ASTROLOGY PSYCHIC Predictions, North Korea Nuclear Threats, Kim Jong Un Capricorn Sun!

Should America take North Korea’s nuclear threats serious? If you follow world psychic and astrology predictions, North Korea, definitely will become more aggressive. Over the next two years, China will be forced to intervene. Will they make North Korea behave or does America have to worry about World War 3?

Kim Jong Un, born on January 8, 1984 is a controlling Capricorn. Named the “Morning Star King” by his mom,  Kim Jong Un has been carefully crafting his “cult personality” after his father’s death. He has been hailed as the “Great Successor to the Revolutionary Cause of Juche”, “Outstanding Leader of the Party, Army and People”,  “Respected Comrade Who is Identical to Supreme Commander Kim Jong-il”, and Chairman of the Kim Jong-il Funeral Committee.

Astrologically speaking, Kim Jong Un, we believe is trying to flex his Capricorn muscles. Putting the world on notice, he’s a strong leader and not to be ignored. By threatening America, his ego gets stroked by the nightly news and papers screaming his nuclear threats to the world. Is he really that crazy?

Looking at his astrology chart here, Kim Jong Un has a Pisces Moon, which means he’s easily influenced by others. Charming one minute and emotionally crazy the next. Most likely, Astrochicks thinks he could suffer from depression or may even be bi-polar. Either way, he’s definitely an unpredictable leader.

Kim Jong Un has ruthless Scorpio in Saturn in the 10th house. According to Solaris Astrology,  Saturn here is dutiful and will trample all over people below him as well as being ultra secretive. This man could turn out to be a very useful poker player, and as such a fearsome enemy who’s moves you could never read. Good luck to the US and other world intelligence services trying to second guess what Kim may do.  Also here is a very, very determined, and possibly vicious Mars Pluto conjunction connected to his Midheaven. The position of Pluto in Scorpio shows the absolute control he has inherited including nuclear (Pluto) capability and Mars at the Midheaven shows the military at his disposal. How will he use this vast stock of energy and power at his disposal? We will see as he react to his first difficult set of transits as supreme leader. Translation, yes North Korea is serious about their threats.

On March 14, 2013, reports surfaced from South Korean intelligence sources that Kim Jong Un had been the target of an assassination attempt.The attempt was made by “disgruntled people inside the North,” leaving politicians to wonder if another government is trying to take him out.

Astrochicks astrology psychic prediction is that China will move to have Kim Jong Un removed from power, either publically or secretly. The world can’t have some crazy man running around threatening the world with nuclear bombs, even China. Domestically, North Korea’s actions have angered Chinese citizens, with many seeing the policy of indulging North Korea as a failure. This guy has got to go but Astrochicks believes he will not go away quietly. Summer will be the turning point, forcing the USA and China to make an important decision about North Korea. Stay tuned.

Update: The original article was written in 2013 and it’s interesting to see how this has astrologically evolved. Kim Jong Un is still making nuclear threats and they seem more lethal now that President Trump is in office. However, the fact that China has come forward and told North Korea they are on their own if they fire the first missile could put an end to Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threats. Astrochicks predicts the world leaders are quietly working behind the scenes to remove him from power. We expect a major astrological showdown after the Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st. Stay tuned.

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  1. You should read The Carelli Degrees for the Chart of North Korea–Very interesting to say the least-especially the sun and moon!!

  2. I still believe Moon in Pisces is easily influenced by others and are an emotional sponge. They are very psychic and intuitive and like to bend the truth. On a positive side, they are very emotional and sensitive. It depends on whether you are showing your positive or negative traits.

  3. I can’t believe you’re talking astrology when this lunatic wants to nuke people. They said he would be worse than his father.

  4. Your postdiction is funny. Most of you astrologers only come out after the news. Blabla bla in 10th house moon in your ass etc.. Same BS of astrologer non-sense.

  5. I respectfully disagree. People who have Moon in Pisces, tend to very sensitive, and can easily be hurt by insults, rejection and criticism. It’s our opinion, North Korea’s leader is upset by other political leaders treatment of his country. He wants to flex his muscles.

    They easily absorb others emotions and can be overwhelmed with the feelings they sense around them. Translation, his advisors could be pushing him to take a stand.

  6. You are wrong! Pisces are not easily influenced by others. They might listen and you think you have convinced them but after two hours wasting your time, you are back to square one. They don’t want to change the way of their thinking. They stick to their own ideas until it’s too late.

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