Gwen StefaniWhy did you have to go and make me like you? Yep, Gwen Stefani our Libra girl is so in love with her new boyfriend, Blake Shelton that she wrote a new hit tune. What does the future hold for our two lovebird judges? Will the stars predict a happily ever after for Gwen & Blake or will their astrology charts reveal a much more dire prediction?

Grammy night, Gwen Stefani, the reigning pop princess, blew the competition out of the water when she revealed her hit new song, Make Me Like You. Plus, she filmed a live music video on stage, sponsored by Target. Just like a true Libra Goddess, the song was flirty, fun and is destined to become a number one hit.

Proclaiming undying love for her new boyfriend, Blake, she revealed in a recent interview that meeting her new squeeze was a welcome surprise. Both share the heartache of being recently divorced, and, of course, Gwen couldn’t resist Blake Shelton’s country charm and devastating good looks. Plus, how could Blake not be attracted to Gwen, she’s a total bombshell.

Astrologically speaking, we would love to predict babies and wedding bells, but we’re not so sure that’s on the horizon for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Blake’s a Gemini, who has Moon in Pisces. This reveals a man who has two sides to his personality. Blake’s sweet side is romantic who loves to be in love, the other side gets bored quickly and is always looking for a new adventure. He’s not the most faithful guy, but Blake’s definitely smitten with Gwen.

However, Gwen Stefani shares the same zodiac sign as Kim Kardashian. Yes, both of our Libra girls are uber stylish, love the drama and can be very demanding. Add Gwen’s Moon in Cancer she can be very intuitive, sensitive, moody and sometimes insecure. Can she handle having a younger boyfriend, who loves the ladies and they love him right back? Maybe.

Astrochicks thinks Gwen & Blake make an adorable couple and are enjoying a hot & sexy love affair. Sadly, we don’t believe this will be a long-term relationship leading to marriage and babies. Saturn in Sagittarius will square Blake Shelton’s Moon in Pisces and Venus in Gemini in 2017. What does this astrology transit reveal for their love life? Sadly, we predict the two will break up but will remain close friends. For now, it will be all hot and heavy.until holidays in 2016. Stay tuned.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.