Hollywood’s cutest couple, Ana Faris and Chris Pratt, announced this week they are pulling the plug on their 8-year marriage. What do the stars reveal for the superstar couple? Will they get back together? Astrochicks takes an astrological look at what caused the split between the couple and whether or not Pratt and Faris will get back together or get a divorce.

Ana Faris first skyrocketed to fame in 2009 when she appeared in the Scary Movie franchise, The House Bunny, and Brokeback Mountain. The fun loving actress was born on November 29, 1976, under the free-spirited sign of Sagittarius. Witty and brutally honest, a Sagittarius girl like Ana Faris needs a partner who expresses love, loyalty, and dedication that matches her own. She wants romance and adventure in a relationship and can get bored quickly. A Sagittarius girls bright outlook on life makes her easy to be around, and her optimism is infectious. However, Faris also has Mercury, Mars, and Neptune in Sagittarius which can make her quite a firecracker and impulsive. Did this astrological aspect in Ana Faris’s birth chart push her to legally separate from her husband, Chris Pratt? Umm, yep!

In the last few months, Ana Faris has been very vocal in recent interviews and on her podcast that she has been SUPER lonely without her man and feeling blue. Her Moon in Pisces would make Faris emotional, insecure, and a bit of a drama queen. She needs LOTS OF ATTENTION in a marriage, and well, Chris Pratt was gone several months out of the year filming blockbuster movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic Park.

Chris Pratt is a different astrological story. He was born June 21, 1979, under the Sun Sign of curious Gemini. He’s a mutable Air sign, which keeps him in constant flux, happiest in the cooler climate of ideas and intellect, rather than the emotional frying pan. The concept of “forever,” if it doesn’t freak him out, is laughable to a Gemini man. That’s not to say that Gemini men can’t commit because they do. However, his wife’s Moon in Pisces squares his Sun Sign, and he may have felt her neediness was a buzzkill.

Add Venus in Gemini, and Chris Pratt appreciates beautiful girls and likes to be flirty. No doubt, he may have hurt his wife’s feelings if she felt he got too chummy with his co-stars. Hi, Jennifer Lawrence! Add Pratt’s Moon and Mars in lusty but stubborn Taurus; I imagine the Pratt and Faris household has been very tense over the last year with Saturn in Sagittarius throwing emotional hand grenades into the relationship.

Sadly, our Astrology-Psychic Love Prediction for Chris Pratt & Ana Faris’s marriage is divorce. The couple’s astrology chart lacks a strong emotional connection between their Sun and Moon signs. The combined birth charts reveal Sun and Venus in Gemini square Moon in Pisces, and probably caused a lot of emotional hang ups in the relationship and a lack of trust.

In a recent interview, Ana Faris revealed she insecure in the relationship and the rumors that Pratt cheated on her was incredibly painful, even if he vehemently denied it. YIKES!

The Moon is the most important ‘planet’ in love relationships. The Moon represents deep emotional needs, and it’s hard to be with someone who does not offer us what our Moon needs. Sadly, Pratt’s Sun and Venus in Gemini is not compatible with Farsi’s Moon in Pisces. Poor girl, she must be a total emotional wreck.

The one positive aspect of the couple’s birth charts is that Chris Pratt and Ana Faris will make excellent friends and co-parents. They both adore their little boy, and they want him to be happy. YEAH!

In the future, I would recommend that Ana Faris try dating a Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer or Taurus male. What about Chris Pratt? He needs a woman a little less needy, and he would probably find love with a Taurus, Libra, or Virgo.

Our Astrology-Psychic Love prediction is that Pratt and Faris are working out the financial arrangements of their marriage before they file for divorce in 2018. Sending them lots of love.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.