Let’s be honest; everyone can get jealous from time to time but what about your Sun Sign? Is it true that Scorpio is the most jealous sign of the zodiac? Astrochicks dives into the complicated astrological world of love and relationships to help you understand your sweetheart better.

Jealousy is a complex emotion that we will all feel at some point in our lifetime. According to Psychology Today, jealousy fuels feelings ranging from fear of abandonment to rage and humiliation.  Jealousy strikes both men and women when a person perceives a threat to a valued relationship from an outside influence.

What about your zodiac sign? How does your star sign affect how you may act or love in a relationship? Your Astrology Birth Chart holds the key to your cosmic journey, personality traits, and what your future may hold. Check it out.

Aries in Love

When it comes to love, Aries is red-hot! Super confident, Aries in relationships are direct, and they like to be in control in a sexy and exciting way.  Warning to other zodiac signs, be prepared to be swept off your feet and burned by Aries passion.

Whether your Aries is a guy or a girl, it’s worth noting that they hate weak partners. Just because an Aries likes to be in control doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the chase. Quite the opposite, they often get bored quickly with a partner who is a pushover. Aries typically do best with an equally feisty lover.

What about jealousy? An Aries in love can become jealous quite easily. They are incredibly proud, and they don’t want to share their partner with ANYONE. More to the point, if your Aries partner is jealous you will know about it, pronto.

Taurus in Love

When it comes to love, Taurus is slow and steady and they like to build a sound foundation before they dive into love. They usually take their time before saying I love you, and a Taurus wants to make sure their feelings are real before committing.

Taurus one of the most traditional signs of the zodiac, they will try to avoid one night stands and believe in true love. Incredibly loyal and devoted, Taurus value integrity and respect in relationships.

On the flip side, a Taurus can be jealous and protective of those they hold near and dear to their heart. If they feel betrayed, it’s highly doubtful that they will forgive and forget. Most likely, they would end the relationship if they were cheated on.

Gemini in Love

When it comes to love, Gemini’s want to fall in love with their best friend and communication is key to a successful relationship with this zodiac sign. Gemini’s are super smart and get bored easily, so they will desire a partner who knows how to keep a conversation fun and interesting.

Gemini’s love to flirt, and they require independence within a relationship. They can happily commit to a relationship provided their partner allows them space to roam. Gemini’s don’t need as much attention as other zodiac signs, and they rarely get jealous. If you consider yourself possessive, a Gemini partner will most likely become tired of the drama and head for the door.

Cancer in Love

When it comes to love, Cancer’s are the sexual healers of the zodiac sign. Extremely sensitive and emotional in relationships, they put love at the top of their list and will long for a trustworthy partner to build a happy home and future with. However, Cancers are cautious about giving their heart away and will need to feel secure in the relationship before committing.

Beware, Cancer’s can be very moody, and they get their feelings hurt easily. Ruled by the Moon, you better brush up on your psychic ability because they will rarely tell you what’s on their mind before it’s too late.

When it comes to jealousy, Cancer’s are caring, protective, and possessive of those they love but make wonderful life long partners.

Leo in Love

When it comes to love, a Leo needs a lot of attention from their mate. One of the most romantic and passionate signs of the zodiac, they treat their lover like a king or queen, and they will expect the same in return.

Fun loving and affectionate, a Leo love affair will be like any other. Be prepared to be whisked away on a rollercoaster ride full of drama and excitement. Leo loves the theatrical, and they will expect to write some hot steamy pages for your love story.

When it comes to jealousy, Leo’s are very proud and tend to be possessive of anything they perceive as theirs. Yes, that means YOU! To unruffle the green-eyed monster try flattery, and they will go back to their adoring kitty cat self.

Virgo in Love

When it comes to love, Virgo’s like to be friends first before they decide whether or not they want to fall in love. A bit picky, a Virgo will be more than happy only to stay single, until the right partner comes along.

Virgo’s are incredibly honest, down to earth and loyal, and truly enjoy making their partner happy. However, beware of Virgo’s dark and hypercritical side. They can have a sharp tongue and are considered expert marksmen.

