KIM KARDASHIAN Love Horoscope Predictions: Hubby Kanye West and New Baby!

It’s time for some exciting celebrity baby news again, and it comes from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who have announced that they are pregnant with their third child via a surrogate! The world was shocked, but this was not news to us at Astrochicks as we predicted that they would go ahead with a surrogate back in April with the Full Moon in Libra. Even though we knew it was coming, we are thrilled to hear that the Kardashian-West’s are adding to their brood.

The timing of the announcement is no surprise. But what is coming up for one of the most famous twosomes on the planet? And what Astrology Psychic Predictions can we expect for Kim Kardashian and her hubby, Kanye West  expect for the rest of the year in 2017?

Kim Kardashian’s Astrology Star Predictions:

When we take a look at the astrological weather for this famous pair, we can see that Kim is going to have increased success now and the surrogate is just part of it. Kim Kardashian is a Libra and Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, is in her sign now until October 2017 which means that she is the celestial favorite. Anything she touches will turn to (more) gold, and her star will continue to rise.

The Solar Eclipse on August 21 is also positive for Kim Kardashian and collaborations are favored for her. Soon after the Solar Eclipse, we may hear news of Kim announcing a collaboration with another famous face or brand that will continue to catapult her to even greater stardom. When it comes to Kanye West, this is a sweet time for their a love story and their baby news has probably brought them even closer together as they prepare to add to their brood.

One thing that Kim and Kanye should look out for however is the nasty chatter that can come when Mercury is retrograde form August 12 to September 5 as this often makes our message go array and can make people think the worst of us if we say the wrong things. We have already seen a few rumblings related to how much money Kim and Kanye are paying their surrogate, and the backlash about their choice to continue to grow their family in this way could continue until we are out of the retrograde pattern in September. We say that Kim and Kanye should just ignore the haters for now as this is all part of the fiery skies under the Leo Sun coupled with Mercury Retrograde.

Kanye West’s Astrology Star Predictions:

But while it is all good for Kim Kardashian’s Astrology-Psychic predictions, Kanye’s birth chart looks a little darker. We have just had the news that Kanye West is suing his insurer, Lloyd’s of London, for $10 million for his canceled Life of Pablo tour. You may remember that he took time off for a psychotic episode and now he wants the money back. What do his stars tell us?

It’s not looking good if Kanye West wants a big pay out. The main reason for this is that Mercury is about to go retrograde on August 12 until September 5 which brings with it all kinds of problems. Honestly this is the worst time to be involved in a lawsuit and you have to wonder why the Kardashian-West family doesn’t use astrology!

Mercury Retrograde means delays, legal wrangling, confusion, and problems associated with technology and paperwork so this doesn’t bode well. Kanye West’s insurer is likely to dig their heels in and try to hold up the process for as long as possible in the hopes that he will give up or settle out of court for a smaller sum. If they make him an offer during Mercury Retrograde then he definitely should not accept it as he won’t be getting a good deal at all and signing papers at this time is the worst thing you can do. If he does sign a settlement deal then he needs to read the fine print very carefully as Mercury retrograde can catch you out with hidden clauses that are easy to miss. Get an ace lawyer to go through everything with a fine tooth comb is our advice to Kanye!

In other areas of Kanye West’s life he is going, being hit by delays which are likely to fire up his famous temper. This is because Gemini is ruled by Mercury so when it goes to sleep it affects this sign more than most. Kanye needs to be very careful of the message he puts out at this time as mix-ups are common.

Kanye West has a Leo rising sign which is in the spotlight at the moment and is going to shine around the time of the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. Despite the issues with Mercury Retrograde, he could also do very well at this time. There is also a strong emphasis on Kanye’s body now in his chart as Leo is all about wellbeing for August.

This is interesting as it could tie into his lawsuit. The signs for him winning are not good, but they also go back to the Leo Solar Eclipse. Many insurers don’t like to pay out if they think that a star has medical issues that they have caused themselves through their own lifestyle choices. It could be that Kanye loses his lawsuit but that this acts as a big wakeup call to take care of himself a little better in the future. Instead of burning the candle at both ends, Kanye may realize in August that his fast-paced lifestyle has caused him to lose out on a lot of money AND disappoint his fans. If there was ever a time to take control of this health, then August is the time for Kanye to get real and get better.

Here’s hoping that Kanye West can get it together in August and get ready to welcome baby number three. Here at Astrochicks we can’t wait to find out when the little bundle of joy is going to make an appearance, but we are guessing a Capricorn or perhaps a quirky Aquarius baby which would be the perfect addition to the Kardashian-West clan.

Stay tuned for some predictions about the newest Kardashian-West as soon as we have some news on the due date!

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. Jupiter in Scorpio transiting over your Venus in Scorpio would be considered a positive time for love or creative endeavors. It’s a good luck charm and brings more positive energy into your life. If you are seeking a partner it’s an excellent time to find love. However, you need to put yourself out there and be open to a new partner you may not have considered before.

  2. I really enjoyed the articles herein. But am curious if you use degree aspects or whole sign aspects in your analysis?

    Would Jupiter in Scorpio for example,be good for me as a Scorpio Venus in terms of social relations and romantic conquests regardless of degree placement

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