horoscopesThis Memorial Day weekend should be action packed with loads of drama and passion as Mars travels back into Scorpio. What does your weekly horoscope forecast reveal? Check out Jacy Nova’s astrology predictions for this crazy holiday and the first week of June.


The coming week could bring a need to make a decision, and this surrounds what or possibly who needs releasing from your world if you’re to make progress where you yearn to make it.  A process of ‘letting go’ might be daunting and difficult at first but you’ll soon see how stronger you and a position you’re in will be from doing so.


It’s interesting how change brings feelings of insecurity yet we can still feel insecure when we believe nothing is changing or showing any indication of progressing in a way we wish it was. The coming week should prove helpful and reassuring on more than one level but particularly where you have felt obstacles and enforced restrictions have hampered progress in one particular area.


Developments this week could indicate a need to request help where you know you need it. This probably has much to do with a certain individual who might be better connected in some ways than you or is in a stronger position to accelerate progress you’d like to see happen in an area you might feel you’re not as knowledgeable within.


Your sense of purpose is strong and that, combined with willpower and determination can bring some impressive results but it’s possible you’re aware you’re either taking on the lion’s share of responsibility or having to overcome certain obstacles that should be shared, singlehandedly.  It’s possible a certain someone has grown a bit too used to your willingness to shoulder responsibilities.


Coming days could help to highlight how you might be confusing a sense of duty and obligation with happiness and contentment. As willing as you might be to ensure at least one person in your world is looked after and made to feel secure – and naturally gain some pride and pleasure from doing so – a question might arise surrounding how much of what you do is done only to placate others.


You might have become used to a level of resignation in an area of your world or possibly within a close relationship. Where you wanted control or influence, you might have had an understandable reason to accept whatever will be, will be or you’d be wise to succumb to an enforced situation. The coming week could provide a glimpse into a level of freedom you’re about to experience where you’ve wanted it.


It’s easy to look at a road map and see clearly where we are and want to be. The road on paper appears straightforward and getting from A to B should, in theory, be a cinch. Yet, we know the actual journey could be somewhat different. Much depends on our willingness to be patient and accept the occasional delay when one presents itself. Don’t let one or two delays en route discourage you.


Do you require proof of your ability in a particular area? If so, then the coming week could help to to at least offer some reassurance that you’re more skilled, talented or adept in a certain area that you’ve felt insecure about. Effort made in a particular way recently might not have brought an immediate result but soon you will see the clear signs that it is very much within your ability to make something happen.


The sky speaks this week of recognition coming your way where time and effort invested on your part toward a particular plan is concerned. You might not have received as much appreciation as you’d have wished until now but, appreciation can take time to be received. A plan or project is coming to an end or is ready for the world to see. Be certain your involvement with this won’t go unrecognized.


Many successful people would say getting what we want relies on focusing effort in a constant and no-nonsense way until we make it happen. This week, progress can be achieved just as easily by applying compassion and understanding combined with self-belief toward what you’re undertaking. Being a lover and not a fighter might just have its benefits.


We set expectations and then set expectations about our expectations. By making a process unnecessarily complex, it’s no wonder fears and doubts start to manifest.  The message from the sky this week surrounds focusing only on a particular end result and resist thwarting its progress with self-created obstacles.


If we choose to be stubborn, then it’s usually because we’re choosing to be inflexible or uncompromising. There are times when it is an admirable trait but real progress relies on willingness to share ideas, interact and resolve issues. The coming week might highlight a way in which stubbornness on your part hasn’t necessarily burnt a bridge but might have rendered it almost unusable. Time is on your side to fix it and restore an association that you could do with restoring.

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Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.