When it comes to relationships, Virgo’s aren’t wildly jealous, but they are possessive. They have a clear sense of boundaries, and if they feel you have crossed the line, you will know about it immediately. Remember, Virgo’s hate to play games. If you wander too far away from a Virgo you may find yourself without a partner to come home to.

Libra in Love

When it comes to love, Libra’s can be the most charming, sweetest, and romantic lovers of the zodiac. Libra’s represents the sign of partnerships and marriage.  They have a great need for love and don’t feel complete until they have a sweetheart to call their own.

On the dark side, Libra’s can be fickle. This is because they are indecisive and sometimes are in love with the idea of love.  The collateral damage can be a trail of broken hearts, of lovers who were tossed aside for a new and more exciting partner. 

When it comes to jealousy, Libra’s tend to hide their true feelings and can be passive-aggressive in a relationship. They will punish you emotionally for your indiscretion and as they say, pay back is a bitch so be prepared. They don’t want to feel like you are wasting their time and Libra’s will have no problem dumping you if they feel disrespected.

Scorpio in Love

When it comes to love, Scorpio is one of the sexiest and mysterious signs of the zodiac. The waters run deep with a Scorpio and can easily transform your life. Magnetic and alluring, they want to possess their lover and make you confess all your deep dark secrets. They will always project an aura of mystery and power.

In a relationship with a Scorpio, it’s not just a partnership, but they want to fuse with their lover. For many people, this type of love can be way too intense which can lead to dramatic and emotional fights with hopefully some sexy make-ups.

When it comes to jealousy, the rumors are true. Scorpios are one of the most jealous signs of the zodiac.  If they feel betrayed, you can expect some epic and explosive arguments. They demand 100% loyalty, and if not, you may just lose the love of your life.

Sagittarius in Love

When it comes to love, a Sagittarius is one of the most honest signs of the zodiac. Always up for an adventure, they are not only are they looking for a lover but a best friend. Ruled by Jupiter, they are lucky in love but desire a partner that gives them plenty of freedom in a relationship.

In love, a Sagittarius can be an exciting and passionate lover who will surprise you at every turn. The Archer loves the chase and is always on the hunt for someone new, and for this reason, a Sagittarius will be reluctant to commit. 

Don’t expect a Sagittarius to be the jealous or possessive type, and you better not be either. Otherwise, a Sagittarius will happily say goodbye and move on to the next partner. No questions asked.

Capricorn in Love

When it comes to love, a Capricorn is one of the most cautious signs of the zodiac and they will guard their heart like Fort Knox. Loyal and down to earth, it takes an extraordinary person to impress a Capricorn, so you better be on your best behavior.

Although Capricorns may be slow to commit to a relationship in the beginning, once they feel secure with their partner they are a sincere and dedicated lover.

When it comes to jealousy, don’t play games with Capricorns because that’s a game you will never win. They like to have control over a romantic situation, and if there are any issues with loyalty, a Capricorn will not hesitate to kick you to the curb.

Aquarius in Love

When it comes to love, an Aquarius relationship can start off as a slow burn.  The friendliest sign of the zodiac, they are incredibly funny and charming. In relationships, Aquarius will take their time before committing.  A tad bit eccentric, they are a tolerant lover, and they respect those they love.

On the flip side, Aquarius can be incredibly stubborn, and it will be tough to change their mind. However, on a positive note, they are not jealous and will give you plenty of freedom in the relationship to do what you want and are considered the Bachelor/Bachelorette of the zodiac sign.  

Pisces in Love

When it comes to love, a Pisces is one of the sweetest zodiac signs to fall in love with. Kind and sensitive, they treat love like a spiritual awakening and at times your relationship can feel like a religious experience.

Poetic and eternally romantic, Pisces are always on a quest to find their soulmate. Always in search for the perfect partner, a Pisces can easily have several love affairs before they finally settle down.

When it comes to jealousy, a Pisces feelings are easily hurt. Incredibly emotional and sensitive, it would be hard for a Pisces to recover if you actually cheated. Whether or not it may be true, if they feel they don’t get enough attention in your relationship, they will slowly withdraw and find someone who will.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.