dating appYour first date went without a hitch and you are so excited about that. Or it was a total disaster and now you think you’ll be alone forever. In both cases, you should calm down and keep cool. No matter how your date was, the way you act after it is extremely important. Dating experts from Rus Brides Stars strongly recommend you to avoid doing the following things after your first date.

  • Don’t bombard your date with messages.
    If you had a great rendezvous with a person who seems like your perfect match, it’s very hard to restrain your feelings. You may stay awake all night long just because your emotions are overwhelming. The main thing here is to control your actions and avoid making thoughtless steps. One of those hasty actions is texting your date without even waiting for her reply. If you feel that you are on the verge of flooding your date with instant messages, take a deep breath and leave your phone alone. If you sent her a message but she didn’t reply, don’t keep on texting her or staring at your phone. Be cool, it was only the first date.
  • Don’t overanalyze.
    It’s a human nature to think about past events and analyze what was good or bad about them. Dates are one of those events. Both men and women are very sensitive about first dates, they tend to look for the hidden meaning of each word and touch during their dates. The main question that appears in their heads after the first date is whether the other person got interested in them or liked them. Stop analyzing too much. Ask your date to see each other again. If she agrees, that’s the best indicator that she is into you.
  • Don’t stalk her on social media.
    Those guys who lose their heads after the first date, start adding their date on different social media. No doubt, social media help people stay in touch. However, it’s advisable not to find your date on the Web. It may be awkward if you’re not going to have the second date.
  • Don’t go down in the dumps.
    First dates can be pretty disappointing when you realize there is no connection between you and your date. Of course, deep down you expected that this would be your perfect match. But you can’t predict anything when it comes to a real date. The main thing in this situation is not to get desperate. Stay positive and open-minded.
  • Don’t think you are in a relationship now.
    For some guys, the first date is the official beginning of a relationship. This self-deception makes them think that their date should call them back immediately, provide an extensive support or give her assistance. There is a huge difference between dating and being in a relationship and you should understand that.
  • Don’t break off with other potential dates.
    You can’t be sure about your further relationship with a person after having only one date. Of course, you may feel that you’ve met that special someone but don’t be so categorical. Perhaps, this person will reveal her other side during your next date and you’ll understand that you’re not meant to be. That is why don’t lose contacts with other girls whom you were considering as your potential dates once you had a great first date with a particular person.

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Jacy Nova

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