BACHELORETTE Rachel Predictions: Next Bachelor Peter Kraus or Dean Unglert?

Will Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay follow her heart, and choose the right man to be her husband? The final four hunks Rachel selected, are Peter Kraus, Dean Unglert, Eric Bigger, and Bryan Abasolo. What does the future hold for her handsome suitors? Which one will be her lucky husband and who will get to be the next Bachelor?

In case you missed the hometown dates episode, Bachelorette Rachel sent home sweet Dean Unglert broken hearted after his awkward reunion with his estranged father.

In case you missed the back story, at the tender age of 15, Dean lost his mom to cancer, and he lost his father too…emotionally. The family has never quite recovered from such a devastating blow, and his dad found comfort in the Sikh religion and well Dean, he’s still trying to emotionally pick up pieces.

Dean Unglert born under the Sun Sign of Aquarius is a complicated guy. Dubbed the Bachelor of the zodiac, you won’t often hear an Aquarius man say “I love you,” at least not in the traditional way or at the appropriate moment. He can be exciting and unpredictable, and hard to settle down. I guess that’s why Dean told People magazine he’s “not ready” to be the Bachelor and has chosen to appear on Bachelor in Paradise instead. Well, at least he’s self-aware and wise.

Which leaves Bachelor Nation hoping that Peter Kraus, the cutie-pie from Wisconsin and personal trainer will be chosen to hand out roses to 25 lovely ladies. What do the stars reveal in Peter Kraus’s Astrology Chart?

No doubt, Bachelorette Rachel is pretty smitten with Peter Kraus, but he’s been emotionally on the fence about whether or not he’s in love with Rachel or not. After all, it’s only been about six weeks since they first met and of course, Peter could be the next Bachelor, and that can be quite tempting.

Astrologically speaking, Peter Kraus is born under the Sun Sign of free-spirited Sagittarius. Men born under this exciting zodiac fire sign are fun-loving, happy and easy to be around. The Archer seems always to be upbeat, is a truth seeker, and he wants everyone around him to be the same way.

His Moon in Taurus shows he had an instant emotional connection with Bachelorette Rachel and his Venus in Scorpio makes him one sexy guy in the bedroom. Although in love relationships, he can be jealous and possessive, a knight in shining armor he likes to take care of his lady. Add Mars in Libra; Peter Kraus’s a total flirt, and girls ADORE HIM!

Astrochicks Astrology-Psychic prediction is, of course, Peter Kraus will be tapped to be the next Bachelor. The only person is standing in his way is Bachelorette Rachel.

According to Reality, Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers is that Peter Kraus makes it to the final two but Rachel is unsure of his commitment to her and chooses Bryan instead. Will Peter Kraus be left broken hearted or happy to become the next Bachelor?

Jupiter in Scorpio will be conjunct Peter Kraus’s Venus in Scorpio, and it predicts good fortune in love. If he does become the Bachelor, we predict he will find love and become engaged. Also, probably one of the most popular Bachelors in ABC history. Stay tuned.

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