Why Celebrities Love Playing Online Bingo

Tons of celebrities are addicted to playing mobile online games, and quite a few stars are rolling over bingo. As bingo is an age old game, there are tons of reasons why anyone would love to play the game. Most important is you can play it anytime or anywhere.

Here are few celebs that love playing online bingo:

Christiano Ronaldo: Our fave Aquarius sports person and the famous footballer- Christiano Ronaldo is a huge fan of bingo. To learn English, Christiano was given an American Bingo DVD, and in the process of learning, he fell in love with online bingo.

Mike Jagger: It surely is hard to believe that one of the most famous Leo’s of all times in rock ‘n’ roll would be a fan of bingo. Mick is said to have thrown huge bingo parties at his house and enjoy the game with his friends.

Kate Moss: We’ve heard that Kate a Capricorn has made lots of changes after marriage. The supermodel Kate Moss is said to have fallen in love with bingo after marrying the guitarist from The Kills, Jamie Hince a Sagittarius. This couple is said to spend most of their weekends playing bingo with their kids.

Bingo being one of the most popular games of all times, has also rocked on the online platform. Also, many sites like GameVillage offer free bingo that the players can enjoy just like these celebrities who just can’t stop playing bingo!

Posted by Jacy Nova

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