ELON MUSK Psychic Predictions: The Future of Tesla, Mars Colony, Neuralink, and Amber Heard

Elon Musk is known for being a businessman, a mogul, and an inventor of one of the most popular luxury cars, TESLA. He’s also reportedly the 80th richest man in the world and he’s dating Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard. Some people have all the luck!

But is it luck or does Elon Musk’s Astrology chart show that he was always destined for greatness? Let’s take a look at what the stars reveal for this Silicon Valley’s charismatic Entrepreneur.

Elon Musk’s Sun sign:

Elon Musk was born on June 28th 1971 in Pretoria in South Africa. He grew up idolizing the United States, and as a young child dreamed of travelling into space. He is known for being one of the most successful businessmen in the world today but many who know him speak of his quiet demeanor and softly spoken manner.

His Sun is in the zodiac sign of Cancer in his birth chart which can tell us a lot. Cancer is the sign of the Crab and it’s also a Water sign. Anyone with a strong water element in their chart has hidden depths and a dreamlike quality. They are often sensitive people who are adept at understanding the needs of others, and this is an exceptionally nurturing sign. This taps in perfectly to Musk’s philosophy, as he is known for wanting to reduce global warming and minimize the risk of human extinction by setting up new civilizations on other planets. Cancer is the ultimate caretaker of others and here Musk wants to take care of the entire planet!

Rising Sign Libra:

Elon Musk’s Rising Sign is Libra, the sign of the Scales. Those with this aspect in their natal chart are known for being natural charmers. People tend to flock to them as Libra is ruled by charismatic Venus and it can be hard to say ‘no’ to someone who has Libra as their Rising Sign. That said, people with this placement don’t always use their charm to their advantage and they often come across as the ultimate ‘people pleasers’ who will do anything to avoid conflict. This fits with everything we know about Musk who, despite his wealth and status, is known for being self deprecating and quietly compelling without needing to shout about his success.

What else does Rising Sign Libra tells us? It links back to Libra’s ruler Venus again who is a stickler for aesthetics. Those with a prominent Libra placement in their natal chart are attracted to beauty and they love exquisite surroundings and anything that is aesthetically pleasing. This again pairs perfectly with Musk who is known for dating beautiful women and who is said to be especially attracted to blonde bombshells like Amber Heard.

Mars in Aquarius:

One of the things that Elon Musk is best known for is his plan to set up a human colony in Mars and he has even gone as far as saying that he would like to die on the Red Planet. When we look at his chart, this could not be more perfect, as his Mars is in the sign of Aquarius.

Why is this significant? Well, Aquarius is the ultimate quirky sign that marches very much to the beat of its own drum. Anyone with Aquarius in their chart can be described as having a slightly eccentric view of the world as well as being highly creative and imaginative. Those born with their Mars in Aquarius are also idealistic and care about communal ideas and beliefs. They are interested in the wellbeing of the group and shared endeavors, so this fits exactly with Elon Musk’s idea of moving to Mars and developing a new colony away from Planet Earth.

Sun Square Uranus:

Another interesting aspect when we look at Elon Musk’s Astrology chart is that his Sun is square Uranus.

Uranus is a tricky planet as it’s the planet of surprises, anything unexpected, and lightning bolts that come out of nowhere! Those born with their Sun square Uranus have a healthy dose of uniqueness and they are originals who think outside the box. When they are young they may feel different from those around them, and Musk has said that as a child growing up in South Africa he always felt out of place and wanted to move to the United States.

Sun square Uranus brings with it a large amount of restless energy and an inability to fit into the ‘norm’. Many people with this placement just simply aren’t cut out for a typical job in an office and often they carve out their own destiny following their own dreams and desires. Of course this is exactly what we see in Musk, who has spent his life developing his own companies like SpaceX and who wants to go out and explore not only the world but the entire solar system.

A Sun square Uranus influence also usually has a revolutionary quality about it but it has to be in a meaningful way. It is focused with looking at collective solutions to difficult problems, just like Musk who wants to race to find answers to issues like the rise of global warming and the use of solar power.

The Future for Elon Musk:

In recent times Elon Musk has talked about his plans for a new company called Neuralink which is going to fuse the human brain with some kind of artificial intelligence. This may sound like the plot of a Sci-Fi novel but if we look at Elon Musk’s Astrology chart them we can see where this is coming from. The planet Uranus is highlighted in Musk’s chart as is its ruler Aquarius which in turn both rule lightning and by extension electricity.

Elon Musk’s chart crackles with electrical energy and his business ideas are also similarly alive with the possibility of fusing electronics with biology to create a brain-computer interface where humans will be able to start tapping into a new kind of digital intelligence.

All of Elon Musk’s ideas are a great step into the unknown that take us right up to the borders of what is possible though science and robotics at this time. As we can see from his chart though, if anyone can make a human-robot hybrid in the future then Astrochicks psychic astrology prediction is that Musk is the right man for the job!

When it comes to romance, Uranus in Aries is doing a dance in Elon Musk’s 7th house of relationships. We predict that his romance with Amber Heard will be short lived and he will return to the loving arms of his ex wife, Talulah Riley who he has already divorced twice. Stay tuned.


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