Bonjour Astrochicks readers! It’s the time of the French Elections, the first of which happened on April 23rd and the second which will fall on 7th May. In the first round, two candidates made it through and they are Marine Le Pen, whose Astrology birth chart we are going to look at today, and Emmanuel Macron for France’s election predictions.

So, what does Marine Le Pen’s Astrology birth chart say tell us and is she on course to become the next President of France? Let’s take a look…

Marine Le Pen’s Sun Sign:

First up we need to look at her Sun sign. Marine Le Pen was born on 5th August 1968. This means that her Sun is in the sign of Leo which is not a surprise at all. Why? Well Leos are natural born leaders. They have a regal and noble air about them which tends to command respect from others. Those born under this sign love to bask in the spotlight and they enjoy being in control. Interestingly the sign of the Royal Family in the United Kingdom is Leo which is a good comparison. People born with their Sun in Leo often command positions of privilege where all eyes are on upon them and where they are seen as role models to others. This bodes well for Marine Le Pen’s chances of bringing in a lot of votes.

Marine Le Pen’s Moon Sign:

Marine Le Pen was born with her Moon in Capricorn, the sign of the Mountain Goat. Those born with their Moon in this sign are serious and incredibly ambitious. They are the typical over-achievers who are very practical and want to succeed from the ground up. Often people born with their Moon in Capricorn suffer from low-self esteem and they make up for this by trying to get a high profile job where they are respected by many. As we can see, this appears to fit with Marine Le Pen’s political ambitions, and Capricorn is a very tenacious sign, so this also implies that she is absolutely ‘in it to win it’ when it comes to the election.

The Natal Chart for the European Union:

Now, in order to make a Psychic Astrology Prediction about the French Election we need to look at the big picture which means digging into the Astrology natal chart of the European Union of which France is a member. Why? Because Marine Le Pen is set on France leaving Europe and leaving its currency which is the Euro. In complete contrast her opponent Emmanuel Macron is pro Europe and supports the Euro. If we look at what might happen in those two areas then it will tell us more about how Marine Le Pen is likely to do in the elections.

The European Union was ‘born’ on 1st November 1993 in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The Second House of the natal chart for Europe has the planet Saturn in it. The Second House rules currency, property, banking, and material possessions. Saturn, which rules difficult challenges, hard times, and tough decisions that confront us, has been in this house from 2015 and will continue on until the end of 2017. Europe is facing challenging times ahead.

We already saw problems in Europe when the United Kingdom voted to leave (Brexit!) in 2016. This fits the astrological pattern exactly but it is set to continue until at least the end of 2017. What we are seeing in this chart therefore is that Europe is breaking up and the European Union won’t last. This points strongly to a win for Marine Le Pen ahead of Macron since she is the candidate who is pushing to leave Europe.

We also need to look at other astrological events coming up on the horizon. The big one is Uranus in Taurus in 2018 which is all about unexpected events (Uranus) connected to finance and banking (Taurus). This shows a clear link to the fate of the Euro and people abandoning this currency in favor of something else. Again, the astrology is pushing us in the direction of a Marine Le Pen win.

The French Republic Birth Chart:

It’s also really important to look at the birth chart for France in all of this. When we look at the chart we can see tough times in the past with immigrants, religion, and terrorism, and when Saturn moves to Sagittarius starting in April until December 2017 we will see strong moves being made in France to push through policies that will impact these issues.

France has also had problems because of a Pluto and Uranus at hard angles in its natal chart and this stems back to the beginning of the crumbling of Europe during Brexit. It also goes even further back to other issues within Europe such as the financial crisis in Greece. We are just getting past these hard aspects however, and that points to change on the way. That also looks favorable for Le Pen, as France is going to start making some big changes and she is the woman with the election manifesto to get them all done.

In November 2018, Jupiter, planet of luck and miracles, will start moving into the French chart and this brings with it good things, prosperity, and a more peaceful outlook. The France of the future will be very different than it is now and this doesn’t really fit with a candidate like Macron who wants to stick to the status quo and keep France in the European Union. Instead, all this change that will come quickly and dramatically and the France of the 2017 election will look like another world. Putting together all the charts, it looks very likely that Le Pen will be at the helm when these changes happen.

Mercury Retrograde Election Madness:

Another important part of the bigger picture is that pesky planet of communication Mercury is currently retrograde. The first election was held on 23rd April during the retrograde and the second on May 7th will be during the Mercury Retrograde Shadow period. This is all bad news and it seems that the French Government doesn’t use astrology!

If they did they would know that Mercury Retrograde is a terrible time for an election as it leads to problems like recounts, possible voter fraud, lost ballots, hacking, and all other kinds of electoral madness. Here at Astrochicks our France election prediction is that the election process is unlikely to run smoothly and it may be several weeks before a clear winner is declared. Macron is already declaring that Russia has hacked his campaign which may cause political doubt on who the true winner is.

Whatever happens, we can probably expect it to be quite a rocky road for the new President- and this election is just the start of an exciting new chapter for France!