LOVE HIP HOP Hollywood Rumors: Nikki Baby Dating New Man, Ray J and Princess Baby Talk

The hotly anticipated new VH1 season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will arrive on July 24, 2017. All your fan favorites are returning from Ray J & Princess to Miss Nikki Baby, but it will include a few new faces. Keyshia Cole and Chanel West Coast, who are the new chicks on the block.

What are the latest rumors for the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and what does their future hold? Check out our Astrology-Psychic predictions for our personal faves, Ray J, Princess, and Miss Nikki Baby.

First up, newlyweds Ray J and Princess are back in the mix and talking about having babies. We predict the stars will shine on Love & Hip Hop couple in 2018 and they will welcome a new baby girl.

Ray J born under the Zodiac Sun Sign of Capricorn will be a protective father with old fashion values and he will raise his kids to be responsible and respectful. Of course, she will be Daddy’s little girl.

His lady love, Princess, is a passionate Leo woman and one proud Mama. Naturally, she will be a protective lioness of her baby cub, but she will also like to show her little girl off and dress her up in style.  She will be the “fun” mom where Ray J will always be the “concerned” dad.

Astrologically speaking, I feel this is a positive time for both Ray J and Princess. He’s focused on building his business empire and providing for his family. Princess will relish in her new role as Mommy and take some well-deserved time off to take care of her baby girl.

Next is Miss Nikki Baby. Girl, she is one banging boss lady. Her lingerie line Nude by Nikki is super successful, and you can check out some of her luscious lingerie on her Instagram account. It’s made for all of us curvy girls.

Miss Nikkie Baby aka Nikki Muddaris is born under the Zodiac Sun Sign of sensitive Cancer. Last season was tough on her when she lost her brother to a drug overdose. Currently, she manages her families Los Angeles and Las Vegas strip clubs and continues to build her empire.

In October 2017, Jupiter in Scorpio will smile upon Miss Nikki Baby bringing her, even MORE, money and good fortune, and perhaps a new love. Our astrological-psychic advice would be to make more personal time for herself and don’t make it all about the money. This love will require a more emotional investment on her part to show she’s committed and it’s not just about dating, this is TRUE LOVE.

Otherwise, Miss Nikki Baby is ready this Love & Hip Hop season to bring some excitement and drama to the show. Astrochicks can’t wait for the new season.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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