What does the future hold for the transgender soldier, Chelsea Manning? In an unprecedented move, Obama announced last week he would commute the 35-year prison sentence of Manning and is scheduled for release on May 17, 2017. Have Obama’s actions opened the door for Edward Snowden a Gemini to avoid charges as well? Read our Astrology Psychic Predictions for Manning, Snowden, and Assange in 2017.

Astrochicks is fascinated by the Chelsea Manning story. The former United States Army soldier (Bradley Edward Manning) who was convicted of the Espionage Act and other offenses for giving Julian Assange, Founder of Wikileaks a treasure trove of almost a million classified documents. The documents not only revealed the atrocities committed by the military in Iraq but the abuse of prisoners. Is Chelsea Manning a hero or a traitor? What does her Astrology Chart show?

Chelsea Manning was born on Dec 17, 1987, under the Zodiac Sign of truth-seeking Sagittarius. The fire sign is considering to be adventurous, outspoken and independent.

Manning’s Moon in powerful Scorpio conjuncts Mars. The Moon represents our emotional nature, our security, and deepest needs. It contains our basic habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing. The conjunction indicates you have strong emotions and feelings which influence perceptions and decisions.

No doubt, the motivation behind Chelsea Manning’s desire to expose the USA government’s secrets was fueled by her passion for truth but also a hidden desire for revenge against both her country and family.

Manning told Amnesty International

These documents were important because they relate to two connected counter-insurgency conflicts in real-time from the ground. Humanity has never had this complete and detailed a record of what modern warfare actually looks like. Once you realize that the co-ordinates represent a real place where people live that the dates happened in our recent history; that the numbers are actually human lives—with all the love, hope, dreams, hatred, fear, and nightmares that come with them—then it’s difficult to ever forget how important these documents are

Many people are concerned about the message Obama’s decision to commute Chelsea Manning’s sentence sends to the next generation who may decide to leak classified information. Astrologically speaking, yes this decision will motivate others to reveal “the truth, ” but they may not be as fortunate as Chelsea Manning and be released.

To add a twist to this remarkable story, in 2016, Julian Assange born under the Zodiac Sign of Cancer offered to turn himself into US authorities if they agreed to release Chelsea Manning. His spokesperson announced last week the Wikileaks Founder still stands by his word but what does that mean? The United States has not charged him with a crime. If Julian Assange is arrested will Donald Trump a Gemini decide to pardon him?

Our astrology prediction in 2017 is the Chelsea Manning story is going to get a lot weirder before more truth is revealed. We predict Edward Snowden will NOT be pardoned and he will continue to live in Russia. Putin a Libra has no desire to let go of their prized spy, and he can kiss goodbye ever setting foot on America soil again.

On the hand, Julian Assange of Wikileaks is an entirely different story. We predict he will not be convicted of rape in Sweden and if extradited back to the USA for questioning he probably would not be charged with a crime. However, President Donald Trump will be very interested in learning more about his cyber crimes and perhaps would use him to spy on other countries. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Astrochicks believes that Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are entering a dangerous astrological period over the next two years. As many friends and supporters, they have on a global level, they have quite a few enemies who would like to have them silenced. We predict more secrets will be revealed over the next six months that will open Pandora’s Box once again. Stay tuned.



Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.