Sam Worthington Sexiest Man AliveJust this week, news surfaced that Sam Worthington has been named the sexiest actor alive for a second year running in Glamour’s magazine. These lists are always pretty subjective (good luck ranking the top 10 on your own without a little bit of deliberation), but it’s kind of interesting to see the 39-year-old Aussie heartthrob taking top honors like this.

That’s because Worthington has been a little bit of a disappointment since starring in 2009’s Avatar. Sure, that movie was kind of ridiculous, but it was also a pretty amazing achievement. It was one of the most unique sci-fi or action projects of modern times and if you’d asked me at the time I’d have said it was a sure sign that Worthington was on his way to a bonkers career in Hollywood. Forget heartthrob status, because the handsome Australian seemed to be destined for the A-list.

But after Avatar, Worthington dropped off. His most well known projects since were Clash Of The Titans and Wrath Of The Titans. While those two movies made a lot of money, their impact was quite muted compared to Avatar.

If there’s one thing that can be said for the Titans flicks, it’s that they seem to have brought the Greek and Roman gods back to life in fiction and pop culture. Henry Cavill’s 2011 movie, Immortals, was basically the lovechild of 300 and Clash Of The Titans. And in another branch of entertainment, you can now find games related to Zeus, centurions, Medusa, and other characters among some of the more popular options online. These are mostly slot machine games, but their respective themes reflect growing interest in the gods and soldiers of the ancient world—and we may be able to chalk it all up to Worthington.

But other than that, the guy simply hasn’t been quite the star we expected to see after Avatar. In part this is because he has a personal life, and hey, good for him. In June, his wife Lara Bingle confirmed that she was pregnant with their second child. It’s hard to imagine pushing oneself to the A-list in the midst of starting a family like that.

But now it looks like Worthington—fresh off a second child and his latest sexiest actor alive title—is heading back to Pandora pretty soon. With Avatar 2 now officially slated for December 2018, filming will have to be underway pretty soon, and Worthington could find himself back in the spotlight in a big way.

He has the good looks, that’s for sure, but we’ll have to see if he can recapture the shine that attracted everybody back in 2009.

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