Prince William and Prince Harry, opened their hearts to the public this week to discuss the tragic death of their mother, Princess Diana. In the new documentary: Diana, Our Mother, Her Life, and Legacy aired on HBO on July 24, 2017.

The intimate portrait of the beloved Princess Diana features personal insight from her two sons and how they felt after her tragic death. The documentary offers fans an intimate look into Princess Diana’s life through the personal reflections of her friends and family.

But what about the stars, what secrets does Princess Diana’s Astrology Birth Chart reveal? Astrochicks takes astrological peek into the life and death of our fairytale princess.

Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1961, under the Astrology Sun Sign of Cancer. The first water sign of the zodiac, people born under the sign of Cancer are deeply affected by the phases of the Moon, and Princess Diana’s feelings ran deep.

Her birth chart shows a woman who’s a tender, emotional and sensitive soul, Princess Diana was known not only for her beauty but her kind heart, and empathy for others.

She had Moon in cool Aquarius. Publicly Princess Diana tried to keep a stiff upper lip even though she was incredibly sad over her marriage to Prince Charles, but in private she reportedly was quite insecure and desperate to be loved.

Princess Diana’s Venus in Taurus reveals a jealous and possessive streak, but also a woman who was down to earth, loyal and committed to those she loved.

Sadly, her life was cut short by a car accident in Paris, and she died on August 31, 1997. She left two heartbroken little boys alone and without a mother, and millions around the world mourned Princess Diana’s sudden death.

In the new documentary, Prince Harry explains how he coped with his mother’s death. “The first time I cried was at the funeral,” Harry tells his interviewer. “And probably since then, maybe only once.” Wow, he must have been holding in years of grief. What else does Prince Harry’s Astrology Birth Chart reveal?

Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984, under the practical Sun Sign of Virgo. Virgo men are often loners, and they survive bachelorhood better than most guys. Although, his birth chart reveals he’s a very picky Bachelor who’s smart, sexy, and fun. Prince Harry wants his lady to be classy but a tiger in the bedroom. Now that Prince Harry is approaching 33, we hope he’s taking the thought of marriage more seriously.

When Astrochicks digs deeper into Prince Harry’s birth chart, we see Moon in loyal Taurus. The astrological planet tells us he’s emotionally stable and very romantic. When he’s in love, his affections are strong, deep, and unwavering. Prince Harry’s a total teddy bear when in love, and a sweet & sentimental guy.

Once again, his birth chart shows Venus in Libra. Wow, quite the ladies man oozing with charm. Most likely, Prince Harry likes to shower the woman he loves with gifts. His Mars in Sagittarius shows a more fun and adventurous side, so life with Prince Harry would NEVER be boring.

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter in Libra conjuncts Prince Harry’s Venus in Libra This September. This aspect is very auspicious and would be the perfect time for him to announce his engagement his current girlfriend, Meghan Markle. Will he pop the question?

Meghan Markle is born under the passionate Sun Sign of Leo. She’s beautiful, classy, and stands out in a crowd. Her Moon in down to earth Virgo conjuncts Prince Harry’s Sun in Virgo. Together, they felt emotionally comfortable with one another and committed to the relationship. Add her Venus in Virgo, and there’s strong sexual chemistry between the two. We believe Meghan views Prince Harry as her dream guy and her knight in shining armor. She’s so READY to get engaged.

Our Astrology-Psychic prediction for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle is an engagement in 2017 that leads to wedding bells in 2018. After looking at both of their birth charts, Astrochicks believes they share a magical soulmate connection and astrologically predict if they get married they will enjoy a lifetime of love and happiness. Stay tuned.


Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.