blake-shelton-gwen-stefaniIs Blake Shelton shopping for an engagement ring? Will he finally propose to his sweetheart, Gwen Stefani, this holiday season? The couple was recently spotted on a sweet vacation visiting his family in Oklahoma. What do the stars reveal for Blake Shelton a Gemini and his charming Libra girl, Gwen Stefani? Astrochicks weighs in with their Psychic Astrology Love Predictions for 2017.

A few months ago, rumors spread that the Voice couple got engaged in early May which turned out to be NOT TRUE. As far as the ring is concerned, it was not an engagement ring from Blake Shelton, but it was perhaps Gwen Stefani’s attempt at giving her man a clear hint, a source revealed Perhaps, Santa will grant Stefani’s wish this Christmas?

Blake Shelton born under the zodiac sign of lusty Gemini celebrates his birthday on June 18th. A ladies man, he’s been known to stray in past relationships and gets bored quickly. However, Gwen Stefani is a Libra Goddess, and she’s definitely captured his attention with her beauty and grace.

Gwen Stefani’s zodiac sun sign shines in Libra. She’s the perfect girlfriend and loves her man. She takes pride in how she looks is very stylish and knows how to treat her man like a king. Together, Blake and Gwen know how to have fun and enjoy spending time together.

Gwen Stefani’s astrology chart reveals a sensitive Moon in Cancer. This aspect shows a woman who can be very moody and over emotional but has a wonderful sense of humor. Her Venus in Virgo makes her obsessive in a relationship and it squares Blake Shelton’s Sun in Gemini. After a period of time, it could rub him the wrong way. Gemini’s like to be free and can be quite flirty. A problem.

Her Venus in Virgo conjunct Jupiter makes her very loving and giving in a relationship. Astrochicks would advise her to have healthy boundaries in relationships and beware of lovers who may want to take advantage of her.

Blake Shelton has Sun and Venus conjunct in Gemini making him one flirty guy with a roving eye. It would be tough for him to remain a one-woman man and stay on the ranch. Can Gwen Stefani tame her country crooner?

Astrologically speaking, Saturn in Sagittarius squares Blake’s Sun and Venus in Gemini and Gwen’s Venus in Virgo. Unfortunately, Astrochicks predicts a rocky period ahead that could lead to a temporary breakup. Hopefully, the ring he’s reportedly shopping for is a promise ring, and we would suggest they wait till the Summer of 2017 before making any long-term commitment. Either way, we think they are an adorable couple, and we wish them lots of love and happiness.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.