On April 26th 2017 we are going to see a New Moon in Taurus, the sign of the Bull. For many of us, this is going to come as a welcome relief, as it’s fair to say that this year has not been easy so far.

To start with, 2017 kicked off with watery Pisces energy dragging us down to the depths and making us sluggish and introspective. Then we got a kickstart with the Aries New Moon, but despite this jolt of fiery energy thanks to the sign of Ram, you may have felt like you have been spinning your wheels for much of March and April. One of the big reasons for this is that April in particular sees not just one but five planets going retrograde, and this has led to a stop-start kind of energy where it may have seemed like you just couldn’t make any progress. The good news? Finally with the New Moon in Taurus on the 26th we will all be getting the astrological break that we deserve.

New Moons take from the sign that they fall in and this one comes courtesy of earthy Taurus. The Bull is one of the most grounded signs of the zodiac and its diligent and practical energy will help us to start making changes that are well thought through and stable. New Moons usually mean fresh starts, but with Mercury still retrograde on April 26th we would do well to harness the cautious nature of Taurus and double check that we have everything in place before Mercury goes direct on May 3rd and we can finally start making some moves, like signing contracts and buying electronics.

Taurus is also the sign that rules finances and material security, so this New Moon is the perfect opportunity to get our finances in shape and look at our bottom lines. Money matters may have felt a little stuck with the planetary pile up of retrograde energy, and the New Moon will give us the boost we need to get back on track and start making and saving some cash.

One thing to look out for with this New Moon is the fact that Taurus is known for being the slowest moving signs of all the zodiac. Whereas other New Moons like Aries often give us a boost right away, Taurus is more of a slow burn and it may take a few weeks for things to come together and for real progress to start being made. Still, Taurus is also known for being patient, so unlike the skittish and volatile nature of Aries that has been hanging over us, we will now feel calmer and more centered. This will see us happy to put one foot in front of the other and take slow but significant steps towards our future.

It’s true that Taurus is slow, plodding, and methodical, but there is a reason that its symbol is a Bull, an animal that has a habit of charging when provoked. This sign is also a go-getter, especially when it is related to something like a promotion or a financial reward, so after the New Moon will be the time to forge ahead in your career and really start pushing in the fields of business, finance, and commerce.

This may mean that many of us get a promotion or a new job that pays far better than our previous one. If you work for yourself you may land a big new client after the New Moon, or you may start to look at ways to boost your earning potential though launching your own website or business. Again it probably won’t be until after Mercury goes direct on May 3rd that you will start to see big changes, but anything that happens around the New Moon will be the start of something that will be long lasting and ultimately very profitable.

And now, for a look at how the New Moon will impact the lives of some of our favorite Taurus celebrities…

George Clooney:

Born on May 6th, George Clooney is perhaps one of the most famous Taurus celebrities out there. As the New Moon approaches on April 26th, George and his wife Amal are preparing for the arrival of their twin babies. Reports say that the couple is going to move to Amal’s hometown of London for the birth, and this New Moon may finally give them the boost to start working towards the move in a practical way, as well as buying all the baby equipment they need. Taurus is all about security and building on solid foundations so now is the time when they might start thinking about decorating the nursery and baby-proofing the house. Astrochicks horoscope prediction for George Clooney is an emotionally fulfilling New Year, and we think he will be an excellent Daddy.

Dwayne Johnson:

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is just coming off releasing his new film, the 8th in the Fast and Furious franchise. It has already grossed $685 million at the box office, but things are set to get even better according to The Rock’s horoscope. The New Moon in Taurus signals a step up in Dwayne Johnson’s career and he may see a new and very lucrative offer coming his way soon. Apparently Universal executives are mulling the idea of a Fast and Furious spin off featuring The Rock, and if so this is likely to come together around the 26th with firm plans being made in the weeks that follow. Thanks to the power of the Taurus New Moon Dwayne Johnson can expect to do very well financially from any projects that he takes on now. At home, he’s found love and we astrologically predict a new baby in 2018.

Janet Jackson:

It’s no secret that Janet Jackson has been going through a difficult time of it lately. Not only did she have a baby just a few short months ago, but now she has announced that she is divorcing the baby’s father Wissam Al Mana. With all the planetary hold up caused by the recent retrogrades however, it would be no surprise if little headway had been made on the divorce settlement and with fiery Aries energy floating around there have probably been some harsh words said behind closed doors. The New Moon won’t fix any of this immediately but it will be the time for this couple to start working towards hashing out an agreement in a calmer and more focused environment. If anyone wants to settle, then the time after the New Moon when Mercury goes direct is the best moment to do it. Our Astrology prediction is this is going to be a VERY expensive divorce for Wissam Al Mana but we think Janet Jackson will be relieved it’s finally over.