still think they can make it? I would love to know your honest answer. I’m a fan of both but I won’t get upset if your answer is negative … like other fans. Thank you.

  34. No, I don’t think there’s any cheating and they appear to have a very honest & open relationship. It’s obvious they both love each other but have really busy careers which can make relationships more difficult.

  35. Do you think there’s any cheating involved on either side (though neither come across as cheating kinds) & that may have or will eventually lead to a break-up? If rumors or gossip is to be believed, Rob may have recently tried to hook up with his good longtime friend Katy Perry. There are even pix of them together inside Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Twigs, on the other hand, was spotted with a French model in Ibiza, Spain. The photos seemed friendly but you know how tabs are: Blowing things out of proportion just because of a particular angle or pose or whatever. Both have been quite busy lately career-wise & have had to endure long separations. From what I could gather after reading your piece above, they can definitely make it work & could even tie the knot in 2018! Correct me if I’m wrong!

  36. It’s an Astrology reading, and both Rob & Twigs have free will. Several fans asked me to do an updated article about them. So, I did. I’m sorry you didn’t like it. I wish both Rob & Twigs the best.

  37. Ok, why am I not surprised at all after reading this?! The only thing that stands out here is that you clearly don’t like twigs & think Rob can do so much better than her! It’s really so sad & pathetic when one has to resort to taking unnecessary digs at someone’s expense to get your point across. Guess he was better off with Kristen then, LOL!

  38. Hi there! I just saw the link to this piece on my Twitter TL. Having studied astrology back in the day, I kinda feel these two may be in it for the long run & what you see or read isn’t necessarily what you get, simple! Agreed they’re both opposites, but opposites attract & they’re both Earth signs & have stuck it out for three years despite various challenges thrown at them, especially her, every step of the way. I’d rather dig deeper than go by interviews (quotes), photos, body language, etc. Cheers!

  39. There’s nothing wrong with being strong and independent. What I meant is Rob is ready to take the plunge but I don’t think she will be. She’s expressed interviews how uncomfortable she feels with all the attention he gets but she thinks he’s worth it. I predict that they have challenges ahead but they can work through them if they are both willing to emotionally mature. I’m a fan of Rob’s and I only wish him happiness.

  40. Umm, I think you got twigs’s date of birth wrong, to start with! Your predictions lead to more questions than answers & portray twigs in a very bad light, IMO! There’s nothing wrong in being strong, independent, driven, ambitious or career-oriented & may be that’s what attracted Rob towards twigs. As far as twigs’s body language on Rob’s birthday goes, there are other pictures on that very day when they’re walking together with friends and look happy/content/smiley. Also, if Rob is emotionally ready to take the plunge in 2018, then it’s safe to say it has to be with twigs cos he doesn’t come across as someone who will jump from one relationship to another & immediately get married. Just wish you hadn’t gone by what you see in photos or hear in interviews. Thanks, anyway!

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