Wow! Everything has certainly been hitting the fan lately thanks to a pair of famous hotheads called President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. Threats of nuclear war seem more real by the moment and makes everyone is this the end of times? Astrochicks just had to go back to our previous Astrology-Psychic predictions and take a look at the birth charts of these two famous leaders. What the hell is going on here? It’s not pretty guys…

Kim Jong Un Capricorn Sun:

The self-styled ‘Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea’ was born on January 8, 1984. This makes him not only one of the youngest leaders in the world, but it also means he’s a Capricorn. Of course he is…

Why of course? Well, there are a few famous Capricorns in the mix at the moment including Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner and Jeffery Sessions. In our Astrology Predictions for President Trump into 2018, we predicted that a famous Capricorn might ultimately be President Trump’s downfall. We strongly suspect that it might be Donald Jr. or Jared Kushner who spell the end for President Trump as a result of their meetings with the Russians and any information they may be covering up or any money that needed laundering. That said, with Capricorn Kim Jong Un in the picture, we also have a new chaos candidate in our sights.

Capricorn is the sign of the government and it doesn’t work so well with our current President Trump’s Sun Sign of Gemini. This sign is ruled by chatty Mercury and people with a Gemini Sun love to shoot their mouth off and fire off tweet storms. Capricorn is very retro and is more traditional, think of the big boys club at the top, the patriarchy etc. Adding another Capricorn into the White House mix butting heads with brash and unpredictable President Trump is not helpful.

Capricorn is also a zodiac sign that can be perverse and cruel when pushed, which we have seen repeatedly with Kim Jong Un. After all, this is the man who executed his uncle and poisoned his half-brother. It’s not looking good…

Kim Jong Un Birth Chart:

Other important factors in Kim Jong Un’s birth chart? He has an Aries rising sign which makes him hot-headed, rash, and prone to temper tantrums. Everything has to be done the way that Kim Jong Un wants it to be done and everyone else can take a seat.

He also has Pluto in Scorpio which is kind of a heavy placement. This makes Kim Jong Un secretive and intense, which fits what we know about him perfectly. For most of his life no one was even sure of his existence or even where he lived. He only came out from the sidelines when it was time to claim his position at the top of the North Korean dynasty after the death of Kim Jong Il, just like the Scorpion emerging from the shadows to move in for the kill with his deadly stinger.

The Birth Charts of  President Trump and Kim Jong Un:

When we compare the two charts of Trump and Kim it all becomes clear. These two are never going to see eye to eye. The most troubling part of it all is that Trumps Mercury (planet of communication) and his Sun are in opposition with Kim’s Mercury. Of course! This means that the two men are constantly bickering. The other issue with a placement like this is that communication will never run smoothly as neither man takes anything the other says seriously. They will always discount each others’ words which is very dangerous when they are both throwing around threats of pushing the nuclear button.

Trump’s Sun is also in opposition with Kim’s Neptune. More communication problems! This placement brings up harsh words that can’t be undone and means that the two men are on completely different pages. There is no room to negotiate when the Sun is opposite Neptune and any attempts to find a diplomatic solution will break down. Gulp!

Ready for some more bad news? Trump’s Sun is opposition Kim’s Jupiter which is called a ‘hard aspect’. This tells you everything you need to know, and it’s a problem. With this aspect Trump will tire of the confrontational attitude that he sees in Kim, even though he is just as happy to get into a fight. Trump sees Kim as a threat to everything that he and the United States stand for and he will look at any confrontation as Kim forcing him to retaliate. The drama with this placement is almost never ending. It will be one fight after another and one war of words followed by yet more bluster and posturing as these two famous figures jostle for power.

Basically…everything about these two charts confirms everything we have seen already.

Solar Eclipse:

The Solar Eclipse is coming up on August 21, 2017 in the sign of Leo. Last Astrology Prediction, we told you that Leo is all about dynasties and famous families. In this case Kim Jong Un fits the astrological patterns perfectly. Just like Trump, he is the member of a famous dynasty having risen to power after the death of his father Kim Jong Il.

Kim will be rocked by the Leo Eclipse and the series of eclipses that will continue into 2018. There are strong links between this Eclipse and atomic warfare as well as reckless behavior and violence. Put simply, this Eclipse is the perfect astrological storm that could push Kim and Donald over the edge and plunge us into nuclear war.

Astrologically speaking we know that this is not good news, but there are also other factors swirling around that could still pull all of this back from the brink. As a Capricorn Kim is still cautious and pragmatic and he knows that he can’t mess with the United States and not expect a heavy retaliation. Our prediction is that Trump and Kim will continue the fighting talk but that in the end neither one will want to make the first move without all out provocation from the other.

Here’s hoping we are right!