The film Wonder Woman has hit our screens and catapulted its Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot into the public eye once again.

Here at Astrochicks, we love a strong badass woman, and Gal Gadot is one of the toughest we have seen in a while. If you have seen her in action on the movie screen you will know what we are talking about, but was Gal always destined for greatness? And what does the future hold for this new Wonder Woman, mother, and kick-ass action woman? We take a look at her Astrology chart to find out and make a few psychic predictions.

Sun Sign Taurus:

Gal Gadot was born on April 30, 1985, in Rosh HaAyin in Israel. This means that her Sun was in Taurus which tells us a lot about this feisty lady. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and aesthetics, which takes us straight to Gal Gadot’s work before she broke into the movies. People with their Sun in Taurus are often incredibly beautiful, and they have a strong sense of style, so we are not surprised that this Wonder Woman won Miss Israel in 2004 and then represented Israel at the Miss Universe Pageant that same year. Not if you know Astrology as Astrochicks does.

Taurus is a powerful zodiac sign and people with a Taurus Sun are usually stubborn and tenacious. Gal Gadot had to have some serious drive and guts to take her from being a beauty pageant contestant to her role in the Fast and Furious films. There must have been a lot of people in Hollywood who discounted her, but true to her zodiac sign she kept pushing and finally landed one of the most iconic action film roles in recent times.

We should say however that Taurus is…well…not always the most physical of zodiac signs (sorry Taurus- you know it’s true!) so it is interesting that Gal Gadot took on one of the most action-packed film roles we have seen lately. Or is it? Let’s have a look at the next part of her Astrology chart.

Venus and Mercury in Aries:

Ah! Well, this explains it. Looking at the Astrological Planetary spread, we can see that Gal Gadot has quite a fiery chart. She has Venus and Mercury in passionate Aries which is the go-getter of the zodiac signs. Venus rules our love relationships, pleasure, and crucially, in this case, our artistic inclinations. Gal Gadot is the ultimate artist, and with fiery Aries behind her, it is no surprise that she wanted to take on a role like Wonder Woman. Aries is also extremely physical, so an action film is a perfect outlet for Gal Gadot’s restless Aries energy.

She also has Mercury in Aries which is the planet of communication, meaning that she speaks her mind and has a gift when it comes to getting people to see things her way. Remember we said she might have had trouble getting the execs in Hollywood to take her seriously? Probably not when her planet of communication is in Aries if anything the execs must have been shaking in their boots and only too happy to crown her as Wonder Woman. She can talk, and she has the physical power and fitness to back it up.

Gal Gadot also has more Fire in her chart as she has Uranus in Sagittarius. What a combination! Uranus is the planet we associate with lighting and is about vision and progress. People with Sagittarius in Uranus are forward-thinkers, and they don’t want to just follow the crowd. They like to push the envelope- like starring in a remake (a new vision) of a feisty and untraditional character.
Gal Gadot likes to do things her way thanks to Uranus in Sagittarius like refusing to wear heels on the red carpet if she doesn’t want to. Why? She says they throw her off balance and she can’t walk properly. Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs as well as spinal problems. There are no coincidences in Astrology dolls!
What does the future hold for Gal Gadot?

So what does the future hold for Wonder Woman? Well, our Astrology Psychic prediction is it’s all about a career at the moment for those born under the sign of the Bull, and so Gal Gadot can expect to see the cash keep rolling in. The stars in June, particularly after the New Moon in Cancer on June 23 could bring in a big new client, so in Gal Gadot’s case, Astrochicks predicts that she may land a starring new role or be chosen to be the face of a cosmetic or fashion line. Hello, calling L’Oreal and Gucci!

On the home front, Gal Gadot has two children, Alma and Maya, and her youngest daughter was born in March 2017. Taurus is the earth mother sign of the zodiac and family, particularly children, is the most important thing. This may mean that we see Gal Gadot taking some much needed time off after the Wonder Woman press junkets and promotional appearances are finished, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she locked herself away with her kids and husband for a few months and focused on family first.

The New Moon is in Cancer, a maternal sign known for being incredibly nurturing, so this all fits to show Gal taking time off and focusing all her attention on being a mother.

With all the Fire in her Astrology chart however and her dogged Taurus determination, she will probably be back in action pretty soon. The stars look especially favorable for Taurus around October thanks to a spike of good luck from Libra in Jupiter, so look out for more from this Wonder Woman then.