April 2017 is certainly going to be quite an eventful month, as there are not just one but FIVE planets going retrograde. It’s a tricky time, but one bright spot (literally!) will come on April 11th when we will see a Full Moon in the sign of Libra. How will it affect your favorite celebrities: Bachelor Nick Viall, Kim Kardashian, and Bruno Mars?

Full Moons are often about endings or at least completion. If you have been working towards something then you may find that is comes to fruition around the Full Moon on April 11th. Full Moons often correspond to New Moons that happened six months earlier, so this Full Moon is asking you to think back that far and look at what you were doing. What did you start at that time and how is it going now? A good example might be if you started an online business that hasn’t really taken off as you had hoped. The power of this Full Moon could see you pull in an important big client or make your first large sale. In days gone by farmers would harvest crops on a Full Moon and this is a great way to remember how you can use their influence. Since this is a Libra Full Moon, it will be a good time to reap the benefits of partnerships and relationships. If you are in a romantic relationship then you may see a culmination like a pregnancy or a proposal. In a work partnership you may meet someone with whom to merge your creative or business talents.

A Full Moon is also exactly that, a big shining light in the sky that illuminates everything around it. This applies to everything here on the ground as well, and to parts of our lives that we may have wanted to remain in the shadows. Still, with the Full Moon this is not really possible and you may find that you get confronted by something you didn’t expect. Full Moons shine a light and since this one is in Libra it’s going to be focused on relationships. A surprise may come in a relationship and it might not always be a welcome one, but it will be about something that is better brought out into the light than cloaked in the darkness.

And now let’s look at our Psychic Astrology Horoscope predictions for some of our favorite Libra celebrities and how this Full Moon may affect their lives:

Kim Kardashian: Kim has made no secret of the fact that she would love to have another baby with her husband Kayne West a Gemini and add to her brood of little Saint and adorable North. Unfortunately, she has also said that she will struggle with a pregnancy the third time around, but Full Moons often bring signs of the stalk. She has also recently hinted about looking for a surrogate, so this big Libra Full Moon, with its emphasis on partnerships, might be just the time for Kim & Kayne to find the right person. A pregnancy announcement or news of a surrogate could well come in the weeks following April 11th so watch this space for future Psychic Astrology predictions!

Nick Viall: Libran Nick Viall from the Bachelor and his fiancée Vanessa Grimaldi (who is also a Libra-they were born a day apart on the 28th and 29th of September!) are perhaps the perfect example of how relationships could come together at this Full Moon. The two lovebirds found each other on The Bachelor and got engaged but have yet to set a date. With the Full Moon on the 11th it wouldn’t be at all surprising if this was the push they needed to make it official and start planning their wedding. Look out for a save-the-date card!

Bruno Mars: Bruno Mars’ new song ‘That’s What I Like’ has been tearing its way up the charts and went platinum at the end of March. With the Libra Full Moon, we may see the song power all the way up to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart (which it hadn’t at the time of writing this!). The accompanying album, 24K Magic, is also floating around in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 Album Charts and that could also shoot for top around April 11th. All Bruno’s hard work from months ago is now coming to fruition.

Don’t forget to check out our weekly Celebrity Psychic & Astrology Predictions next week. Enjoy the weekend.