It’s almost that time again Bachelor Nation! On May 22nd a new season of the Bachelorette will premiere and star the first African-American Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. It’s exciting to think that a new bevy of hunky suitors will soon be hitting our TV screens and are vying for the heart of our latest Bachelorette, but what can the stars tell us about how this groundbreaking season is going to turn out?

Well, quite a lot actually, and we can use astrology to make some guesses about what is going to happen in Season 13 of one of our favorite TV shows. Check out our Astrology – Psychic Love predictions this season for Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

What is Bachelorette Rachel’s Zodiac Sun Sign?

First up we need to take a look at Bachelorette Rachel’s Sun sign which is one of the most prominent Zodiac signs in our Astrology birth chart. From this, we can see that Bachelorette Rachel was born on April 25th, 1986 which makes her a sassy Taurus.

Taurus is the sign of the Bull and people born under this sign are known for being a little stubborn and set in their ways (OK- maybe a lot stubborn!). With that in mind, we can expect that Bachelorette Rachel is not going to take any nonsense from the men this season and she will not be amused if one of the guys does something to lose her trust. Bachelorette Rachel will keep it real, and fans can expect a few sparks to fly. After all, she does have Moon in Scorpio, and she’s a smart, intuitive chick, and will not be afraid to speak her mind this Bachelorette season.

That doesn’t mean that those born under this Zodiac sign are cold. However, Taurus is a passionate sign and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. They are hugely affectionate and loyal people, and we may see Bachelorette Rachel becoming close to a few suitors early on and sticking with them throughout the process as a result.

Taurus is also often a sign that operates on a slow burn, so whichever man Bachelorette Rachel ends up with probably won’t be one who she had fireworks with at the beginning, but someone who earned her trust and affection steadily throughout the series.

Predictions from March 2017:

When Astrochicks makes Astrology & Psychic love predictions about Bachelorette, Rachel’s new season we also need to look at what astrological transits took place during filming. The new Bachelorette season will premiere on May 22nd, but it started filming on March 16th, 2017. What this means is for us to get a real cosmic read of what probably went down, we need to take a look at where the planets were that month.

So, what was astrologically going on from March 16th onwards for Taureans? Well, one critical factor was that Venus the planet of love went retrograde on March 4th and Venus is the ruler of Taurus. I guess the producers of the Bachelorette don’t use astrology! With Venus, retrograde relationships will have been harder for Bachelorette Rachel than they would have usually been. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that she made a few connections early on that ended up in disappointment. Venus retrograde can also bring back old flames from the past, so perhaps Bachelor Nick Viall made an appearance to give her some advice and even an old boyfriend will return to make one last bid for her heart. Venus being retrograde doesn’t mean that Bachelorette Rachel didn’t find love this season, but just that she would have had to work a little bit harder to separate the good guys from the players. You know what I mean?

One good omen for Bachelorette Rachel is that Mercury, the planet of communication, moved out of Pisces on March 14th. By the time she met the guys on her season, Mercury was already in fiery Aries. This would have helped a lot as Aries is a hot headed go-getter who pushes us to say what we think. Pisces, on the other hand, is a sensitive and overly nostalgic sign, so we might have seen Bachelorette Rachel getting bogged down in some heavy tearful conversations. With Aries in the mix however people tend to say what they mean, so the men and Bachelorette Rachel herself will have been more direct and open with their hearts.

Aries is a Fire sign though, ruled by the planet of war which is Mars, and with that kind of energy rumbling around, I guess we may see a few fireworks on Bachelorette Rachel’s season. This might be particularly true of the guys on the show, and behind the scenes, there may have been some pretty heated arguments and few fist fights. Yes, Bachelorette producers LOVE THE DRAMA!

On March 27th, when the Bachelorette was still filming, there was a New Moon in the sign of Aries. New Moons are always about new beginnings and fresh starts. In a sign of Aries that always wants to push ahead, I would guess that this may have been a big moment of realization for Bachelorette Rachel that one of the guys on the show was the one for her. We obviously won’t know which episode was filmed on this day, but we can probably guess that it will be about two weeks after the show starts. Look out Bachelor Nation for significant developments around that time. Relationships that begin on a New Moon are always important and emotionally powerful.

Is an astrological match written in the stars?

As an astrologer, a lot of people ask me if they are predestined to get along better with one sign than another. A lot of astrology books will tell you that some signs are super compatible while other astrological matches require caution. The reality is that it is a myth in astrology that two signs can’t get along, it’s just that some have similar tendencies and so their relationships, particularly in the beginning, maybe a little smoother.

In Bachelorette Rachel’s case, as she is an earthy Taurus girl, the perfect love match would be with another sexy Earth sign like Capricorn or Virgo. As a couple, they would share the same steady, dependable characteristics and he would be considered marriage material. That said, Bachelorette Rachel is also a lawyer, and so she may be attracted to a charming Libra, the sign of the Scales which represents justice and Libra men are usually incredibly handsome. Don’t forget; she needs to choose a future husband that will meet Daddy’s approval who’s a judge. Definitely, not easy.

Finally, with so much passionate Aries energy floating about in March, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone born under this sign was front and center in Bachelorette Rachel’s mind at the time of filming. Aries and Taurus are very much a case of opposites attracting, but when it works, it usually goes the distance, as these two appreciate their differences and could ultimately lead to an engagement.

One thing is for sure, Bachelorette Rachel certainly had a lot going on in the heavens when her season filmed so, whichever suitor stole her heart, it was probably quite a wild ride! Astrochicks, Psychic Astrology prediction is a future engagement for Bachelorette Rachel. Whether or not she will get married, you will have to stay tuned.