dating tipsMost people underestimate the importance of the first meeting with a new woman. They suggest it is just another inceptive step in a long road of developing relationship. Well, it might disappoint many of you, but the first and the second date are the most important events. Your success during the opening meeting determines if you are going to have something with this girl or not. Before diving into the depth of first-date related knowledge, let’s figure out why it’s so important to win her heart and attention from the very beginning.

On one hand, common sense hints that believing your first impression about the person is quite a foolish thing to do. On the other hand, scientists annually prove that we tend to stick to our first impression. And however pitiful it sounds, you will not be able to ruin this pattern just because you want so. Therefore, you have to deal with it. Creating a nice image of yourself is not that hard, you just need a proper plan.

In fact, most of the girls give a second chance to guys who didn’t manage to amaze them during the first meeting. Thus, you should not be afraid to fail.

Some things related to the first date should be arranged in advance:

  1. Before meeting a girl, call her several times or text her via social networks. It will help you know each other better and wash over the awkwardness and clumsiness of your first date. As well, you will be able to create some kind of a little world of your relationship – inner jokes, appropriate topics for discussion and so on. You need to create the atmosphere as you have known each other for quite a long time.
  2. Learn more about her. Modern technologies give a rear opportunity to make researches about certain people without leaving your apartment. For instance, you can google her to find her personal pages on various sites and services. A Swarm page will reveal her favorite spots and places she visits most frequent. Instagram can tell more about her hobbies and interests. And, of course, her Facebook page can tell you much more about her than any other service (if she is an active user). However, you should be careful to avoid looking like a stalker. Use this knowledge cautiously and wisely.
  3. Make up a plan of your meeting. No need to schedule every minute. A girl will feel the date was planned from the first minute to the last. It will without doubts make her feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, we recommend making up a brief plan, just a few ideas. Do not get stressed if something goes not accordingly to your expectations! Girls love surprises and escapades. But you know how they say, the best eventuality is the thought-out eventuality.

Now that you are done with prior arrangements, we should probably devote next chapter to the topics you will (and will not) discuss during your first meeting. This is not an intricate science. However, too many men bump into failures with their attempts to keep the conversation going. Or they touch upon forbidden themes and, therefore, ruin the first impression. So, we shall begin with the appropriate topics.

  1. This is a safe zone in 90% of cases unless your potential girlfriend is an orphan or had a terrible babyhood. Youth and school years gift us with the sweetest and most precious memories. Discussing them, your girl will feel comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Books-movies-songs. One of the most trivial yet effective topics. Everyone listens to music. Everyone watches films. Almost everyone reads books. If not, there must be something terribly wrong with this girl. Likewise, you should not argue about tastes in whatever during your first meeting. Just don’t.
  3. Once again, this one is a safe zone. Nevertheless, give her a chance to express her opinion and tell her stories first. If you are a frequent traveler and have been to hundred places, she will feel humiliated telling about her modest traveler’s experience.
  4. The hint is – you need to determine your aims and life agenda to understand if you fit each other or not. Do not be too insistent, just let her know if you are a family- or career-oriented person.

Certainly, some topics are not to be discussed during the inceptive period of your developing relationship. You should omit talks about politics and politicians, even if your potential girlfriend insists on it. Religion is also a bad decision for the first meeting. And, for sure, you should not ever boast with your material possessions. Even if you are tremendously rich. Even if you own a half of Derbyshire. Only a gold-digger will give a positive response to such announcements.

Talking about your first-date look. You may find various articles with tips on how you should look on your first or any other date. Nonetheless, we must admit that trying to look different from how you look in real life is a rather bad idea. If everything goes fine and you decide to become a couple, you will eventually have to change your look to something more casual, which might disappoint your girlfriend.

It also works with places you visit. They should not be too expensive or too cheap. Choosing a fancy place, you set a high mark for your subsequent dates. You might not be able to reach this height every time. And girls indeed have skinflints. So try to choose something decent and reserved.

Our friends from Ukrainian Dating Site Romance pointed out that the best they had had happened to be evening strolls with coffee. Dinners and cinemas (considerably the most popular dating hotspots) did not work out too well. You see, having a dinner, you are separated by the table. Consequently, developing the connection between two of you is practically impossible. At the same time, a slow stroll in the evening can give you a chance to take her hand and have a nice profound chat. But it’s just an assumption. The scenario is entirely at your own discretion.

Overall, the best bit of advice we can provide you with is to act naturally. Yes, be yourself – with all your scars, thoughts, strange ideas, and funny habits. In the end, these are the thing that we fall for.



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