BEYONCE & JAY-Z’S, Astrology Psychic Love & Marriage Predictions for 2017

Hip-hop’s golden couple Beyonce and Jay-Z first sashayed onto our screens in the music video for Jay-Z’s 2002 hit Bonnie and Clyde. Although they never officially confirmed their relationship after the video was released, gossip columnists the world over went crazy trying to figure out if Jay-Z and Beyonce were an item.

They have since become one of the most talked about celebrity couples in the world with a combined net worth of $610 million. With beautiful 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter born in 2012 and twins due to be born this summer, 2017 is going to be a big year for the power duo. Read our latest Astrology Psychic Predictions for Beyonce and Jay-Z to find out what 2017 has in store for them.

Jay-Z was born on December 4th, 1969 under the visionary fire sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius is an easy-going sign that always loves to look for the broader meaning of life. This makes Jay-Z a dreamer and a romantic, always pondering the bigger picture and looking for ways to add sparkle and pizazz to whatever he does.

Jay-Z’s Moon is in the peace-loving sign of Libra and gives him an innate love of harmony and beauty. The Moon in charismatic Libra means that Jay-Z loves togetherness and closeness in relationships.

Jay-Z’s Venus is in sexy, broody Scorpio, which means that he loves passion, mystery, and intrigue in his relationships. Although he probably plays his cards close to his chest, when he falls in love, he falls in love hard. He loves women who can help him explore his deep emotions with full-blown passion and intensity.

With Jay-Z’s Mars in future-oriented Aquarius, he can have rather diverse needs in his relationships. While Venus in Scorpio makes Jay-Z possessive and jealous, Mars in Aquarius makes him freedom-loving and dispassionate, and he will struggle to balance these two conflicting needs. Mars in Aquarius means that he likes to enlighten and elevate others in a detached manner while his Venus in Scorpio makes him a “hot tamale” who loves a good dose of intrigue.

Beyonce was born on September 4th, 1981 under the mutable earth sign of Virgo. Virgo is a staunchly realistic sign and shows that Beyonce is down-to-earth and practical. As a Virgo, Beyonce likes to be in control of her environment and doesn’t have much tolerance for chaos and disorder.

Beyonce’s Moon is in the passionate, emotional water sign of Scorpio, which means that she fiercely protects her emotional vulnerability and is likely to be careful with the people she shares her deepest desires with.

With Venus in Libra, Beyonce likes her relationships to be harmonious and peaceful, while her Mars is in feisty Leo, which means that she loves to be center of attention and longs to be treated like a princess.

With the dark Scorpionic undercurrents swimming about in the charts of Beyonce and Jay-Z, it’s no wonder the couple are so magnetically attracted to one another. With Beyonce’s Moon is in passionate Scorpio and it’s not hard to see why she has such a powerful, hypnotic effect on Jay-Z who has Venus in Scorpio.

The sign that Venus is in shows us what we find beautiful and what arouses our interest and Beyonce clearly embodies Jay-Z’s love of fiercely passionate women. The aspect between Venus and the Moon in Scorpio is like relationship glue and is one of the best cross-aspects to have between two charts. This is because the Moon represents familiarity while Venus represents passionate love and contentment.

Jay-Z’s Moon is in peace-loving Libra and is right next to Beyonce’s Venus, also in Libra, showing a mutual love and respect for one another. The double-whammy of the two Moon-Venus aspects in their charts is like the sweetest most gentle love song enlaced with the most intoxicating love potion. The feelings of passionate love and security represent the kind of ideal relationship that poets have been waxing lyrical about since time immemorial.

Jay-Z’s Sun in Sagittarius makes a square aspect to Beyonce’s Sun in Virgo. This means that the couple needs to make constant adjustments to accommodate each other because of their basic temperaments, represented by the Sun, are so inherently different.

With the square aspect spicing things up between their Suns, it’s probably been challenging to remain on equal footing with each other 100% of the time. The square aspect, while challenging, helps to break people out of rigid complacency. It is an active, passionate aspect that helps create a lot of enthusiasm and energy in relationships and stops things from becoming predictable and boring. Even if they don’t always agree or get along, Beyonce and Jay-Z can help each other grow.

Beyonce’s Mars in sassy Leo and Jay Z’s Mars in level-headed Aquarius are opposite signs, and here we clearly have a case of “opposites attract!” Mars’ energy is like a magnet, drawing to us what we desire and with Beyonce’s Mars standing opposite Jay-Z’s Mars, their relationship is like a heady, intoxicating drug that they can’t get enough of.

Mars is the planet that rules raw animal magnetism, attraction, and lust. With Mars in opposite signs, a lot of sparks are consistently generated, and this stops their relationship from becoming stale and uninteresting.

Both megastars have Jupiter in Libra and will experience a Jupiter Return this year. Jupiter Returns are one of the most uplifting of all astrological transits and the fact that the two superstars will be having theirs in the same year means that they will be getting a lot of good news. They will also be feeling extra creative, with inspired new ideas taking flight this year.

Beyonce’s Jupiter return will come first, in the summer of 2017, when she will experience an enormous rush of Jupiter’s expansive, abundant energy. Jupiter in Libra will also be making a major transit to Beyonce’s Venus in the fall of 2017, which will bring her an added rush of pleasure, joy, and contentment in her marriage to Jay-Z.

Jay-Z will have his Jupiter return in the fall, which will see him make leaps and bounds in his career as he is blessed with an upsurge of creative new ideas. His expanded vision and desire for positive action as Jupiter aspects, his Mars, will take him the highest heights of professional excellence.

April 2017 marks their nine-year wedding anniversary, and with rumors of Jay-Z’s alleged infidelity in 2013 still circulating, lucky Jupiter is just the benevolent influence their relationship needs to get things moving in the right direction.

When Jupiter comes and gives the couple the extra touch of magic, it will help to cement their marriage and take it to new heights. The added creativity brought to them by Jupiter will also see them making a lot of new songs together. With their twins due to be born in the next few months, 2017 is set to be an excellent year for the Carters. Article by Astrologer, Dina Snaith

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