JoJo and JordanWhat do the stars reveal for Bachelorette couple, JoJo Fletcher and her future husband, Jordan Rodgers? Are they a romantic match and will they live happily ever after? Check out our psychic love astrology predictions as we take a peek at their astrological relationship chart.

JoJo Fletcher burst onto the reality scene as a potential wife on Bachelor Ben Higgin’s dramatic season. The sexy and sassy Texan captured fans heart with her outgoing personality and playful sense of humor. Although she made it to the final four, Bachelor Ben broke JoJo’s heart when he chose Lauren instead. Luckily fate stepped in instead to help her find a future husband and crowned her the new Bachelorette. What does the future hold for this cosmic cutie?

Born on November 1, 1990, JoJo Fletcher celebrates her birthday under the zodiac sun sign of Scorpio. No stranger to drama, Scorpio women are one of the most passionate and intense lovers to turn on the zodiac wheel. If you fall in love with a Scorpio, you better buckle up because you’re in for a wild ride.

Bachelorette JoJo’s Moon burns in Aries. The moon represents our unconscious mind and real motivations in life. When you combine Sun in Scorpio with Moon in Aries, that translates into a girl who’s a real firecracker. Bachelorette JoJo is not only emotionally demanding but also fiercely independent and probably has quite the temper. Emotions rule our water sign girl.

In love, Bachelorette JoJo’s Venus and Pluto burn in Scorpio. The all-or-nothing attitude of Pluto is united here with the Venusian search for harmony, a combination that produces a rare blend of outward charm and a strong, dark power of attraction. If you fall under Bachelorette JoJo’s wicked spell, it will be hard ever to forget her.

What attracted Bachelorette JoJo to her future husband, Jordan Rodgers? Born on August 30, 1988, he celebrates his birthday under the zodiac sign of Virgo. Yes, he may be a pretty boy, but he’s actually a very down-to-earth guy who loves his family and is a very loyal friend.

Jordan Rodger’s Moon in Taurus makes him stubborn but fair, who appreciates a woman who presents a challenge. His Venus in Cancers makes him loving, affectionate, sensitive and moody. Deep down, he wants to find a woman he can marry and have babies.

What’s the steamy attraction between Bachelorette JoJo and Jordan Rodgers? The couple shares an incredible sexual chemistry that had an electric spark when they first met. His Uranus in Scorpio, her Venus in Scorpio and it, was probably loved at first sight. Most likely, Bachelorette JoJo felt a magical spark between the two when they first met. Remember, she’s a Scorpio girl and needs a man who can hold her attention.

On an emotional level, Bachelorette JoJo and Jordan Rodgers chart reveals a strong emotional bond. Jordan grounds her and makes her feel safe. He absorbs all her water energy, and his heart gives her a safe place to call home.

Of course, every relationship has it challenges, and this Bachelorette couples chart reveals a hot and passionate relationship. I wouldn’t worry about those pesky cheating rumors about Jordan, these two like to love hard but always come back together. They both like to be in charge so someone will need to let go of control. Remember Jordan; a happy wife equals a happy life. ☺

She recently shared a photo on Instagram with their family and friends who threw an incredible engagement party or the happy couple.

“My heart is so full!” Bachelorette JoJo wrote in her Instagram post. “Jordan and I were going out to what we thought was just a little dinner with friends but instead walked into a room full of both our friends and family to celebrate our engagement. We are so incredibly blessed.#fletchersmeettherodgers.”

With her family’s support and an open heart, Bachelorette JoJo went on a fairytale journey to find her true love and found her unicorn, Jordan Rodgers. Wishing the couple lots of love and happiness in 2017.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.